Inspirational Malaysian Made Podcasts You Should Listen To Right Now

In today’s time, everything is moving so fast that we barely even notice them. That is why it is important for us to master the art of multi-tasking which is doing several things at one time. Thanks to multi-tasking more people are becoming more familiar with podcasts. If you are someone that lives under the cage, you might be confused at what is the meaning of a podcast. Is it music or live audio like the radio? Well, a podcast is a series of spoken-word digital audio files that can be downloaded to a user’s own device for convenient listening Streaming apps and podcasting platforms make it easy to keep track of your own consumption queue across many audio sources and playback devices.

Nowadays, podcasts have really become more popular among local people and that is why we can discover more Malaysian podcasts in streaming applications like Spotify. No worries about content because you can find all types of podcasts that talk about the content that you are interested in. From serious current issues to business, fashion and relationships there are tons of podcast streamers that you can find according to your own liking. Here are some of the best Malaysia podcasts that you need to listen to them right now. 

The Takeaway Table 

Also known as The Table Talk where the famous YouTuber The MingThing will discuss serious issues relating to current issues, relationships, business, etc in their podcast. Well, if you are worried that you’ll get bored or sleepy while listening to a podcast that discusses serious issues, you won’t be having any problem when you are listening to these two. Because they are the best at making jokes and making things light and funny even when discussing serious issues. 

Hosts: Min Han and Min Yue also known as The MingThing

Target Audience: Young Adults

Listening Platform: Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, and Youtube

Head Over Heels 

If you want to listen to something that will make you feel like a total girl boss, this is the perfect podcast for you to be listening to. Everything that goes around the topic of girls like body positivity, motherhood, sisterhood, relationship, heartbreak, etc. This inspirational podcast will get you covered, they had collaborated with tons of successful women in different aspects like Jenn Low, the founder of the famous jewelry brand Wanderlust + Co, fitness coach Siu Lim and other wonderful women. 

Listening to this podcast will make you feel like you are getting fun advice and great tips from a bunch of older sisters. A little secret, if you are a man that is trying to understand women better, you need to listen to this podcast and take notes with every advice and tip that they’ll be given. 

Hosts: Maggy Wang 

Target Audience: Ladies (men are also invited to listen)

Listening Platform: Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Podcast

The Borak Mind 

Mental health is no longer a taboo subject in our society, more people are becoming aware of them and they are trying to understand the importance of mental health better. If you want to be more educated when it comes to the topic of mental health and mental illness, this is a great podcast for you to be listening to. Their whole podcast is revolving around the topic of mental health and mental illness. This laid-back podcast has collaborated with tons of mental health professionals and medical professionals for more unbiased and professional comments. It is the best podcast for you to listen to when you want something light yet still educated. This is definitely one of the best Malaysia podcasts

Hosts: Zulaikha Mohammad

Target Audience: Society 

Listening Platform: Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Youtube 


We have a podcast that relates to girls but do we have a podcast where guys can relate with? The answer is yes, and this is the perfect podcast for all men and guys out there. These 3 guys will talk about every experience in their life from a relationship, failure, heartbreak, etc. And you will feel connected and you can relate to their stories and experiences. What makes this podcast more special is that despite the hot topic that they’re talking about, they can still make it funny and light-hearted for the listeners to listen to. 

Hosts: Ming Yue, Raj Mahal and, Joseph Lee

Target Audience: Guys

Listening Platforms: Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Podcast

Mamak Sessions 

All Malaysians have one thing in common, which is their love for Mamak restaurant and how they can hang out there until 3 am. This podcast is named based on how we all are when we are hanging out at a Mamak restaurant and how we can have a discussion on every topic. This podcast generally talks about every topic and every current issue that is happening in society and social media. This is the best podcast for you to be listening to when you want to stay alert of the current issues while still having a source of entertainment

Hosts: JinnyBoi, Shu Faye Wong, Ryan Yee, or Brandon Ho

Target Audience: Young Adults and Adults

Listening Platform: Podbean, Google Podcast, and Youtube. 

The Hello Mentor 

Even with all of the lockdown and staying home, it is important for us to be connected with the insights, advice, and real working experiences. And that is why we have The Hello Mentor podcast, this is an inspirational podcast where the host is the founder CEO of Wobbjobs and he’ll be discussing business and all the serious issues regarding business and entrepreneurship. They have tons of success and experiences guests in their podcast like Malaysia figure skating Julien Yee, songstress Zee Avi and many more. 

Hosts: Derek Toh 

Target Audience: People that are interested in business and entrepreneurship 

Listening Platform: Podbean, Spotify, and Youtube

These are just some of the best Malaysia podcasts that you can listen to on many streaming platforms like Spotify and Youtube. There is many more Malaysia podcast that is great and wonderful and will definitely appreciate your supports by listening to them. 

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