The Worst Time To Run Out Of Credit? This Article May Save Your Life!

postpaid plan malaysia

We use credits for mobile data, SMS, and phone calls whenever we pick up our phones. We’ve all had the experience of running out of credits and being unable to send a critical text or make a phone call. It can sometimes put relationships in jeopardy, therefore let’s fix your prepaid problem. 

That is about to change as soon as you begin reading this article! I’ve narrowed it down to five different data plans that fit your monthly credit needs, number of devices covered, and entertainment quota, so “chop chop” and let’s get scrolling.

If you want to make sure you always have credit when you need it, keep reading to find out about the best postpaid plans in Malaysia that I’ve accumulated for you!


postpaid plan malaysia

Price: RM80 per month

VOICE CALLUnlimited calls to all networks
SMSRM0.20 per SMS to all networks
SUPPLEMENTARY LINESMaximum of 3 family lines

With your 40GB mobile data credit, Celcom MEGA UNLIMITED lets you browse, stream movies, and play all of your favourite mobile games as much as you like.

You can pick from three additional passes with the Unlimited plan: UNLIMITED L Plus, UNLIMITED M Plus, and UNLIMITED M. All of them include unlimited internet access, HD video streaming, and a free monthly hotspot allowance.

The number of monthly hotspots offered by each of the three differs. The first is an extra RM 78 per month for 30GB of monthly hotspot, the second is an extra RM 48 for 20GB, and the third is an extra RM 18 for 10GB.

Following the selection of your chosen add-on, you will be presented their partner phones, which start at RM90 per month. By the way, you’ll get the phone as well as the postpaid plan delivered to your door for free.

With this postpaid plan, you’ll only be charged RM.20 per text and RM.20 per call you make to any network. They’re free, thanks to Celcom, so you can make as many calls as you like per month.

Finally, you can purchase up to three supplementary family lines for you and your family for an additional expense.

Free calls to all networksPaid SMS
Up to 3 supplementary family linesMobile data credit is limited to 40GB per month
With the add-ons, you can get a free monthly hotspot.

2.   U Mobile Giler Unlimited GX68

postpaid plan malaysia

Price: RM68 per month

VOICE CALLUnlimited calls to all networks
SMSRM0.10 per SMS to all networks

U Mobile is a Malaysian mobile data service provider with approximately 7 million customers.

The best part about this plan is that it includes unlimited high-speed mobile broadband as well as unlimited calls to all networks while being affordable. They also provide a free 10GB hotspot that you can share with your friends and family. If you need more data, text SMS ON HOTSPOT to 28188 and pay RM 3 for three days of service.

If you’re already a U Mobile customer and want to purchase this, go here. If you aren’t already a customer of the provider, you can sign up for a sim pack to be shipped to you here. They also have a MyUMobile app where you can monitor your consumption and purchase more features. Don’t worry about being available in your mobile store as this app is compatible in both Android and iOS devices..

Offers data boosterNot a lot of add-ons
Unlimited data creditPaid SMS
Unlimited calls to all networks
Has an app to track data consumption and buy add-ons

3.   Maxis Postpaid 188

postpaid plan malaysia

Price: RM188 per month

VOICE CALLUnlimited calls to all networks
SMSUnlimited SMS to all networks
SUPPLEMENTARY LINESMaximum of 4 share lines

Maxis is one of Malaysia’s most popular 5G networks. With this in account, Maxis Postpaid 188 is the best option among the Maxis Postpaid plans, which is why I will be focusing on it here.

It’s the finest plan for families with up to five members because it includes up to four additional lines for an additional RM 48 per month per line. It’s also ideal for frequent travellers, as you can activate roaming data for only RM3/day.

By the way, if you buy this plan online, you’ll get a RM 50 monthly rebate for the first four months. You can also get one of their gadgets with a new number or go without a device and simply move your number to Maxis; there’s no obligation there.

This membership includes 30 days of free access to iflix, WeTV, iQiyi, and other services for the first month.

Up to 4 supplementary linesHigh Priced
Offers free calls to all networksMobile data credit caps at 100GB
Offers free SMS to all networks
Roaming data at only RM 3/day

4.   Digi Postpaid 60

postpaid plan malaysia

Price: RM60 per month

VOICE CALLUnlimited calls to all networks
SMSRM0.10 per SMS to all networks
SUPPLEMENTARY LINESMaximum of 6 share lines

Let’s take a look at some of Digi Postpaid’s more affordable postpaid options. This company offers five different plans, one of which is Digi Postpaid 60.

This plan allows for up to 6 additional lines, each of which will be half-priced. So, for your family and other household members, it’s merely RM 30 each month.

With zero interest instalments and no upfront payments, you get unlimited internet and unlimited calls to all networks, as well as access to the latest devices. This is the ideal option for individuals who want to replace their phones but are on a restricted budget.

They also have add-on plans and a gadget sim so you can easily share your hotspot with others. Digi Fibre and Digi Mobile Broadband are two of these add-ons that come with monthly rebates of up to RM30 per month.

Affordable planMobile data credit caps at 25GB
Offers up to 6 share linesPaid SMS
Offers unlimited calls to all networks

5.  redONE Amazing58

postpaid plan malaysia

Price: RM58 per month

VOICE CALLUnlimited calls to all networks
SMSRM0.05 per SMS to redOne users, RM0.10 per SMS to other networks
SUPPLEMENTARY LINESAdd on the family line

Personally, I believe the redONE Amazing58 is the most value for money in terms of mobile data credit and other features such as internet speed.

They also provide 10GB for social media surfing and 30GB for video streaming in addition to the 20GB of mobile data credit. Please keep in mind that the 30GB of video streaming is limited to 1GB per day.

So, at RM58, you get a total of 60GB every month. This, in my opinion, makes it a fantastic choice for folks who spend a lot of time online yet are on a tight budget.

Let’s take a look at some of their add-ons. They charge RM 40 per month for unlimited bandwidth, RM 10 per month for unlimited SMS and RM 10 per month for unlimited music, and RM 15 per month for unlimited streaming.

It’s worth noting that these add-ons can be purchased as a one-time or monthly subscription.

60GB of mobile data creditCap on 4G LTE, which then drops to 64kbps
Offers unlimited calls to all networksPaid SMS
Offers add-on family lines

What to Consider Before Buying a Postpaid Plan in Malaysia?

postpaid plan malaysia

1. Prepaid vs Postpaid

The most significant distinction between a prepaid and a postpaid cell plan is the payment schedule. Prepaid means that you will purchase a mobile device and will only be able to utilise the load that you have purchased.

The postpaid plan, on the other hand, is billed at the end of each month. Your cost is pre-determined by your plan, however, it may vary based on how much you use.

2. Data Allocation

Different data allocation choices are available for each postpaid plan. Examining your current internet and mobile activities is the best approach to choosing the best postpaid package for you.

If you need to use social media for work, you might consider getting a plan that includes a data package for social media apps and sites in addition to your main data credit.

3. Additional Features

You should be able to maximise the credit on a postpaid plan because it already has a predetermined cost. Depending on your digital objectives, these extra features can be used for leisure or business.

When you apply for a plan, you may choose whether to add more supplementary lines or data credits—all of these options can be mixed and matched.

4. Adaptability

Your plan’s versatility allows you to tailor the entire package to your specific requirements. To ensure that you get the most out of your postpaid plan, choose the one that gives you the most control over how much you pay.

Based on this analysis, I believe that Celcom’s and U Mobile’s plans provide decent value for money if you want unlimited calls, data, and hotspot access.  In urban areas, U Mobile provides adequate service.

But ultimately, while we’ve offered a few suggestions based on assumptions on your usage, the best plan for you will depend on your specific budget and needs.

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