Claire Organics (Exclusive Interview): A Mother’s Love for Her Daughter

Short Intro of Claire Organics

I was interested in the story of Claire Organics and the story behind the brand as I scanned through a list of possible skincare products that I was looking for at that time.

But why? 

What about the background story? 

What of the ingredients? 

What were the products that the brand offer?

I decided to have an interview with the founder, and get her to take for the brand.

Introducing Claire Organics

Claire Organics offers a gorgeous variety of all-natural handcrafted soaps and home remedies using only pure and fresh skin-loving ingredients that can also inspire a kind and earth-friendly society. 

All of their products are handmade using natural ingredients and are 100% chemical-free. 

Claire Organics: Origins of the Name

The origins of the brand all started with the birth of the Mrs.Louise’s, the founder of the brand, daughter. Lousie wanted to provide a healthy and chemical-free environment for her daughter.

So, in short, it all started with a mother’s maternal instinct in providing the best for her baby. Especially when it comes to skincare products, which then urged Louise to create her own bar soaps from breast milk. 

“Brand is inspired by my baby girl”


After Louise had decided that it would be best to share these natural handmade soaps and home remedies with everyone else, she then started her businesses, Claire. 

The name originated from her daughter’s name, ‘Norra Claire’ which means ‘clear and pure’ in French. It also reflects exactly what the brand stands for.  From there, the brand came to be as it is now. 

Future Plans for The Product

I asked the founder Louise on the manufacturing of the products. Mainly on the start of what kind or types of skin care that she wanted to create aside from bar soaps when she first started.

She mentioned that aside from the bar soaps, she wanted to create family-friendly products such as balms which also comes in handy for lip care. Other than that, Claire also offers products that help heal the skin and also act as an insect repellent for any outdoor activity enthusiasts. 

The natural ingredients that Claire Organics use will leave your skin thankful and healthy. Plus, there is news that Claire will be manufacturing a new line of products for household, aromatherapy to skincare range.

Hurdles to Overcome 

I was intrigued by how Claire first started and I thought to myself what would trouble the founder, the first time around? I’m pretty sure a lot of you would be thinking of this especially after the brand had grown this well and popular. 

The founder, Louise states that it was indeed difficult in the beginning as there were not many suppliers that are available who can supply quality and natural materials. Nevertheless, she did not give up in continuing creating her all-natural skincare products. 

What Makes Claire Organics Special?

Claire Organics has been proven to be suitable for people who are suffering from eczema. Not just eczema, but different types of skin conditions. This is all because of the all-natural ingredients that they use in manufacturing their products. 

In addition, the founder accepts it as an honour that their product carries out the mission that she had set for the product. In which, the mission is to give everyone a better everyday life with its affordable quality natural product. 

“I hope my products become a must-have essential in everyone’s everyday life.”



Let’s be honest, we all want the best for our skin as do I. I just love finding new skincare that works well with my skin. Although there are also times when I’ll be rather hesitant and worry about the ingredients of all the skincare products that I use so, I would always check the label and find reviews. Moreover, I would always opt for the ones that are organically manufactured.

Organic products are often known to be pricey which is why most people are having a hard decision to purchase it. However, there would no longer have to worry about price because Claire Organic is affordable as well as 100% organic.

My colleagues and I had the honor of trying a few products from Claire which within this post and this is what we thought:

Claire’s Gift Set

1. Luxurious Rosehips Face & Body Oil

Claire Rosehip Body Oil

I rarely use any kinds of face oil or body oil. This is because I believe it would not be suitable for my oily skin, especially on my face. You know the drill, oil on oil will not end well. Nevertheless, I still tried and to my surprise, looks and name can be very deceiving.

After I applied the oil on my skin, I thought to myself that this will be very oily, but the opposite was true! It was far from oily and it only took a couple of seconds before it fully absorbed to the skin. After a week of use, I realized that most of my pimples and redness starts reducing.

2. Whitening Rose Hips Scrub with French Sea Salt

Claire Organic Gift Set For Sale

For the body scrub, like in the picture, it comes with an original made wooden spoon by the company. For me, I find the free wooden spoon cute and had a beautifully simple design.

The scrub itself has a very nice, earthy smell which could relate to it being homemade plus of all-natural ingredients. After a couple of usages, it leaves the skin feeling very soft and smooth. First thought would be the skin feeling dry but that’s not the case for this scrub.

3. Soother Balm

Claire's Sensitive Skin Soother

The Soother Balm works wonders! It will be very great for people suffering from migraine because within minutes you will find your headache reduced. Plus, not only does it soothes headaches, but it is also good for acne on the face. Just leave it overnight and POOF! Acne problems reduced!

However, it does have a bit of an oily texture but other than that, its perfect!

4. Yummy Lips Intensive Lip Therapy with Rose Geranium

Claire Organics Yummy Lips Treatment Lip Balm

This lip balm here is one that I have never encountered before. It has that organic smell that actually smells like going into or walking by a Lovely Lace shop which is something that I love to smell. It is a bit different from other kinds of lip balm which could be felt after applying it on your lips. Compared to other lip balms, it will leave you with a sticky feel on your lips. However, this is not the case for Yummy Lips from Claire. It leaves you with softer lips as if the balm had absorbed fully into the lips.

But it does leave you feeling with the constant need to apply it over and over again. Maybe because I’m so used to wearing lip balm every time but with Yummy Lips I would gladly apply it again and again! Plus with the affordable price, I have no worries about buying bundles of it.

5. LAVENDER Pure Essential Oil (10ml)

Claire Organics Exfoliating Scrub

For the aromatherapy essential oil, well I actually do not have much experience with it. Therefore I asked my fellow colleague to test it out.

In the end, she loved it! The scent of lavender is very strong but not empowering which could cause your nose twitching just by a quick sniff. It only took 3 drops and feeling like owning a lavender garden at your backyard.

The smell lasts for 1 – 2 hours but that’s just in 3 drops, imagine adding a bit more. Well, I leave that for you guys to try it.

That concludes the story of Claire Organics and also The Cool Bear’s review on several of the products. My last verdict on this is that whoever is finding it hard to find products suited for sensitive skin, well search no more Claire is the one for you.

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