Follow These Malaysian YouTubers: The Solution To Be Beautiful In Malaysia

Being beautiful is what these YouTubers are known for, but how exactly do they do it?

Beauty Malaysian Youtubers

First Impression Counts

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” they say but the real question is, is that really true? Or is beauty dependent on how good your makeup skills are?

In today’s day and age, appearance and first impressions are everything. As the saying goes “ you can never take back a first impression.” and as far as I know, that saying has not been debunked yet.

Therefore it is important to make a good first impression. How do you do that exactly? My advice would be is to radiate as much confidence as possible. This is where makeup comes in.

Makeup & Beauty

The point of makeup is not to deceive people by leading them away from who you truly are or to hide your true self, rather it is to enhance the features you already have as well as to boost up your level of confidence to make you the best version of yourself.

To be the best versions of ourselves it does not always involve the looks on the outside as most of us don’t go to beauty school and we also are not the best with art which means makeup skills aren’t really up to par.

The Rise of Beauty YouTubers

However we still manage to be beautiful, but how? These beauty YouTubers have gotten the formula right so take to learning from them today. YouTubers are essentially a bunch of talented individuals that make content (makeup tutorials, vlogs, life experiences) and posts it on YouTube.

Some of them get famous by way of blogging and some of them are already famous and then turn to blogging to show their viewers more personality. This is because they realised that beauty is more than what lies on the outside.

Make Money Online With Your Beauty

Being a Youtube creator is actually one of the best ways to make money online, thus these beauty Youtubers begun their Youtube journey.

Want to try your hand out with blogging on your own personal website which could possibly give you a platform like some of these megastars mentioned above?

If not, here is the list holds the bests Malaysian beauty YouTubers to follow in 2019 to master the art of being beautiful on the outside.

1. Asyalliee Ahmad

Beauty Malaysian Youtubers
Source : Asyalliee Ahmad

Born in July 1997, this YouTube sensation is only 21 years old this year and has already gathered so much attention.

Having more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram as well as about 350 thousand subscribers on YouTube, Asyalliee has definitely made herself known in the Malaysian social media scene.

Asyalliee tends to use more natural looking makeup in her looks frequently relying on different shades of brown for her eye makeup.

However, a makeup look is rarely complete without her bold eyebrows and thick false lashes. She often does product reviews, product hauls and makeup tutorials on her channel.

Her most popular makeup tutorial is entitled Instagram Makeup ( Sweet Simple Glitter) which has gotten more than 3 million views and goes on for a little longer than 6 minutes.

In this look, she goes for bold brown eyebrows followed with a subtle smokey eye by using a brown shadow topped off with some glitter. A wing eyeliner to finish the look off as well as some concealer to correct her imperfections.

Not to forget a red lipstick but only in the inner parts of the lip to give it a natural finish. This look would be perfect for a simple date with the boyfie.

Funnily enough though, being a primarily beauty based YouTuber her most popular video which gave her over 16 million views had nothing to do with beauty. The video is entitled Spicy Korean Noodle Challenge | Asyalliee where she tries her hand at the infamous spicy noodle challenge which left her in tears.

This goes to show that beauty YouTubers also have an insane amount of charisma and personality which shows that looks aren’t really everything.

2.Yvonne Chua

Beauty Malaysian Youtubers
Source : Yvonne Chua

This beauty is by no means a one-hit wonder after earning a substantial following from her lifestyle and travel videos. To top that off she also does helpful beauty tutorials as well.

Because of her wide variety of content, she tends to relate more to more segments of the audience hence gaining the popularity she has gotten up to this day.

Being only 20 years old this year, she was also voted to be the most popular 20-year-old Youtube star in Malaysia in 2018. She has also gained attention on Instagram with almost 330 thousand followers as well as 243 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

One of the more popular beauty tutorials of Yvonne Chua is entitled 分享日常妆容!五分钟快速化妆变女神! which translates to Share your daily makeup! Five minutes of quick makeup changes that will make you into a goddess!

This video goes on for about 5 minutes and it consists of her sharing multiple tips on what makes her makeup look better on her face as well as tips that could work for you.

This is all while doing a simple everyday makeup look that is not too over the top. She explains the entire tutorial in mandarin so if mandarin is your first language, she is the YouTuber to go to for beauty tips.

Her most popular video, however, is called 【恶整】把男友玩了一年半的‘王者荣耀’账号删掉!!最后竟然爆出了一个我从来不知道的秘密!?which is translated into [Evil] Deleted the ‘King of Glory’ account that my boyfriend has played on for a year and a half! ! In the end, there was a secret that I never knew! ?

This video is basically a prank video of her “deleting” her boyfriend’s account and how he reacted to that prank. It has gained almost a million views. This goes to show that boys aren’t always the cheeky ones.

3. Faa Firds

Beauty Malaysian Youtubers
Source: Faa Firds

Having gained over 170 thousand followers on Instagram as well as over 70 thousand subscribers on Youtube, Faa Firds is the beauty inspiration for many people in Malaysia.

Being well-known for her magical skin-care routine as well as a helpful shawl and makeup tutorials, Faa Firds has slowly risen to fame. She often gives out many beauty tips such as how to match your hijab to your outfit and makeup as well as how to better apply your makeup to suit your face.

Besides that, she also regularly posts vlogs about the adventures that happen in her everyday life which shows off her quirky and charming personality. This lets us viewers fall in love with her even more!

We all had those bad skin days with all kinds of pimples and bumps appearing on our face. Faa Firds is here to rescue you if that is the case.

In her most successful video which gained almost 700 thousand views, she talks about her magical skincare routine that ultimately gave her the silky skin she has today.

This video is called The Skincare Routine That Fixed My Skin which is about 9 minutes long. Here she shares her acne journey and how it got better and better. These 9 minutes hold the secret to the question that we all ask, “ How to clear your skin???”.

Have you ever gotten bored of wearing your hijab the same way over and over again? Faa Firds takes you out of this predicament with one of her videos named Simple & Chic Shawl Tutorial | faafirds which gives you a few simple but easy ways you can change up your hijab styles.

This video not only shows you what to do but Faa Firds also gives you a step by step tutorial about how to achieve the beautiful looks.

4. Johanis Sani

Beauty Malaysian Youtubers
Source : Johanis Sani

You have probably heard her name if you spend your time in the Malaysian social media scene as she is an upcoming talent that has taken over. Being a triple threat that is a professional at singing, vlogging and not to forget the artistry of makeup.

She is most certainly the definition of cool and many teenage girls see her as a role model. Having gained almost 400 thousand followers on Instagram as well as 165 thousand subscribers on youtube, it can arguably be said she is a local celebrity.

On her YouTube, she regularly posts vlogs that never fail to tickle your funny bone as well as fun makeup challenges. In one of better-known videos, called 5 Minute Makeup Challenge With Cupcake Aisyah and Luna Tasha gained about 500 thousand views.

In this video, the three girls give recommendations of what makeup products are best to use as well as giving tips on how to apply them. They do all these while expressing their authentic selves and acting as if the camera isn’t even there.

This makes them more relatable to the viewers gaining our loyalty as well as also giving tips about beauty. Killing two birds with one stone as some would call it.

Besides that, Johanis goes further than just makeup as she also gives tutorials on how she maintains those luscious locks of hers as she goes step by step into her hair care routine.

She starts off by giving some tips on how often should one wash their hair as washing your hair might not be beneficial to everyone depending on your hair texture.

She then goes into her routine starting off with freshly washed hair all the way to her signature straight but still curly hairstyle.

5. Aisha Liyana

Beauty Malaysian Youtubers
Source : Aisha Liyana

This is a YouTuber that has devoted her channel to beauty entirely. She has done plenty of makeup tutorials, product reviews and even hauls over the last 7 years after starting her YouTube channel in 2012.

Aisha started off YouTube like every other by watching others do it. She then started to wonder if they can do it, why can’t I? After that, everything else was history and a YouTube star was born.

After getting about 166 thousand followers on Instagram as well as more than 200 thousand subscribers on YouTube, Aisha’s fame cannot be denied any longer.

Her most successful video would be the one entitled Casual Shawl Tutorial | Aisha Liyana which generated almost 450 thousand views on YouTube. This video goes on for about 5 short minutes but is compacted with loads of useful information.

She casually shows you how she achieves 2 of her signature casual shawl looks which have definitely become a trend today with Muslim women.

As Hari Raya is coming up, this video with more than 100 thousand views on YouTube might come in useful. Everyone knows that you want to look the best for Hari Raya and this video called Raya Glam Makeup Tutorial will help you do just that.

Being only 6 minutes long this tutorial does a bold brow look paired with a shimmery brown smokey eye. A wing eyeliner done to accentuate the eyes with some light contouring to add more definition to the face and not forgetting a nude lipstick to complete the look.

To have that wow factor during Hari Raya don’t hesitate to check Aisha out today!


The competition of Youtube is getting tougher and tougher with time with more and more upcoming talents popping up. However, the local YouTubers mentioned above have risen to fame with not just their good looks but also with their charming and interesting personalities.

Similarly, these YouTubers will definitely teach you how to improve your look with the abundance of quality tutorials they have uploaded.

In addition to that, maybe while watching their videos it will also give you a tip or two on how to be as charming as well. Being beautiful on the outside is always the goal but having a captivating personality as well will make you a definite bombshell.

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