Dr Ingky (Exclusive Interview): A Doctor That Likes To Give Back

Dr Ingky's portrait
Source : Dr Lim Ing Kien on Facebook

Ever since he grew his online presence with the goal of educating people about dermatology and more specific problems that involve the health of their skins, his brand and persona have skyrocketed.

Meet Dr Lim Ing Kien, also known as Dr Ingky by many. He is the proud owner and founder of 3 Mediiskin Studios located in the Klang Valley Area. It was founded in 2014 and is a certified MD under the Ministry of Health.

“As a doctor, you should be able to specialize”

Dr Ingky

When he graduated from studying in Russia in 2007, he then started working in several departments within government hospitals in pursuit of his passion. 

Since 2010, Dr Ingky initially started training to become a paediatrician but has always been passionate and interested in dermatology. During his time as a paediatrician, his concern and care for the skin health of his patients have led him to pursue a career in dermatology. 

Medii Skin Studio by Dr Ingky
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Medii Skin Studio Shah Alam Branch

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Social Media Star

If you are an avid fan of Dr Ingky on social media as I am, you might notice he is a big hit among all the skincare experts out there with his funny ad-libs and creative TikTok! 

This spectacular vision of him to spread his knowledge about dermatology is when he realized that getting treatment for your skin is not as affordable for most people when he started venturing in the industry in 2014. 

Having professional skin treatment usually can be quite costly and may not be a privilege to some, hence why he made it his mission to make sure everyone has nice skin by making treatment as affordable as possible at Medii Skin Studio.

However, at the beginning of 2016, Dr Ingky felt that simply treating 150 patients max per week was not doing the trick, he was not satisfied with that amount as he felt he could do a whole lot more with the people he could help.

From there, he decided to start a platform where he can educate people, starting with only the basics and simple tips and tricks regarding skincare.

To apply his passion to educate and treat people especially the young, he decided the best way to reach them is through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Tips by Dr Ingky on TikTok
Source : @mediiskinstudio on Instagram
Source : @mediiskinstudio on Instagram

By starting this education program through IGTV, IG Live or Facebook Live, audiences at home are able to do it at home by themselves without ever needing professional help. Moreover, most of the products he recommends are always within our reach and are sold at pharmacies that are easily accessible for everyone. 

This can be extremely beneficial to people living in the suburbs area or are not capable to seek treatment for their skin problem from a specialist, hence, why Medii Skin is determined to teach people all there is to know about your skin and ways to treat them and the types of products for you to get your hands on.

Since there are no other dermatologists or skin experts in Malaysia that are doing stuff like this, he took the initiative to start on his own by giving free advice and consultations weekly via online. 


Dr Ingky

When asked about the pillar of a skincare regimen, Dr Ingky precisely focused on the 3 steps mentioned above. Although it seems simple, it is immensely crucial to implement it in our daily life.

His motto as a dermatologist is KISS (Keep It Super Simple) which means you should prioritize only the important products to use for your skincare.

Considering the range of assorted products that are sold at drugstores for all sorts of purposes, it comes down to you deciding which ones are needed for your skin’s needs. 

Consistency Is Key

Furthermore, Dr Ingky also highlighted that in order for you to accomplish having a nice and healthy skin, being consistent in taking care of it goes a long way.

Especially when our fragile skin is always exposed to the sun, dirt and different kinds of pollution in the air. Ultimately, in order to achieve healthy skin, you have to be consistent in doing your skincare.

Future Endeavors

I asked Dr Ingky on what his plans are for the future and what is he currently has his mind onto right now. 

He stated that he is venturing into telehealth which is a method where dermatologists do consultations through mediums such as phone calls and emails, then prescribe personalized creams based on the patient’s condition and have it shipped to them to their home. This idea came to him when he visited the United States and saw a company who provides telehealth services. 

After coming back to Malaysia, he brainstormed with his friends on how to localize this service and thus created SkynFyx. SkynFyx is an e-commerce website where you can consult a dermatologist about your skin problems by a few simple steps and have your own specialized cream sent to your house within just 48 hours!

Primarily, finding treatment for your skin has never been easier, it’ll only take a fraction of your time to have the perfect skin you have always desired. 

For more information regarding Dr Ingky, Medii Skin Studio and Skyn Fyx, you can follow them here :


Website – https://mediiskinstudio.com/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/mediiskinstudio/

Dr Ingky

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/dr_ingky/


Website – https://skynfyx.com/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/skynfyx/

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