Courier Service Companies And The Inevitability of Malaysian Mockery

Brief Background

 The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed many people to seek another form of gig to survive. One of the ways that people survive is by doing this thing called “gig economy”. It is said that this form of working method has been gaining popularity lately due to the rise of digital platforms.

Courier Service

So what is a gig economy? Gig economy is where commonplace or companies hire independent contractors and freelancers instead of full-timers. The job is flexible and temporary and the clients and customers through an online platform. One example of a gig economy is a Grab driver.

Besides that, business owners have also made a shift to online selling and even ordinary people have also started selling stuff online to earn some pocket money in these times. So, one of the things that you need to use to deliver your products is by using a courier service. Unless you decide to deal with Cash On Delivery (COD) or by sending the parcel to the customers by yourself. Having said that, the majority of times you need to use the courier service to have your product delivered to the buyer.

Well-known e-commerce sites

Some of the most popular e-commerce sites that Malaysians normally use for their online business are:

  • Shopee
  • Lazada
  • Carousell
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Instagram

Each of these e-commerce sites will have its own preferred courier service companies in Malaysia. For example, some of the most common courier service companies that Shopee uses are Pos Laju, JnT, DHL, Ninja Van, Shopee Express and City link. As for Lazada, the most common courier services used in that platform are Lazada elogistics, NinjaVan, ABX Express, Gdex, Skynet, Poslaju and Taqbin. As for the rest of the e-commerce site, it is down to the sellers and their preferences.

Courier Service

The comical thing about courier service companies in Malaysia is that each and every of the courier service companies in Malaysia out there have their own fair share of “stereotypes”, as if that it is The comical thing about courier service companies in Malaysia is that each and every courier service in Malaysia out there has their own fair share of “stereotypes” as if that is part of their identity. Whether the courier service companies like it or not, they cannot be mad about it as the incident has happened so many times to the point where sellers and buyers have associated it with the courier service companies.

Creativity Is In Our DNA

Courier Service

“Shopee Express or Turtle Express?”

One of the things that we can agree on is that Malaysians are very creative when it comes to insults. If you are from an SMK school (Kebangsaan school). Your parent’s name, especially your dad’s name, is n

One of the things that we can agree on is that Malaysians are very creative when it comes to mockery. If you are from an SMK school (Kebangsaan school). Your parent’s name, especially your dad’s name, is not safe from insults. If Malaysians can make up an insult like “Mak Kau Hijau” (Your mom’s green). Do you think that courier service companies can avoid it? The answer is no.
For example, one of the victims of Malaysian insults is Shopee Express. Unhappy from both sellers and buyers, they will always pinpoint Shopee Express’s name by saying that there is nothing ‘express’ about Shopee Express. Having said that, many complaints on Shopee Express are due to the delivery speed of the parcel. Extra point to mention is that Shopee Express is often canceled by Shopee customers. Ouch.

“Pos Lambat also got masalah now”

Another comical insult created by Malaysians to make fun of Pos Laju. Based on the information of c

Another comical insult created by Malaysians to make fun of Pos Laju. Based on the information of complaints that I managed to gather online, what made the mockery of “Pos Lambat” stuck with Pos Laju due to slow delivery rate just like Shopee Express (according to sellers and buyers). One netizen also commented that Pos Laju is “slow like a turtle. Why do people always have to use turtles as an example? Turtles have feelings too.

“JnT used to be the worst but now can really see they improved a lot”

Recently, J&T express has been in hot water due to lots of damaged parcel complaints from buyers and sellers. The worst case being, where a J&T worker allegedly stealing customers’ parcels. Not only that, the reason why the workers of J&T are intentionally damaging parcels is because of J&T allegedly deducted or did not pay their wages. Putting all of this aside, many are satisfied with the services provided by J&T now as they are now quick in delivering out the parcels. Besides that, J&T even delivers parcels on weekends. Something their competitors haven’t done.

As far as what we know, these three courier service companies constantly made headlines for the reasons stated. The rest of the courier service companies have their own problems, but not to the extent as what we have listed for the three companies mentioned.

Many Alternatives Out There

Courier Service

All jokes aside, every courier service company in Malaysia will have its own share of issues with its services, but It just depends on the severity of the problems it causes to the sellers and buyers to the point where creative criticism comes into play is inevitable.  

With that being said, I am sure that these courier service companies are doing the best they can to improve their services. J&T can be a good example. Putting this aside, if one is not satisfied with the services provided by the respective courier service companies, there are tons of other courier service companies out there to choose such as: Pgeon, DHL, Citi-Link, Ninja Van and many more. Because, at the end of the day, neither of any courier service companies in Malaysia are monopolizing the market.

Other than that, there is also an option to hire independent dispatchers or freelancers for parcel delivery. So, shipping in Malaysia is not an issue. As mentioned in the first paragraph on the gaining popularity of the gig economy, there are many gig jobs that do parcel delivery with the likes of Goget, Lalamove, Grab, Mr.Speedy, Zepto Express and many more as an alternative. But you have to keep in mind that the delivery fee may be more expensive than courier service companies.

Courier Service

Lastly, no matter how poor the service of the courier service companies, make sure to be mindful of what you say on the internet as it may land you in hot trouble as it is a legal offence to insult someone on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Malaysia Courier Service

What is a courier service?

Courier Service refers to a Service in which a customer buys goods online and then delivers them from a warehouse to a customer via a Courier from a Courier company.

Why do people choose express courier service?

With online shopping becoming more popular, courier services have become the best and fastest way for people to get the goods they buy online.

Will courier service really expensive?

The cost of the Courier Service is called shipping cost. The cost of shipping depends on the type and weight of the goods you buy.

What courier services companies are commonly used by Malaysians?

Pos Laju, J&T, Ninja Van, Shopee Express and others.

Why are some of courier service companies being mocked on the Internet?

This is because they are sometimes ridiculed for their slow delivery speed and poor delivery quality, which leads to consumer dissatisfaction.

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