For A Fitter Malaysia: The Best Youtube Fitness Instructors

We are halfway into the year 2021 and back again in full lockdown. To be frank, I have lost count of the number of lockdowns. My only distinctive reminder that we have been in one for so long is the imprints of my hand on the yoga mat and my worn-out resistance bands. A clear result of the frenzy of fitness Malaysia and the rest of the world experienced with the onset of the pandemic.

It’s a shame to say that it took me a pandemic to realize I needed to take my fitness journey a lot more seriously. Being in my twenties is no excuse to live knee-deep in a bag of Cheetos and binge on my favorite episodes of Brooklyn nine nine. As appealing as that sounds, my approach to self-care needed to take more focus on my physical and mental health. The 20s is the only age and time I will live in my prime to try out as many workouts as I can. And lucky for you, I tried them all.

Today, I present to you the best fitness instructors on youtube for the best home workout in Malaysia! From motivators to nutritional gurus, the list got them all! I made sure to include a specific instructor for every type of personality out there. So let’s get a head start in a fitness journey with the rest of Malaysia following behind us!

The Motivator, Emi Wong 

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Emi Wong is your girl if you are looking for pure motivation. Many of us have known her since the very beginning and we saw her transformation not only in her exercises but also in her physique. This has been nothing but a reassurance that her workouts are extremely effective and will probably do the same for us. Emi Wong took her love of fitness and health to youtube and now makes one of the best fitness videos for those in Malaysia and all over the world. She is easy to follow, fun, realistic, and extremely motivational. Frankly, I used to be the girl who would spend twenty minutes watching a good Netflix episode rather than doing a workout. But her twenty-minute workouts have been so effective and healthy to follow, I cannot help but sacrifice my favorite episodes to go burn some calories. 

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Abs To Kill For With Pamela Reif

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Our influencer queen, fitness blogger, and German Model show absolutely no mercy on the fitness track. Her workouts can be hard to follow if you are new to the game of weights and training. Especially if you are experimenting with high-intensity interval training, HIIT. Nevertheless, she is one of the most effective youtube fitness bloggers to exist and her millions of followers certainly agree. 

While the difficulty of her workouts may scare you a little, remember that there is truly no gain without pain. Pamela Reif does her best to take the sting of the pain out of us with the help of great music. She is one of the YouTubers with the best music selection in her workout videos online.  So if great music motivates you, Pamela Reif might truly be your perfect choice. She delivers results, gets your heart rate going, and puts you in the happiest mood. Even if the workout kills you. Her happy dance workout videos are one of the most joyful workouts I have done from the comfort of my home. Mind you, she made me unconsciously squat more than 50 times during that workout! (I counted!)

However, it is also important to remember that Pamela does not do much guidance in her workouts. She stays silent throughout the video, with zero to no communication. Some people quite enjoy this silence. But the lack of guidance can be off-putting to many. People who are new to exercise might not know the correct forms and may be too slow to follow her pace. Unless you are familiar with online workout videos, you may want to hold off on looking up Pamela Reif.

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Nutrition Queen, Natasha Océane 

The world is extremely saturated with content that obsesses over short-term results rather than a long-term healthy journey. Youtube is filled with videos that are headlined “get abs in two weeks” or “28 days of HIIT”. These videos are somewhat promoting the emphasis on short-term results rather than building a healthy life. Finding Natasha Océane has completely changed how I view a healthy lifestyle. I shifted from obsessing over the caloric restrictions and excessive cardio to actually caring about my health. I also began to see food as fuel rather than my enemy. I most certainly am not the only one who changed their outlook after her videos. Many fell back in love with food and exercise in the most wholesome way possible because of her.

Natasha Océane has built youtube videos that are fully based on scientific research and human autonomy. She is a Biophysics graduate from the University College London and she used her knowledge of the human body to create effective nutritional guides, guided exercises, and training programs. She has videos created for beginners in Fitness Malaysia, even those advanced. With a heavy emphasis on plyometric movements in her exercises like kicking, throwing, pushups, she focuses on helping us build muscles and burn fat effectively. Her workouts are tough. Nevertheless, they are worth it and highly recommended by fitness gurus.

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The Most Effective, FitnessBlender 

Fitness Blender has been around for the longest time I can remember. I used to exercise with a fitness blender even when I was a teen and I am doing the same in my 20s. Fitness blender does not only provide workout videos online. They provide an extensive set of meal plans and nutrition guides and even clothes! May I say, all of these are very much needed by those getting into fitness in Malaysia. Fitness Blender is very easy to follow, perfectly timed, and gets your heart rate going no matter what. They also encourage you throughout the entire video and make sure you are doing your exercises correctly and in a well-timed manner. 

Fitness blender’s sleek white and simple workout videos make it easier to follow and even happy to do so. Unlike many youtube fitness instructors and bloggers, the couple leading fitness blenders makes it a point to make sure we are motivated. They do their best to fit all of the budgets and accommodations. After  years of success, they still remain one of the most down to earth youtube fitness instructors to follow. Their genuinity in workouts and guides motivates millions around the world. 

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Killer Zumba With The Fitness Marshall 

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Have you ever had so much fun while exercising that you actually look forward to the next time you workout? Even if it absolutely drained you in sweat?  This is exactly what The fitness Marshall does for us. He is fun, sassy, and motivating and you cannot help but laugh even through all the sweat and pain. His realness and inclusivity have made my fitness journey with him so much more wholesome. He also makes it a point to make everyone feel welcome when exercising. He lets others in on his decisions, asks for their opinions, gives them previews of what they are getting into, and helps people of all body shapes and sizes feel super loved.

While his dance workout videos seem light-hearted and fun, they are truly no joke. They are very dynamic, filled with energy and high-intensity movements. You will get a mix of burpees, squats, lots of jumping, throwing your booty back, and most importantly, laughing. Plus, he has a workout session for each and every one of our favorite pop songs out there!

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Everyone’s Favorite, Chloe Ting 

Those obsessed with fitness in Malaysia are aware of who Chloe ting is. In fact, the whole world is aware of her. Youtube ab workouts are almost synonymous with Chloe ting. She makes us work our core, booty, hips, arms, and legs. Chloe ting is the perfect go-to if you are looking to tone your abs, arms, and legs. The results come quickly as promised by her videos. She has extensive programs that are easy to follow, thoroughly timed with versatility in movements. Her exercises keep you engaged throughout the videos and the time flies by as we continue to do them.

Ting always made it a point to say that her goal is to motivate people to start their fitness journey. So her videos are usually aimed for 2-4 weeks and not longer than that. You can continue to do them, but if you have survived a Chloe Ting Ab workout and program, you are probably ready for much more extensive workouts!

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