Do You Know Doodle Art Malaysia Is Considered As A Fine Art?

Have you ever felt bored, but then found yourself with a piece of paper and pencil by your side? Well, we all know what’s going to happen to that paper because people who are bored, do not have an idea of anything, so, please do not assume they’re going to write an article, poetry or even a diary. They are just going to take that paper and scribble anything that comes to their mind onto the paper. But do you know that those scribbles are now considered as part of an artwork? 

Well, these types of scribbles that people randomly draw on their paper or notebooks, are called doodle art Malaysia.  Doodle art Malaysia is actually considered to be an artwork due to its distinct art when compared to real paintings to drawings. The doodle art is almost a never-ending drawing due to its continuous scribble where it is able to form shapes or abstract like lines, shapes of flowers and so on, without even lifting the pen or pencil from the paper. 

Fascinating right? Doodle art Malaysia doesn’t require you to go and sit for an art class in order to enhance this cute doodle art, you just merely need paper and pen to do your job. There are no other techniques or methods when it comes to doodle art Malaysia since most of this artwork is more of an illustration of what comes to your mind. In other words, it’s just you, who is scribbling something out of a white paper by expressing something in your mind or maybe due to your own creativity.

But to conclude the way doodle art Malaysia works, well it is more to do with random scribbling on a piece of paper that can represent something or an art.  Yet, just talking about doodle art in Malaysia is not going to be sufficient enough, therefore, let’s go through Malaysia’s illustration of doodle art in detail.

Doodle Art Malaysia
Source Of Pic: By Color Made Happy

What Can Doodle Art Do To You?

To people’s surprise, doodle art which is simple and cute is able to deliver a good and positive impact on people who practice it on a daily basis.  There are some proven facts that doodle art Malaysia helps with overcoming, boredom-ness, frustration and level of stress by giving them something to focus on by lifting any thoughts or problems that they might be thinking at that time. 

There are also some facts out there that the people who benefited from the doodle art Malaysia are under age children like kids. These doodle art Malaysia has not only been a help to adolescents but has also been helpful to kids and children who are yet to face the real world. Want to know more, stay with me till the end.

Doodle Art Malaysia
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Kids Benefiting Through Doodle Art

When it comes to kids or children, it is always hard and tough to predict what these little younglings might be harbouring inside them. There have been psychological studies conducted by psychiatrists or psychologists to rule out the current mental state of young children.

Therefore the technique that these people amplify is through drawings. Since kids are still developing, there are times when children are unable to express their feelings, emotion and thoughts, hence, the only way they’re able to express themselves is through the illustration of artwork such as doodles, paintings or even by drawings. 

Doodle Art Malaysia
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What Does Doodle Art Interpret ?

Doodle art can represent a lot of things. But the thing here is that we always need to see what the drawing illustrates to us. There are many possible ways that a human is able to communicate what he or she might be thinking through doodling on a piece of paper. Therefore, if you end up in a strange situation where about 2 to 3 people are doodling the same illustration or patterns, do not think that it is something scary or concerning, but in hindsight, this is the reality of doodle art Malaysia. 

Moreover, there are some simpler ways in interpreting doodle art, for example, doodles like sun, moon, flowers, emojis are able to transcribe what someone might be feeling at a current situation while they were doodling or it can be some kind of thought that motivates them to scribble randomly on a piece of paper. But nevertheless, doodle art is quite hard to interpret when it comes to figuring out someone’s thinking by associating their doodle art drawing since there’s no proven evidence or a mundane answer to validate what a grown-up person might be thinking during the process. 

With that said, there are also some other ways people claim that doodle art can be interpreted, hence the one thing we can get away from this part is that, the illustration of doodle art Malaysia is something that people do debate about when it comes to it’s meaning behind a random scribble. 

Doodle Art Malaysia
Source Of Pic: By Behance

Can Doodle Art Make Profit?

The good news is, doodle arts do make a perfect side income if you are expecting to sell your doodle art to anyone. The reason behind doodle arts popularity is due to its significant drawing that happens somewhat instant or spontaneously. Thus making it creative and wanting to be owned by people across the world who have a passion for simple cute art like doodle art Malaysia.

In addition, in order to avoid any kind of forgery or fraudulent activity from taking place, my advice to many doodle art artists is to use digitized platforms to secure their work. For example, NFT platforms like the OpenSea market are one way in securing authenticity and also the copyright-like ownership over your work.  Even though NFT platforms might sound scary at first,  the efficacy of using this field is something that we shall never doubt. The NFT is very strict when it comes to protecting ownership over artists’ work, therefore, this platform also provides a vast opportunity for a lot of money since there’s a chance that your doodle art would be reviewed by people across this country.

Although most of these NFT platforms work with bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, there are many ways in converting those currencies into physical dollar bills or ringgit Malaysia. Hence, if you are a doodle artist, cartoonist, or even an illustrator do not wait till it’s too late, try this method to earn some money for yourself immediately!

Doodle Art Malaysia
Source Of Pic: By ArtStation
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