Gifted People Should Be Given A Chance To Shine!

Rather than addressing people who are born different from us as “abnormal or autistic”, let’s call them gifted people instead of referring to them as special needs people.

Gifted people are definitely the purest soul in this world. Why, you might ask? They’re are the people who only sees the goodness in others but if I am wrong in this statement, then I do apologize about it. Nevertheless, through my experience, the effort that they have displayed in order to become helpful to others is unimaginable when compared to people who are borne normal in their lives.

It is true people who are gifted, are those diagnosed with disorders do tend to lack in experience, but this doesn’t give rights to anyone to call them as being lame nor brainless, due to the shortfall of opportunity that is given to them.

No matter how much of an effort that this country tries to provide for these individuals like autistics people, hearing impaired people, visually impaired people or even people who are silent it is not going to be sufficient at all.

The thing is that sometimes the society can be full of benighted people, who just want to ignore the fact that gifted people should be given the chance just like anyone else. It is natural that we see many movement for different purposes in our life, we have seen the LGBT-Q movement, gender equality movement, woman freedom of voice and speech movement, black life matter movement, to even animal support movement like dog meat trade to protecting reserved forest to all kinds of fights and awareness that you can imagine off. 

Gifted People Should Be Given A Chance To Shine!
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But, ever noticed any kind of movement that involves the people we are talking about? The answer is on you for today. Because this article, is dedicated in being a voice for them.

Lack Of Understanding

This is result from lack of education or due to people’s ignorant behavior that doesn’t want to care about this following issue. Moreover, this lack of understanding has led to many kinds of accidents between gifted people.

Not all gifted people are blessed like us, when it comes to thinking, reacting or even behaving during a situation. Things can be different. If we are able to say that, then this phrase most definitely applies to the gifted people as well.

Variety of condition has been diagnosed on these people, those diagnosis are vast. Hence, none of this is certain to cause autistic, mental disorder or even due to any dysfunctionality or impairment . Thus, the importance in educating ourselves regarding this matter is vital.

Communication Barrier

Communication barriers are a problem faced by these people in their daily lives. It is either to be completely cut off from the communication aspect or the failure to understand the communication that has taken place.

This is not the situation where we think we can just blame the person who fails to communicate successfully. Yet, this is the time that instead of pointing fingers at others, we take this as an opportunity to learn and get to know about the communication pattern of the gifted people. As much as how people agree on inconsistent type of communication figure, then we all should agree upon that gifted people do have a contrasting way of speaking.

Before moving on, allow me to give you guys a clear picture of the condition that these people are diagnosed with in order to expand your knowledge regarding this matter. 

  1. Autism

Autism disorder can vary, depending on the case and the individual’s diagnosis.

  • Challenges that Autistic people face in their lives.

The first and foremost challenges that autistic people face are unacceptance by society and people who fail to understand them fully. Another sad part is the criticism of the way they look, sound or behave. The autistic condition is a result of increase amount of chromosome cells, not due to ill fortunes.

Gifted People Should Be Given A Chance To Shine!
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  1. Hearing Impaired People

Hearing impaired people, or called as deaf, which some time can be a bit offensive to refer to them, is the loss of hearing ability. The severity of this hearing loss depends on the individual. The use of hearing aids is able to help them overcome this problem.

  • Challenges that hearing impaired people face in their lives? 

Most of the challenges faced by these individuals are the failure in listening to the conversation which then, slowly results in teasing and bullying for their little imperfections. Another part that contributes to these challenges is the society’s failure in learning or even simply understanding the sign languages that these gifted people are using. 

Gifted People Should Be Given A Chance To Shine!
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  1. Visual Impaired People

Visually impaired conditions can be a result of prolonged illness, or be a cause of an unfortunate accident. 

  • Challenges that visually impaired people face in their lives?

The obstacles that visual impaired people experience, are negligence from society that refuse to offer help due to social stigma involving the matter.

Gifted People Should Be Given A Chance To Shine!
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  1. Silent/Mute/ Deaf and Mute

Result of an illness, or might be due to some unfortunate incidents that occurred in their life. 

  • Challenges that silent/mute/deaf and mute people face in their lives?

The problems that is face by these people are the lack of understanding regarding sign languages. The difficulty to communicate with others.

Gifted People Should Be Given A Chance To Shine!
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Financial Challenges

Financial challenges are one of the major problems that gifted people face in their life. The impossibility to fend themselves is a heartbreaking story. Why is this happening? Well the answer is clearly out there. This is due to the inadequate amount of opportunity, peer acceptance, and social stigma that surrounds this issue. 

In conclusion, the only way to overcome all of this problem is by accepting them into this society.

Because, none of them wish to be how they’re now, as a result stop blaming them for their imperfection, as it is not going to make us better than others.

Therefore, it is important as a society to embrace each other’s flaws by trying to work together in order to make this world a better place to not only gifted people, but to our future generations too.

Gifted People Should Be Given A Chance To Shine!
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