KFC Malaysia: 2022 Menu With Prices To Know About

Colonel Sanders is credited with kicking off our world’s culinary history to a fantastic start with the creation of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). He began working in the family business when he was just nine years old, and he quickly developed a passion for cooking as a result. It took him years to perfect the Original Recipe for his chicken, which consists of a secret blend of 11 spices and herbs that are pressure-cooked to seal in the delicate flavours. The KFC Malaysia story started in 1973 with the opening of the company’s first outlet on Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman in Kuala Lumpur. There are currently over 600 KFC restaurants around the nation, providing Malaysians with delicious tasting chicken on a 365-day basis. As Malaysia’s number one fast food and leading quick service restaurant (QSR) brand, they are constantly striving to better serve their customers by providing them with wonderful moments, exceptional services, and Finger Lickin’ Good cuisine. You can find out about their halal policy here.

KFC Malaysia 2022

price kfc menu

KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd. runs over 500 KFC restaurants and approximately 35 RasaMas restaurants. The KFC Holding Group has over 52 Kedai Ayamas, making it the nation’s first branded chicken and chicken-based retail chain. KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Bhd (KFCH) is a KFC franchisee in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, and India. KFCH is not just a fast-food chain, but also a large producer and processor of chicken, as well as a variety of other products and services. KFCH is a powerful major firm in Malaysia’s commercial and retail market with a high reputation for good product. Below, you’ll find the latest KFC menu 2022 with prices in Malaysia. Some items are menu KFC terbaru that might have just flew over your radar. Continue reading to know more about KFC menu Malaysia 2022 that you should know about if you are a KFC enjoyer. Please be noted that the menu prices varies with time and states (i.e. Sabah and Sarawak). If you want to find out more about each menu and the contents, you can visit the official website here. Read this article if you are interested in Nando’s menu instead!

price kfc menu

Meals for One – KFC Box Meals

Snacker BoxRM 12.49
Colonel BoxRM 15.99 
Stacker Box RM 23.99 
Zinger Cheezy BoxRM 20.49 
Cheezilla BoxRM 25.99
Signature Box – Classic RM 19.99 
Original BoxRM 19.99
Golden Egg Crunch Box Meal (new)RM 22.99

 Meals for One – KFC Chicken Meals

2-pc ChickenRM 11.99
3-pc ChickenRM 17.49
1-pc Rice ComboRM 12.99 
2-pc Rice ComboRM 16.99 
1-pc Nasi Lemak KFC ComboRM 14.99 
Zinger Fillet Nasi Lemak KFC Combo RM 16.49 
2-pc Nasi Lemak KFC ComboRM 18.99 
2-pc ComboRM 16.99
3-pc Combo RM 20.49
Golden Egg Crunch Box Meal RM 22.99
2-pc Golden Egg Crunch ComboRM 17.99
3-pc Golden Egg Crunch ComboRM 21.99
price kfc menu

Meals for One – KFC Burgers

Colonel ClassicRM 7.49
Zinger StackerRM 16.99 
Zinger Cheezy RM 12.70
Zinger CheezillaRM 18.99 
Zinger ClassicRM 11.99
Original Recipe BurgerRM 11.49
Zero Chicken BurgerRM 14.99 
Colonel Classic ComboRM 11.99
Zinger Stacker ComboRM 20.49
Zinger Cheezy ComboRM 16.70
Zinger Cheezilla ComboRM 22.49
Zinger Classic ComboRM 15.99
Original Recipe Burger ComboRM 15.49
Golden Egg BurgerRM 13.99 
Golden Egg Burger ComboRM 17.99 

KFC Family Meals

5-pc Chicken RM 27.99 
9-pc ChickenRM 47.99 
15-pc Chicken RM 77.99
Variety Box ARM 54.99 
Variety Box BRM 74.99 
Variety Box CRM 89.99 
5-pc Combo RM 39.99 
9-pc ComboRM 59.99
15-pc ComboRM 87.99 
5-pc Celebration BucketRM 46.49 
9-pc Celebration BucketRM 72.99 
15-pc Celebration BucketRM 97.99
price kfc menu

KFC Sides and Snacks

5-pc Broccoli Cheese Balls (new)RM 8.99
Cheezy Wedges (L) RM 6.49
Cheezy Popcorn BowlRM 6.99
Loaded Potato BowlRM 6.99
6-pc NuggetsRM 9.99
9-pc NuggetsRM 13.99
6-pc Nuggets ComboRM 14.99
9-pc Nuggets ComboRM 17.49
Nasi LemakRM 3.70
Colonel RiceRM 3.70
Popcorn ChickenRM 10.99 
Crispier Fries (R)RM 4.49
Crispier Fries (L) RM 5.99
Whipped Potato (R)RM 3.49
Whipped Potato (L) RM 7.49
Coleslaw (R)RM 3.49
Coleslaw (L)RM 7.49
Wedges (R)RM 4.49
Wedges (L)RM 5.99
Hard Boiled Egg RM 2.00
Kari AtukRM 3.50
Sambal Sauce RM 1.50
Spicy BBQ SauceRM 2.00
Jalapeño Cheese SauceRM 2.00
Whipped Potato Gravy RM 2.00
Life Chilli Sauce (Bottle) RM 4.00
price kfc menu

KFC Drinks Menu

Pepsi BlackRM 4.30RM 4.70
Pepsi RM 4.30RM 4.70
Mountain dewRM 4.30RM 4.70
Mirinda StrawberryRM 4.30RM 4.70
Mug SarsapirillaRM 4.30RM 4.70
Iced MiloRM 4.99RM 5.99
Iced Lemon TeaRM 4.99RM 5.99
Tropicana Twister OrangeRM 4.99RM 5.99
Nestle LemonadeRM 4.99RM 5.99
Sjora Mango-PeachRM 4.99RM 5.99
Hot MiloRM 4.50 
Hot Premium CoffeeRM 3.90
Hot White CoffeeRM 4.50
Hot Tea RM 3.90
Tropicana Twister Orange (355ml)RM 6.49
Pepsi Black (1.5L Bottle) RM 6.99
Revive (1.5L Bottle) RM 6.99
Mirinda Strawberry (1.5L Bottle)RM 6.99
Lipton Ice Lemon Tea (1.5L Bottle)RM 9.99
Tropicana Twister Orange (1.5L Bottle)RM 9.99
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