Israeli War Crimes Fueled By The Solidarity Of Palestine

Mina Iyad Fathi Sharir, 2 years old. 

Dana Riad Hasan Ishkantna, 9 years old.

Hala Hussein, 13 years old and Rimas Hussein, 6 years old. 

Dima Sa’ad, 10 years old.

Ibrahim Al Masry, 14 years old. 

These are some of the names of Palestinian children who were killed in the war crimes against Palestine.

On land spanning between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, we are witnessing a massacre and more than one form of human right violations. More than 70 Palestinian children were killed in the span of few weeks and the total death count of innocent women, children, and men is beyond our imagination.  

What’s happening in Palestine goes beyond just the recent headlines. The international media started paying attention to the state of Israel following the illegal eviction of Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, a predominantly Palestinian region in East Jerusalem. however, we can only wish that it was just about the evictions. The actual reality of the Israel-Palestine conflict is much more complicated than what the media portrays.

The Palestine war and the war crimes committed by Israeli forces go all the way back to the beginning of the Zionist movement on the land of Palestine. Zionists view the very existence of Palestinians as a threat to the existence of jews and hence the radicalized policies that intend to maintain the xenophobic agenda, ethnic cleansing of indigenous Palestinians, colonial violence. From its very beginning the Palestinians have been calling out this colonialism and violent regime as apartheid but the world was largely silent.

After countless murders, innocents lives lost, more than, and illegal evictions of Palestinians, we have finally created one of the most hopeful and optimistic rises of activism in Palestine. Billions around the world are aware of what’s happening and calling for justice. The pressure has reached major countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Several countries have taken sides and broken out of their neutral states.

Palestine war

The new wave of Pro-Palestinian movements across the world has ignited hope, justice, and light that otherwise have been dimmed for many. There are over more than thousands of Palestinians who have lost their home and it is reported that at least 3 in 1 refugee in the world is a Palestinians. And none of these Palestinian refugees have the right to come back to their rightful land.

Israel enjoys an unfair amount of rule and control over the land of Palestine. Even white Jewish Americans have more rights to Palestine than the 700,000 displaced Palestinian refugees in the world. The Israeli laws allow Jewish settlers to enjoy the right to the land of Palestinians that has existed for centuries before the Jewish settlement.

However, the contrary argument by the Israeli forces is that Jews have the right to claim the property that was lost in the year 1948, following the nakba and the war. The Nakba, also known as the catastrophe, was an ethnic cleansing campaign that displaced more than 700,000 Palestinians in the year 1947. Following that was the 1948 war, which was fought between Isreal and other non-Palestinian Arab countries who were on the opposite side of the illegal settlement and occupation. 

Denial of the displacement and violations by the Zionist Israeli jews is strong. They deny the existence of rightful Palestinians and they deny that the laws are discriminatory against Arab Palestinians. They also deny that their zionist regime was run at the expense of all the other religious members of Palestine, whether they are Muslims or Christians. They support Hebraizing the Palestinian names, building homes in towns and cities on annexed Palestinian land, and collectively pulling efforts to erase the history of Gaza conflict and tarnishing the memories and signs of Palestinians. 

Palestine war
Source: REUTERS/Mohammed Salem A Palestinian woman puts her hand on her head after returning to her destroyed house following Israel- Hamas truce, in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip, May 21, 2021.

The world may be a little late to declare Israel as an apartheid state in their reports and investigations. It has been one since the very beginning and the world stood by idly. The United Nations did recognize the illegal occupation and oppression that has been going on for years and the human rights watch witnessed the events unfold and has waited this long to express alarm and concern. Their debacle over whether it is an apartheid state or not does not take away the fact Israel is nothing but a terror-based movement against Palestine.  

Fortunate for us, the very thing that scares the Israelis happen to be the unity of Palestinians against their terror-based regime. For years Palestinians have lived in hopeless rubble, but today with millions of supporters around the world, they are feeling hopeful again.

Palestine war

National Solidarity Of Palestinians: Terrifying Predicament For Israel 

Making TikToks at the expense of victims of the Palestine war was already normal among Israelis. Calling publicly for ethinic cleansing was also normal. Wishing death on Arabs is acceptable. Attacking palestinian homes and reclaiming it as theirs is just scorn nature to the militized war operation of Israel.

And brutalizing and dehumanizing Palestinians? Another one of the more powerful tactics of Israel is to win over the international media. This is their clever play of blaming the Palestinians even in all the unfairness against Palestinians in the Palestine war. But of course, this is right next to declare themselves as the most “peaceful” and “democratic” state in the very “violent middle east”. The only democratic middle eastern country, but, yes occupied by none other than white settlers who maintain dominance over the Palestinians in the name of Judaism.

Palestinians in the West Bank And Gaza have no right to their homes and land, no freedom of speech, and definitely not the million-dollar military power to back them up. All they have is their solidarity to fight the apartheid and ethnic cleansing. This solidarity was enough to unleash the full extent of the Israeli wrath on the Palestinians. 

The world witnessed increased aggression of the Israeli police since the beginning of Ramadan, a holy month in Islam. Palestinian youth are not deterred nor terrified by the threat of militia and the constant bombing. This was the everyday reality of many Palestinians, especially those living in the blockade of Gaza. So standing up and resisting the brutal bombardment, media fabrications, and persecutions are the only thing is the power of Palestinians. This power is also what infuriated the entirety of Israel. 

Palestine war

The resilience of Palestinian youth has gotten the willingness of international media to take a closer look at the Israeli war crimes. Since the beginning of May, we have seen nothing but children being detained with no charges, Israeli forces attacking peaceful worshippers in Jerusalem, and asserting dominance on the land of Sheikh Jarrah. Palestinians know that after Sheikh Jarrah In Jerusalem, comes the eviction of ven more Palestinains from their rightful land. The world may be getting the wind of evictions for the first time ever in may 2021, but this is not new to palestinians. The seizure and control of Palestinian possessions have been happening since 1972 , and while it is considered a war crime, it is comletly legalized according to the israeli law. 

A simple article cannot begin to cover the years of abuse, colonial oppression, and pure brutality of the war crimes that are ongoing in Palestine right now. No words are enough to describe the pain Palestinians are facing right now and certainly no amount of words can even begin to actually explain the helplessness they feel. Israel has doubled down on their terror and intimidations following the solidarity shown by Palestinians. To the international eye, it seems like a revenge campaign is being launched against Palestinian citizens of Israel for their activism and awareness movements. If the Israel defense forces social media campaigns there is not enough evidence, we truly don’t know what it is. Israel has gotten excellent at playing victims over the years while simultaneously ramping up its racist colonial violence. They use the name of Hamas to dehumanize Palestinians in the eyes of international media and use the bold statements and manipulation of religion to justify their ethnic cleansing movement. They use female members of the military as the front of zionist pride and use it to promote extreme nationalism while normalizing the violence against Palestinians.

New York Times Is slammed for its role in Zionist propaganda as it becomes a complicit party in dehumanizing Palestinians and vilifying the celebrities who showed Solidarity with Palestine.

Zionist propaganda is extensive, elaborate, and specifically targets the human rights of Palestinians. The new york times equates the Plaestineine lives to that of Hamas. they call Israel a free society. But would you call it a free society when it is built on the bloodshed of Palestinian indigenous people and annexed native land? They also narrated that being against Israel is the same as being against Jews when in reality that’s just another way of gaslighting the pain of Palestinians. It is not being antisemitic to stand up to war crimes.

However, the question and threaten the very existence of Palestinian lives. While the latest news headlines talk about the ceasefire that from the week full of bombing and airstrikes, this is your reminder that it is nothing more than just a plan to divert the media attention from their true crimes.

The Israeli occupation is still closing all the border of Gaza, more than 500 members are being evicted from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah, random Palestinians are attacked on street, Palestinian children are being interrogated and detained, businesses are being vandalized, and new settlers are arriving to take the land of Palestinians. It is naive of us to live on the dubious assumption that Israel is “kind” enough to establish a Palestinian state for citizens of Palestine when their actions have told otherwise. Israel Settler colonialism is real and nothing fires them up more than our collective voice against the Palestine war and showing solidarity. So let’s stand with Palestinians in their resistance and fight for freedom, justice, and sovereignty.

Aishath Shaba Adam
Aishath Shaba Adam
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