Kamelia Cosmetics: A Rising Malaysian Cosmetics Brand

Adding colour to your lips is never foreign – it has been done for centuries. In this article, we’ll focus on lipsticks and lip tints. To be specific, which is better – lipstick or lip tint? It’s a question of preference and interest. Both are beneficial and with the right technique, both can be a substitute for a blusher and an eyeshadow! Plus, some countries prefer lip tint, while some prefer lipstick – but, the question is which do you prefer? While they do have differences, the only similarity they share is that they are both applied to the lips to add colour and shine to your beauty. Here, we will also review which one is the best from Kamelia Cosmetics

What is a Lipstick?

Lipstick is used to bring out the shine to your lips by colouring them. It is a crayon-like oil-based product in a tubular container. It is mostly pigmented and it comes in various colours such as hot pink, chocolate, plum, blush, spice, red, brandy, and many more. Additionally, lipstick has wax, antioxidants, wax, oils, and emollients. Smooth, is what most would agree about lipstick because it glides nicely along the lips. Additionally, they can come in many looks, glossy, matte, sheer, and metallic. However, they also disappear quite easily. 

What is a Lip Tint? 

Unlike lipstick, lip tint is a type of gel that provides conditioning and moisturizes your lips with a hint of colour. It’s a new product from the Korean market that has garnered attention from many people, globally. Its colours vary from light to dark colours and it does not contain wax. However, some ingredients that can be found in lip tints include sunscreen, a minty smell to make your breath smells better, and conditioning ingredients. In contrast to lipsticks, lip tints last longer, have higher pigmentation, and make your lips look more natural. You can find many types of lip tints – watery, marker, gel, and so on. 

So Which One Do I Choose?

It’s definitely up to your preference! Lipsticks are amazing in their own way as some Lip Tints can be drying to the lips and can be hard to take off. However, if you prefer something that lasts longer and has more pigmentation with just a slight swipe, Lip Tints are much better for you! In fact, Lip Tints have been making the mark in the beauty industry as many people seek for a longer lasting lip product for their daily use. If you are looking for a Lip Tint that is not drying and moisturising, Kamelia Cosmetics has 3 different shades to choose from that they recently launched – Aqua Kiss!

About Kamelia Cosmetics

Kamelia Cosmetics

Founded by Kamelia in 2016, the brand was born out of the inspiration from the beauty and love for mermaids, as well as my passion for make-up. Being a mompreneur is hard, but it never stopped the founder, Kamelia, from working hard and launching Kamelia Cosmetics with the help of others. Being one of the top cosmetic brands in Malaysia, Kamelia Cosmetics has truly made a name for itself. Additionally, understanding the hardship of starting a new business, Kamelia Cosmetics aims to help young entrepreneurs build a solid beauty business with Mermaid Queen Squad. Find out what else is in store if you’re planning to purchase from Kamelia Cosmetics

Kamelia Cosmetics is a mermaid makeup brand that wants others to have mermaid beauty as well. Even the mermaid’s flawless foundation would surely make you have flawless, sparkly, mermaid skin. The cosmetic company in Malaysia aspires to bring out females’ inner beauty. 

One of the amazing products that you can find in Kamelia Cosmetics is the Aqua Kiss Lip Tint. The packaging is eye-catching and the tube also has a nice aesthetic to it. Simple, yet useful and elegant. There are three lip tints to choose from – Aqua Kiss Lip Tint Cleo for a bit of a natural shade, Aqua Kiss Lip Tint Kaia for a more fierce and sexy colour, and Aqua Kiss Lip Tint Lana if you’re looking for a sweet colour between the three. 

Kamelia Cosmetics
Kamelia Cosmetics
Kamelia Cosmetics
Kamelia Cosmetics

What’s special about the lip tints from the Aqua Kiss Lip Tint line from Kamelia Cosmetics is that it has special features that are the ingredients. The product is infused with avocado oil and camellia oil that can provide moisture and treat your lips. So don’t worry about dry lips and pale-after look after you’re done eating. The colour stays!

Aqua Kiss Lip Tint Teh Talk Review!

Kamelia Cosmetics

I’ve tried the Aqua Kiss Lip Tint line from Kamelia Cosmetics and I am so into it. Do you know that hassling process where you have to put on colour to your lips again after lunch or perhaps after a few sips of water from your bottle of water? Well, I don’t have to fret about that after I’ve used Aqua Kiss Lip tint. All three lip tints have highly pigmented shades. So after application, these vibrant colours stay on for a long time, giving me a huge boost of confidence. 

Plus, I don’t have to worry about the colours sticking to my water bottle, my face masks, and my cups of coffee – the colours don’t transfer! The lip tint is transfer-proof and doesn’t smudge everywhere. 

Kamelia Cosmetics

After application, my lips feel hydrated after applying because it’s infused with moisturizing ingredients such as Avocado Oil and Camellia Oil. Chapped-lips begone! Thanks to the avocado oil and camellia oil which eliminate any sense of tightness and dryness around my lips, I can now have long-wearing lip tints without worrying about reapplying. 

The taste and smell of the lip tint are refreshing as well. I felt like my stress has been lifted because of it. Upon application, the lip tint left sweet, fruity and delectable scents on the lips and the smell lingers for hours. 

Kamelia Cosmetics

Don’t worry about looking for the right lip tints anymore, Kamelia Cosmetics is definitely the one for you if you’re aiming for mermaid-looking; eyes, lips, skin, and face. Take out your inner mermaid beauty and get your confidence on!

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