Collagen For Ladies: Almost Everything You Would Need To Know

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “why is this person talking about collagens?”. Well, I’m here to basically inform you of the pros, cons, why’s and what’s about collagen for ladies. For a further explanation, I’m not talking about Vitamin C, D or any other letter in the alphabet. I’m talking about, among other things, the stuff that’ll get you going, heighten your sex drive and possibly give you a good night (wink wonk). Yes, it’s a bit taboo, but hey, we’re mostly adults here and we should be able to talk about this without being negatively criticized. 

This brings me to:

The Stigma Against Collagen For Ladies

Or shall I call it, “ubat kuat wanita”? Okay, I’m not going to call it that but you get the picture. People always say that we shouldn’t take such medication or basically any libido booster to help us out in the sexual department. In my opinion, it’s simply a personal choice. If someone wants a higher sex drive, I say let them! However, we will be going into the pros and cons in a bit. 

Nonetheless, people nowadays still have this, sort of, stigma against ladies consuming any collagen as sex stimulants or libido boosters. One of the reasons behind that is the fact that, until this day, people are just as judgemental of women talking about anything remotely sexual as they were back in the day. Recently, a friend of mine even criticized me for writing an article about sex toys in Malaysia. Come on, people. Are we really bugged by talking about sex-related topics in this day and age? Just because it’s related to sex toys or level of sex drive, it does not mean it has to be inappropriate. I could casually talk about the benefits of libido boosters (which I will in a bit) and it would just be, somewhat, a discussion. 

Moreover, you don’t know what someone might be going through for them to take women sex pills or anything similar. So, we do not have the right to judge. Maybe ask nicely if you’re curious but if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Pros And Cons Of Consuming Any Collagen For Ladies

People might think that there are no pros in consuming any libido booster for women. First things first, a lot of people experience sexual dysfunction. This means that they have constant problems with sexual response or maybe lack the desire itself. This would result in distress or possibly result in strain on your relationship. So, a lot of vitamins or types of collagen for ladies can help with that. Understand that this might not increase your chances of having good sex. Nonetheless, it can help increase sexual arousal, thus, it may be helpful in loosening the hinges instead of opening the door for you entirely. Plus, a lot of collagens for ladies provide more than just libido boosters, for instance, they provide extra energy with vitamins and such.

Before you decide to get libido boosters, you should know the side effects of consuming those types of supplements. Also, consult a medical professional too so that you could know whether you really need the supplements or not. That aside, nitric oxide that can be commonly found in libido boosters often cause headaches. This is due to the fact that it causes a sudden increase in blood flow to the genitals. Other side effects may include insomnia, anxiety, body aches as well as dizziness.

Collagen For Ladies Available In Malaysia

1. V’Asia Ladies Collagen 

V’Asia is one of the more well-known brands among Malaysians. Some of the benefits include hormone balancing, body firming as well as smoothes your period flow. 

ladies collagen

2. Kordel’s La Beaute French Collagen 

There are a few benefits when consuming Kordel’s La Beaute French Collagen, aside from being easily digestible. It can reduce wrinkles or minimize the appearance of wrinkles as well as evens your skin tone.

ladies collagen

3. KITSUI’s Generation 3 Colla

A few of the benefits of KITSUI’s Generation 3 Colla are it slows down the ageing process, hydration as well as improve hair and nails. 

ladies collagen

4. Lennox’s Firm Up+

The benefits of this product by Lennox are improving skin damage, revitalizes our moisture shields, reduces wrinkles as well as UV protection. 

ladies collagen

Natural Libido Boosters

Aside from collagens, there are more natural ways people can boost their libido:

1. Aphrodisiac Fruits

A lot of people don’t really believe in aphrodisiacs, however, since they’re just food, there is no harm in trying, right? Fruits like figs, avocados, and even bananas are considered libido boosters. They provide you with the vitamins needed to allow blood flow to the genitals.

2. Chocolate

 Yes, chocolate! Chocolates are known to release certain chemicals in the brain, one of them being serotonin, to lift up your mood as well as give an aphrodisiac effect. This one is more psychological than biological since it affects mood instead of blood flow. 

3. Herbs

It’s really easy to include herbs in your daily meals. These herbs include basil, garlic and saffron which also helps increase blood flow to the genitals. You could incorporate garlic in your meals or make saffron tea!

4. Meditate

ladies collagen

Simply relax and lift your mood naturally with meditations. Maybe include yoga in your daily routine to help with your flexibility and relaxation as well. This reduces stress and thus lifts your mood to spend a better time with your partner.

Thus, now you know almost everything you need to know about any collagen for ladies or libido boosters. So, be sure to check the ingredients, consult a doctor and be safe while getting yourself any type of collagen, libido booster or any other sort of supplements for women.

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