Gig Economy: 5 freelance jobs that you can do in your spare time

Working life in Malaysia

The working life is never easy, that is a fact. During these times where many people are struggling to meet ends need due to the Covid-19 pandemic which caused a significant impact on the economy and to some people’s living expenses.

freelance jobs Malaysia

With the minimum salary in Malaysia being notoriously low as compared to other countries based on living expenses, the need of looking for extra income somewhere is highly needed in order to meet ends need. Here are the examples that you can check on the working life in Malaysia on Malaysianpaygap, an Instagram page where users submit their qualifications and salary anonymously.

Besides seeking for extra part-time jobs to make extra income, there is a thing called the Gig economy that Malaysians can venture on as the gig economy is much more flexible in terms of schedule. Therefore, here are the 5 freelance jobs that you can do in your spare time.

5 Freelance jobs that you can do in your spare time

1. Grab driver/rider

freelance jobs Malaysia

Being a grab driver or rider is number one on the list as it is one of the most convenient freelance jobs in the gig economy. The advantage to being a grab driver/rider is that users can set their own schedule on how long they want to work for the day, and they can clock out anytime they want.

However, the signing up process of being a grab driver/rider is not easy as those who want to be part of the grab team will have to go through exams based on the respective roles. For example, if one wishes to be a Grab driver, they need to go through an exam to obtain their PSV licence which allows the holder to drive any type of vehicle used to transport paying passengers.

As for being a Grab delivery rider, they will have to go through an exam by Grab which they will need to pass in order to become a delivery rider under Grab. This is to ensure that the Grab riders know what they are doing when on the job.

2. Freelance writer

freelance jobs Malaysia

If you enjoy writing, or writing has always been your passion, you can look into being a freelance writer as there are many companies out there who are looking for content writers to write content for them, especially in the age of social media and digitalisation.

The advantage of being a freelance writer is that the job is flexible, which will allow you to write the article anywhere or at the comfort of your own home as long as the deadlines can be met.

This will be a suitable freelance job for people who enjoy writing and do not have the time to work on-site as there is no requirement for freelance writers to work on-site.

3. Online selling

freelance jobs Malaysia

Being an online seller is getting more common these days due to the convenience of starting an online business. As compared to starting a business by opening a physical shop, online business owners do not have to put the rent and cost of starting up a shop into the factors.

Although starting an online business is also not easy as you will need start-up capital to purchase and stock up the products for your online business, online selling can be a suitable gig work to earn side income.

Next, there are also multiple platforms that sellers can choose to sell their products. Here are the most popular e-commerce sites that people usually conduct their online selling:

  • Shopee
  • Lazada
  • Carousell
  • FB marketplace
  • Instagram

4. Virtual assistant

freelance jobs Malaysia

A virtual assistant is where they provide assistance in a remote location usually in a home office. The responsibilities of being a virtual assistant are to perform a task such as making phone calls, scheduling appointments, managing emails, making travel arrangements and many more.

In a nutshell, as a virtual assistant, you will be assisting someone from an organisation by performing basic data entry and managing tasks that are assigned to you. As you will be working remotely being a virtual assistant, this job can be a good option for those who are looking for a side income as it offers flexibility, variety and work-life balance.

5. Babysitter

freelance jobs Malaysia

Last but not least, being a babysitter. This freelance job will be a great option for you if you have experience in taking care of babies, and you love babies. Being a babysitter can be a good option as you can earn up to RM1,035 a month if you are an experienced babysitter.

Being a babysitter can be rewarding if you love taking care of children as you can bring out your inner child around them as you make them happy. It will be a nice feeling when the child naturally wants to find you as this shows that the child loves you.

Not just that, babysitting jobs are also flexible as you have the flexibility to fit into any schedule between work or other events.

Gig Economy is truly a blessing

The introduction of the gig economy is truly a blessing as it gives many of us the opportunity to earn side income due to the flexibility of the structure of the gig economy. 

Besides that, some of the jobs that are available in the gig economy can potentially turn it into a full-time career if one wishes to do so.

For those who are relying on the gig economy to earn income, they may lose out on certain benefits like EPF and socso. But not to worry, the gig economy scene in Malaysia is improving as the Malaysian government is bringing the benefits that you can get in a full-time job.

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