Fan of Burgers? Check Out This Burger King Menu!

If you are a fan of having scrumptious, mouth-watering burgers, you will need to try Burger King Malaysia. It is one of Malaysia’s favourite burger-chain since its opening in 1997. If you are curious to find out about the Burger King Menu, keep reading, as this article will offer you a comprehensive breakdown of the menu items of Burger King, along with their locations and FAQs! 

Burger King Malaysia Menu

If you are craving a juicy burger that is delectable and easy on the bank, you should definitely try out their bestselling burger, which is the Whopper. It is their signature burger, with a meaty flame-grilled beef paty, topped with fresh tomatoes, crisp lettuce, fresh onions, pickles on a beautifully toasted sesame seed bun. The sauces on this burger will leave you craving for more after the first bite, their ketchup and delicious creamy mayo. Make it even more delicious by adding a slice of cheese! 

WhopperRM 12.20RM 16.70
Whopper JrRM 6.40RM 10.90
Whopper + CheeseRM 14.20 RM 18.70

Another bestseller in the menu burger king is the Tendergrill. It’s a juicy and soft chicken thigh that is flame-grilled to perfection, topped with a slice of tomato and their crisp lettuce. The BK Tendergrill is best enjoyed with their crispy golden brown fries and a soft drink.

They also have other delicious chicken burgers you should try, like the Spicy Tendercrisp, French Chicken, BK Chick’N Crisp and Long Chicken, all topped with their golden brown sesame seed bun, tomatoes, lettuce and crispy onion. You can also request for a slice of cheese to up your burger game as well! Take a good look at the Burger King Menu here. 

TendergrillRM 13.40 
Spicy TendercrispRM 14.00
French ChickenRM 13.40
BK Chick’n Crisp RM 7.50
Long ChickenRM 11.00
Grilled Chicken Burger RM 8.40
Fried Chicken (2pcs)RM 18.90 

Check Out The Fish Option On The Burger King Menu Malaysia

We know that some of you readers out there may be pescatarians. If you’re unsure of what a pescatarian is, it’s a person who prefers to eat fish and seafood over chicken and poultry. If you’re looking for a delicious burger to saturate your burger cravings that don’t have meat in it, you need to try Burger Kings’ Fish’N Crisp! 

The Fish’N Crisp is a delightful burger that has a succulent fish fillet, embraced by a whole slice of that perfect American cheese, topped with a tangy tartar sauce that accentuates the delicious flavours of the fish, all between a toasted sesame bun. You will not regret trying this fish burger, cause it’s definitely a catch! 

Fish’N Crisp RM 9.40

What’s On Burger King Breakfast Menu?

In the mornings, you may not want a heavy burger to start off your day, rather a light yet filling meal with delicious flavours from your meat, beef bacon, mushrooms, and perhaps a waffle or croissant. Well, guess what? Burger King has the best breakfast menu in town! You will get to try an interesting cross-over between a Croissant and a Sandwich– their Croissan’wich. They also have a new Rye bun you need to get your hands on! You have so many delicious options to choose from in their breakfast menu, it’s a must try if you’re not sure of what to have for your breakfast. Look at the Burger King menu for breakfast here! 

Rye Cheesy Caramelized OnionRM 3.90RM 6.90
Rye Chicken StripsRM 4.90RM 7.90
Rye Mushroom SwissRM 6.90RM 9.90
Rye BeefaconRM 5.90RM 8.90 
Mushroom Swiss Chick’n Crisp Croissan’wichRM 11.90RM 15.90
Mushroom Swiss Beef Croissan’wichRM 12.50RM 16.40
Chicken Strips Croissan’wich RM 6.90RM 10.80
Cheesy Caramelized Onion Croissan’wichRM 5.90RM 9.90
Beefacon Croissan’wichRM 8.90RM 12.80

What are the sides you can get for your meal? If a burger is not enough and you would like to add a few sides to your meal to share with your friends and family, fret not. Burger King is known for their thick-cut crispy golden brown French fries. They also have delicious nuggets, onion rings and also a salad if you’re feeling a little healthy. 

Want Some Burger King Promotion? 

If you’re on a budget but would still like to try out a meal at Burger King, you should download their e-coupons! You will be able to reap awesome savings of up to RM87 and more if you download their e-coupons here

Burger King Malaysia uses the best and freshest ingredients that are freshly sliced and chopped to perfection. Their freshly flame-grilled burgers are scrumptious and it would be a shame if you don’t try it out at least once! But we guarantee that once you get a taste of the delicious burgers with massive portions from Burger King, you won’t be able to resist them anymore! 

Onion Rings (Medium) RM 4.50
Onion Rings (Large)RM 8.50
French Fries (Medium) RM 4.50
French Fries (Large)RM 5.90
Salad RM 3.90
Nuggets (5pcs) with Nacho CheeseRM 9.50
Nuggets (9pcs) with Nacho CheeseRM 13.90
Mozzarella Cheese Stick (Large)RM 11.50
Kakiage with Honey Soy SauceRM 6.50 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding The Burger King Menu

Can I order Burger King online?

Yes, of course! You can order Burger King meals on food delivery applications like GrabFood and Foodpanda. All you need to do is check if they deliver to your location. 

Does Burger King always offer promotions?

Yes. Apart from their affordable menu, you can download their e-coupons and check their website out for bundles and promotions, especially during festive seasons!

Do they always have new menu additions?

Yes! From time to time, Burger King will come up with new burger flavours to spice up their menu. They have limited edition burgers as well. 

Does Burger King offer any vegetarian options?

Yes, they do. There are a variety of vegetarian burgers on their menu, all made with mushrooms. 

Are there any Burger King outlets outside of Malaysia?

Burger King is available worldwide. Wherever you are, when you are craving a delicious hearty burger meal, you should look for a Burger King outlet. 







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