Enya (Exclusive Interview): Women’s Number One Best Friend!

Enya, providing premium feminine products, including organic cotton sanitary pads.

Last year, twitter peeps were fluttered by the famous male influencer who had subscribed sanitary pads for his also influential girlfriend. Enya started in 2019 which was not known to many, though their biggest outbreak was when the famous male influencer subscribed sanitary pads for his girlfriend.

Introducing Enya

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Elaine Hong, the co-founder of Enya, was initially in the fast fashion industry before setting sail in building Enya. She realized that most of what we use on our bodies, regardless of skincare, soap or clothes, are inorganic and contains chemical.

Hoping to make a change, Elaine and her partner started Enya, an organic cotton sanitary pad company which is also the first digital period care company.

The start-up of Enya and joint of Elaine’s partner is not only the start of breaking the stigma of discussing a taboo topic but also spreading awareness to the opposite gender.

Enya’s Premium Organic Products

Enya Products
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Enya is becoming the number one leading brand in organic cotton sanitary pads. Unlike others, Enya uses cotton that is grown and harvested organically without the help of any chemical or pesticides. This is as Enya emphasizes on your hygiene, health and self-care which starts from the very basic use for women, sanitary pads.

Most women, as myself may think that it is normal when you develop rashes and your vagina becomes itchy during your period though it is actually the effect of pad that may not be suitable for your skin. That is why you should be very particular in choosing the product that you use on your body, regardless of your skin type as it is the basics of your hygiene, excellent health and good self-care.

Monthly Subscription Service

Love your body Enya
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Though organic products, as known, are usually pricy and not many can afford to fork out such amount. This is because most organic products, sanitary pads as such, are imported and would cost twice the price you usually pay for. However, understanding the necessity of sanitary pads every month and wanting the best quality product to use without having to spend much, Enya launched a campaign offering free Enya Basic sanitary pads upon every subscription.

Subscribers would only have to pay for the postage fee at a flat rate of RM10 every month that will automatically be deducted from their bank accounts. Not only Enya strives to give their customers the best experience in their products but also to spread the awareness of hygiene, health and self-care.

What’s Special About Enya

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So what makes Enya different from the rest? Not only does it sell organic cotton sanitary pads at affordable prices but Enya also differs in the management of the company.

When it comes to business, most companies are ‘top-down management’ where the companies decide what is best for their customers and what they need. Though with Enya, it is a totally different journey where the company becomes one with the customers.

Enya builds and maintains a close relationship with its customers and takes account of every single opinion before launching a product. That’s what makes Enya special. Every product produced and launched is based on a survey of how women want their pads to be, as Enya solely wants to satisfy their customers’ needs and demands.

According to Elaine, customers are their biggest support system, therefore the company cherishes the relationship with their customers. In order to maintain a close relationship with their customers, Enya ensures strong customer service where customers are able to reach the management either through social media accounts, e-mail and phone. Elaine herself would join in to engage and understand their customers’ problems, needs and demands.

The Types Of Sanitary Pads Offered By Enya

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Enya does not really offer much of a variety of sanitary pads, as they want to keep it simple and basic. Of course for some, being on period is already a headache, then having to find a suitable pad with too many choices would just make you want to flip tables.

Therefore, Enya offers two types, Enya Basic and Enya Premium where you or your boyfriend, father, brother, friends and mother would not be going through the hassle of choosing the wrong pad. Enya Basic has 10 pads, 240mm regular flow whereas Enya Premium has 12 pads, 6 – 240mm regular flow and 6 – 285mm medium flow.

Having known that some men help to buy pads for their loved ones, the design of the packaging for the pads are made unique as men tend to be shy when they have to carry around a box of a pad. Head on over to their website to check out their products.

With that being said, Enya has also been trying to reach out to men about periods. The company tries to break the stigma of the so-called taboo topic ‘period’ and include men in the discussion. Most men have given positive feedbacks as they to want to learn more about their loved ones.

The First Digital Period Care Company

Source: Enya’s Facebook Page

You may be wondering why you haven’t seen Enya pads in stores before. Enya is Malaysia’s first digital period care company as they see that most Malaysians prefer e-commerce shopping, as well as most companies, are also seen to be shifting their marketing to digital marketing.

Enya, keeping up with digital marketing trends have also offered subscriptions to their customers as they know that not everyone has the time to scroll through the internet. It not only is cost-efficient for the company but also it allows Enya to connect with customers.

Though Elaine does not deny the fact that some people still prefer to be able to see and experience the item themselves, the company has plans in distributing to nationwide stores. As for now, they distribute to certain stores that have potential buyers, mostly in pharmacies. Check out their website to see the distributed stores.

Elaine hopes that Enya stays relevant as a brand in taking care of women’s necessities as well as being well informed and keeping a close relationship with customers. She also hopes in changing the mindset of the coming generations and slowly breaking the stigma about menstruation being a taboo topic to be discussed.

Speaking of taboo topics, make sure to check out our Taboo Series for articles related to topics that are considered taboo in Malaysia.

You can find out more about Enya at their websiteFacebook or Instagram!

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