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These Amazing Party Shops That You’ll Love In Malaysia

To save you from driving around town to look for party supply stores, only to not get the items that you’ve been visualizing is surely a bummer! However, there are so many party supply stores with birthday decorations out there that you should know! Perhaps you’ll visit one soon for all the pretty plates, cups, cards, balloons, napkins, candles, candies, and many more. Don’t fret any longer and let’s not waste time looking for party supply stores anymore - we have the list right here. Hence, if you are looking, then keep reading!

Where To Have Hari Raya Hamper’s Gift?

some recommended companies or stores that can purchase hamper raya 2022 or raya gift boxes! Come and check out!

Gift For Him: Gift Ideas For Men Who Claim They “Don’t Need Anything”

We gathered the ideal gifts for fathers, spouses, boyfriends, uncles, nephews, and other family members Let's talk about the truth here: shopping for the men (Gift for him) in our...

10 Best Gift For Her Ideas To Surprise Your Loved Ones

There's no occasion too big or small that these gifts won't please Gifts are a thoughtful way to show someone you care, even if they aren't the only way to...

Baby Hampers in Malaysia: Top 3 Places to Find Them

Back in my childhood days, I used to get so excited just by hearing the word ‘school holiday’ knowing that I’ll be able to meet my relatives in my hometown. Nothing beats the feeling of getting to meet and eat vegan dishes with my loved ones, especially my cousins. Now, most of us have grown up and some of us already have kids. As an aunt to my nephews and nieces, of course, I want to do the best for them. I want to embrace them in my arms and give them all my love. On the other hand, with the number of COVID-19 cases rising every day, I don’t think I can meet my newborn nephews and nieces anytime soon. Despite everything, I’m glad that I found baby hampers in Malaysia online. I can now send baby essentials and gifts to my little nephews and nieces whenever and wherever I am. If you are planning to buy something special for your little ones, check out this list to find out websites that sell the best baby hampers in Malaysia.

Fruit Basket Delivery KL: Top 5 Places To Find Them

You can try giving them fruit gift baskets or fruit boxes instead of junk foods and unhealthy snacks.

16 Most Reputable Flower Delivery in Malaysia

Flower shopping on celebrations and occasions is more convenient when you do it with reputable flower delivery in KL or in Penang.

Gift Online Malaysia: 8 Best Places To Shop Online

Receiving a gift can be the most wonderful feeling you’ll ever get especially when it is from your loved ones. However, finding a gift for your loved ones can...

Florists in Johor Bahru: Top 5 Florists In Johor Bahru

Are you currently looking for something to buy for your girl or maybe your friends? I would say the best and quick ones would always be, getting flowers for...

Valentine’s Day 2022: Gifts To Get In Malaysia (Updated)

This year’s Valentine’s Day will be our first Valentine to be celebrated fully at home. The government has announced yesterday that our country will be extending our lockdown to the...

Flower Boutiques In Malaysia: 5 Flower Boutiques To Help Brighten Someone’s Day

When you think of flower-giving, you probably tend to think of it as a purely romantic kind of gesture - a man coming home, a flower bouquet tucked under one arm, and presenting the gift to a delighted and utterly besotted wife. But flowers can have many different meanings and may be used to convey all sorts of feelings, romance being just one of them. So if you’re stumped on the perfect birthday gift to give your friends, family, or significant other, why not surprise them with a lovely bouquet from a local flower boutique?

Bunge Tangan (Exclusive Interview): Enchanting Flowers for Special Occasions

People said flowers are love’s truest language. Well, I do agree. For me, flowers are the part and parcel in any relationship. It indicates the seriousness of a relationship....

Fathers Day Malaysia: 8 Local Malaysian Brands To Buy A Gift For Your Father in 2022 (Updated)

Looking for Fathers Day in Malaysia gift ideas? Support local Malaysian brands with these awesome gift ideas for your father!

Mother’s Day Gift In Malaysia: 8 Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From Local Businesses

Mother's Day Gift In Malaysia Mother’s Day will soon be approaching us Malaysians on the 10th of May this year. Although the MCO might see some loosening in its rules, we...