Five Projectors Malaysia Recommendations in 2022

A projector is an output device. It can be connected to a computer. In addition to that, a projector could also be an alternative to a monitor or television. It projects pictures from a Blu-ray player or a computer onto a big surface, such as a wall or a white screen. There are different types of sizes, shapes, colors and specifications when it comes to projectors.  Interested in projectors Malaysia? Keep on reading. 

It would come in handy in different settings such as home theaters, classrooms and presentation sessions. In this list, there are some projectors recommendation as listed down below: 

BenQ GV30

projectors malaysia

This projector was trending on TikTok. The creative designs attract those who are into aesthetically pleasing decor. It stands on a magnetic platform to make it stationary. Moreover, it allows you to easily tilt it up or down to alter the image height. 

Price: RM2000+

It’s about the shape of a 7-inch wheel of cheese, with a built-in hump where the lens is. It has a finger-sized loop that makes it easy to carry, and it can withstand a drop from table-top height without being damaged, according to BenQ. It’s difficult not to be impressed when you consider the extremely viewable screen, Android TV for streaming and Chromecast, and the ability to function as a Bluetooth speaker. It just lacks enough brightness to cast a huge picture in ambient light. So if you are into bright colored projectors with RGB lights, you should consider other options first. 

You can project over 135 degrees vertically by rotating the projector on the base, but if you set the base at the edge of a table, you can go much farther, from nearly straight down (to project on the floor) to straight up to the ceiling. By default, keystone correction is turned on to square off the image, but you may turn it off and use manual correction instead.

This projector has innovative design and exceptional portability. The audio quality is outstanding. When you purchase this item, an Android dongle and Chromecast are given. One of the huge points of this projector is that it can withstand the drop from study table height.  However, this projector is a bit hard to acquire in Malaysia. 

The Mi Smart Projector 2 

projectors malaysia

The second projector on this list for projectors Malaysia is The Mi Smart Projector 2. It has a bland, unpretentious appearance that isn’t drab or dull. It’s fashionable enough to blend in with other pieces of furniture, and it’s small enough to tuck away when not in use. Minimalism is one word to describe its design of it. 

Price: Retails for RM500+ 

It is portable yet it still has to be plugged into an outlet to operate. For the audio, 

Xiaomi placed two 5-watt speakers and added Dolby Atmos. That means the Mi Smart Projector 2 can function as a standalone home entertainment system, generating excellent visuals and good sounds. It is a simple projector. However, if you’re the sort that thrives on a well-balanced video and audio experience, the projector’s audio quality may disappoint you.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2 attempts to blend the best of both worlds of projectors and Android TV, and it succeeds well in all areas. It generates high-quality pictures with excellent color accuracy, and its Android TV certification ensures that you won’t be missing out on any content. Its small size, along with its quick auto-keystone correction, makes it simple to position anywhere you need it. 

Anker Nebula Capsule M1 Pro 

Next on the list of projectors in Malaysia is Anker Nebula. Since this projector features a distinctive capsule appearance, it looks great in any contemporary house. Your guests would probably not even know that this little gadget is a projector! This capsule projector is pocket-sized. It is like carrying a soda or drink. What’s nice is that although it is very portable, it can offer crisp and brilliant images with its 100 ANSI lumen bulb. It also comes with an extremely immersive 360° Audio, catching all the key SFX in your beloved movies even if you are in an outdoor location.


anker nebula

Price: Retails for RM1500+

Since this projector features a distinctive capsule appearance, it looks great in any contemporary house. Your guests would probably not even know that this little gadget is a projector!

This device supports AndroidTV and can offer up to 4-hour video playtime. Don’t judge by the size! Lightweight and small but can ease up your projector usage. 

Epson EB-X06 

projectors malaysia

If your primary purpose is to utilize the projector for presentations, the Epson EB-X06 delivers a decent value for your money. This ultra-bright, 3,600-lumen projector with sophisticated 3LCD technology produces brilliant, true-to-life pictures and native XGA resolution. It can also project up to a 300-inch display, so viewing movies with this projector won’t be an issue.

Price: Retails for RM1600+

There is an Eco mode to this device in which the bulb lasts up to 12,000 hours. Then, for the projector light, you can choose whether you want white or colored light. Up to you. 

BenQ TK800M

For home entertainment and sports streaming, this is the best option. You can’t go wrong with the BenQ TK800M, especially if you favor movies, tv streaming or sports. This projector has a massive 100″+ projected 4K UHD 8.3 million pixel picture as well as vibrant HDR illumination, making it ideal for watching movies in a brilliantly lighted living room. There’s no need to turn out the lights to observe your family’s hysterical responses to horror movies anymore. The projector also has Football and Sports settings, making it great for watching heated football games with your friends.

ben1 tk800m

Immersive sound with audio enhancer

The BenQ TK800M has been improved with a considerably broader frequency range from a tiny speaker for a comprehensive cinema experience. The deep, resonant bass that comes with it is fantastic! This projector also comes with custom-tuned audio for the best audiovisual experience for any form of entertainment. In an indoor arena, for example, the announcer’s speech, referee whistles, and sneaker squeaks are amplified by the noises from Sports mode. It’s as though you’re watching a live baseball game!

The design is simple and practical. The BenQ TK800M blends excellent features with exceptional functionality. It’s simple to include into any room’s design. It’s also quite light for a projector (at 10.2 kg), making it easy to carry to an outdoor retreat, BBQ gatherings or camping. 

Projectors are Used: 

  • commonly used in places of worship, conference rooms, schools, and auditoriums.

Types of Projectors: 

  • may be portable, freestanding or can be mounted on ceilings.
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