Co-Living Spaces Malaysia: What Is It?

Once we have reached a certain age, we tend to crave our independence and want to explore new things on our own. That is why you can see many have started to move out and live on their own either by renting a room in an apartment or they have managed to save enough to purchase a small house. If you are ready to start living on your own, we would like to suggest you check out co-living spaces in Malaysia. Co-living basically means you get your own private space like a furnished bedroom and at times even get a private bathroom but most times you need to share them while having to share the common areas such as the living room and kitchen. This living space will provide you with privacy but also not feel lonely in a new environment, you still get to hang out with people in the common areas. 

We can see a surge in the number of individuals that are an option for co-living spaces in Malaysia as their first choice. Nevertheless, there are still many individuals that do not understand the advantages of living in a co-living space and how it helps you financially. If you are worried about the safety of your co-living spaces, do not worry since co-living spaces are secure and it is also affordable so you will not have a dent in your savings when you finally plan to move out of your parents’ house. 

What Should You Know About Co-Living?

Co-Living Spaces

Co-living spaces are getting more notable now. The lease for co-living spaces varies from daily to yearly. But before you decide on whether you should make a decision on co-living spaces, you need to know two important things about co-living in Malaysia. 

Split Billing

You do not worry about paying for amenities or utilities that you did not use. This is because co-living spaces will only bill you separately based on what utilities that you used and how much you used. This is considered a fair agreement that will benefit you because you can keep track of your expenses easily without worrying about overspending for something that is irrelevant to you. 

Events Organised By Co-Living Members

If you are living in co-living spaces, you can never get bored or run out of things to do. This is because it is common for events to be conducted in the common areas to get the members to interact with each other and also a way to relax from weeks of stress caused by work and college assignments. 

Top Co-Living Spaces In Malaysia

We have listed the top co-living spaces in Malaysia that are notable for their efficient and friendly services and environment. Do check them out below and contact the owners for more details. 

1. Utopia Co-Living

Co-Living Spaces
Source: Utopia Co-Living

Utopia Co-Living is one of the best co-living spaces available in Malaysia. If you want a place that is nightmare free when it comes to splitting the billing, then Utopia Co-Living is the place for you. They provide many free amenities with an individual billing system so you do not need to worry about paying for extra charges that are irrelevant to you. 

Business Details

Location: Check Out Utopia Co-Living Website for More Details On Their Locations

Contact: 017 – 477 9468

Email: [email protected]

Website Facebook Instagram


  • Free cleaning & repairs
  • Free wifi forever
  • Safety first
  • Individual billing
  • 100% zero deposit
  • Free switching

2. The Hatchery Place

The Hatchery Place is an ideal co-living space for many individuals. With the idea of building a healthy micro-community, you get to mingle with many people during occasional events that are conducted here. It is also one of the best co-working spaces for individuals that work remotely. 

Business Details

Location: 49, Jalan USJ 11/3d, Usj 11, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Email: [email protected]

Website Facebook Instagram


  • Free WiFi Access
  • Pantry Facilities
  • Basic Kitchen
  • Weekly Cleaning Lady
  • Occasional Events
  • Laundry Needs Available

3. CoLiving KL

healthy community
Source: CoLiving KL

Equipped with various amenities and facilities, CoLiving KL is one of the best co-living in Malaysia for individuals that are interested in living in a convenient location that brings you a sense of healthy community living. It is also highly secured so you do not need to worry about your safety and also the billings are included in your rental which is cost-efficient too. 

Business Details

Location: Damai Residence, No. 1, Lorong Damai 13 Kiri, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact: 012 – 253 6322

Email: [email protected]

Website Facebook Instagram


  • Embassy row, KLCC
  • All-inclusive rental
  • Security
  • Various Amenities Available

If you think you are ready to move out of your parents’ house and are ready to live on your own, do not forget to check out these co-living spaces in Malaysia that might just be the right one for you. You can also hire professional movers to help you relocate your things easily.

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