Disney Plus Malaysia: Is It Worth It?

The wait is finally over. Disney+ Hotstar has officially debuted in Malaysia, with a massive library of over 800 movies and 18,000 episodes of blockbuster shows from Disney’s legendary brands such as Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. 

Disney Plus officially launched in Malaysia on the 1st of June 2021, making streaming Disney+ movies and series more accessible and worthwhile for those who live in the country. Following Indonesia and Singapore, Malaysia becomes the third country in South East Asia to acquire Disney+, which is available through a partnership with Astro Malaysia as Disney Plus Hotstar Malaysia. There’s no more “is Disney Plus available in Malaysia?” after this. 

The debut event, which took place entirely online, featured special appearances from Marvel stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, as well as a walk-through of some of the local content options available, is being held in collaboration with Astro, which is the country’s main pay-TV provider. Hence, one can access the service through the company’s website or by downloading the app for mobile devices on Google Play and Apple App Stores. 

However, while Malaysia does offer excellent free streaming services such as iFlix, Tubi TV, and Viu, they are in no way a threat to the formidable Disney Plus subscription service. A wonderful streaming site to subscribe to due to the presence of movies such as Eternals and Sang-Chi from the Marvel Company. What about the Disney plus Malaysia price? Let’s talk about it. Below is the step-by-step.

How To Subscribe To Disney+ in Malaysia? 

With Astro 

Astro is the official distributor of Disney + Hotstar in Malaysia, and the company is owned by Disney. Because of this, you will be able to experience the comprehensive Disney Plus Malaysia package material of Disney+ Hotstar in addition to the Astro movies bundle. Furthermore, streaming it with Astro is also cost-effective because you can access world-class material on Disney+ Hotstar for an additional fee of only RM5, making it an excellent value. 

If you already have an Astro package, the Disney + Hotstar subscription is already included. You only need to activate it. If you have a mobile number, you can use it to activate your membership. Once activated, you’ll be able to experience the incredible collection of Disney+ Hotstar, and your cell number will be linked to Astro’s database.

Without Astro 

You can subscribe to Disney + Hotstar even if you do not have an Astro membership. The steps are quite straightforward. All you have to do is sign up for the service through the Disney + Hotstar website or app. 

The Disney Plus Hotstar Malaysia price is RM54.90/3 a month, which are quite justified against the great catalogue. You can select the mode of payment from credit (VISA, Mastercard, & AMEX) or debit card. You can also pay via online banking through FPX. Moreover, you can log in to Disney+ Hotstar on multiple devices using one subscription.

HotStar & Disney Plus USA

Walt Disney Plus Hotstar is actually a collaboration between the Disney Plus USA streaming service and India’s Hotstar streaming service. No matter if you’re looking for old classics or the most recent releases, both streaming services have incredible content to offer. 

Moreover, Disney owns the National Geographic Channel, and Hotstar is a streaming service that provides popular Indian programming. There really are a variety of local shows to watch in addition to the movies and television shows from Disney Malaysia, Marvel, and Pixar and it only costs you  RM 54.90 to subscribe to Disney + Hotstar for three months (which works out to RM18.30 each month). 

How To Watch Disney Plus In Malaysia

The following are the steps to watch Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia:

  • Sign up and subscribe to Disney+ 
  • Install the Disney Plus App on your devices, such as an Apple TV, and Android TV, or another device like Roku, and then sign in.
  • Launch the Disney Plus App when it has been installed.
  • After you’ve done the Disney Plus Malaysia login, grab your snacks and enjoy the movie!

Is Disney Plus Malaysia Worth it? 

Yes, without a doubt! The reason for this is that Malaysia Disney Plus material is not only for children, as it also has a lot of stuff for adults, including world-class content. Consequently, with the Disney Plus price Malaysia, you could be watching Disney films, Marvel Cinematic Universe films, and other favourites such as “The Simpsons,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Walking Dead,” and “Criminal Minds,” you can also watch Disney Plus originals such as “Loki,” “Wanda Vision,” and “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.”

On Disney Plus, you may see forthcoming movies or television shows that are being released at the same time as the movies in theatres. For example, the Marvel Studios film “Black Widow” offers an exclusive access option that allows you to watch it first. 

A large part of their ability to provide such a diverse range of material is due to their agreements with the greatest Malaysian production companies such as Skop Productions, Revolution Media Films, Prime Works Studios, and others. The purchase of Disney Plus Hotstar Malaysia is undoubtedly worthwhile, especially considering the extensive content library available.

Hazique Zairill
Hazique Zairill
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