Deanamirhussain (Exclusive Interview): The Youngest Music Director In Malaysia

Deanamirhussain, a well-known young photographer and music video director, started his passion way back from high school. Honestly speaking I’ve known Amir personally since 2013. He is my neighbour and we used to walk back home from school together. To grow together and being able to be here, and write about his success brings happy tears to my eyes. Because I saw the struggles he went through and the determination he has in himself throughout the whole time. It amazes me how from just being a prefect who loves photography in school and now directing music videos for local artists in Malaysia. Not to mention, he received acknowledgment from many international photographers as well. 

I couldn’t resist the urge of wanting to feature him in my article. As I feel like he deserves all the acknowledgment in the world for his efforts and determination. Thus, I called and had my exclusive interview with him over lunch. 

Portrait by Deanamirhussain

Exploration In Photography

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, he started playing with his DLSR camera during high school. He was one of the important people in the photography club. You can expect his presence during all the important events and celebrations in school as he is always around standing and taking pictures of the event. Although his pictures were not as perfect from the start, that became a huge stepping stone for him because he did it out of curiosity and following the trend. But now he has become one of the youngest music video directors from only playing with the camera when he was younger. 

“I found my passion and interest in photography only after I pursued my studies in Diploma of Photography and Creative Imaging at Universiti Teknologi MARA Perak, Kampus Seri Iskandar ”

Most of his basic skills are from what he learned in UiTM Seri Iskandar, Perak. While additional ones, he explored himself with Youtube videos, tutorials, tips and tricks, and experience. He started his exploration in photography by taking portraits and continued later with architecture photography. 

Freelance Instead Of Working Under A Production House 

Amir believes that he is able to get more opportunities from working on his own, instead of tied to a contract or working under a company. I cannot deny the truth in that matter. Of course, every job scope has its own advantages and consequences. But based on his own experience, working as a freelancer gives him more freedom in managing his own working hours. Not to mention, the power to decide which project to take as he knows his own time management and capabilities. Compared to working under someone, you are only required to do the task you are assigned to by your superiors. Let’s say the project turns out successful, you will hardly get the recognition you deserve.

That is what I find very inspiring from Deanamirhussain because he proved to a lot of people. Especially people of our age, that we are able to gain many kinds of experiences and skills. Only if we actually put ourselves out there. Instead of waiting for the opportunities to knock on our doors. 

Instagram As A Portfolio Platform  

Many people use Instagram as a social media platform to share their moments of their daily lives among their friends, but not for my friend right here. When he started sharing his first few images from photography, it was honestly awkward for me to digest at first. Because it was an uncomfortable feeling for me, knowing how someone is so comfortable sharing his passion with everyone publicly. But over time, he gained much attention from people, local artists, and even international photographers over the images he shares on his Instagram.

Not only does he receive a lot of offers to handle projects, but from all the projects he successfully managed. At the age of 20, he was able to travel to a lot of countries, and upgrade his camera to better ones, using his own money he saved. Currently, Deanamirhussain’s Instagram has over 10.6K followers from all over the world. You can definitely check out his Instagram, here.

Self-Doubt In One’s Own Talent 

If you feel like talented and successful people have it easier compared to other people in the society. I can say that you are completely wrong, as Amir shared how he goes through a lot of self-doubt moments as well. But what he learned is that you can never use too much time entertaining and dwelling in these thoughts as time does not wait for anyone. There are so many things that can be achieved and learned if you know how to manage. He mentioned how it is okay for everyone to take their own time and pace, but as long as you know the consequences and benefits of your own actions. 

“You can work as anything and be talented in anything, and not being able to escape your own self-doubt” 

From A Professional Photographer To A Music Video Director 

For a few years, Amir has gained experience and explored his skills in photography. Now, he is currently known as the youngest music video director for Indie music videos. Only starting with photography skills and working with a lot of brands, including commercial products, and he worked his way from there. Working with most known and popular local artists in Malaysia such as Naim Daniel, Ismail Izzani, Nabila Razali, and Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza. Honestly, Amir is very much open to more and new opportunities and upcoming chances for the future. To work and grow his name bigger. 

I believe that he is going to achieve more in the future and he is definitely going to be really successful in whatever he strives for Without passion, determination and effort, you will hardly reach any successful point in your life. Thus, I hope this interview can inspire my readers as well, as to how his journey inspires me. If you’re interested in this article and photography, you can read our exclusive interview with Daniel Adams. As he is also another well-known photographer in Malaysia with an inspiring story. 


Nur Aimie Farhana binti Ahmad Tarmizie
Nur Aimie Farhana binti Ahmad Tarmizie
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