4 Malaysian Comedians That Will Leave You in Stitches!

Comedy can really bring one another together. The joy of laughter is truly is a gift in life, so get ready to howl at these 4 Malaysian comedians who are sure to leave you laughing in tears!

1. Gajen Nad

Malaysian comedian, Gajen Nad

Malaysia’s first Chindian comedian, Gajen is known for his clean, vulgarity free jokes.

He has done over 500 shows for various clientele, from corporate events, smaller comedy clubs and he has even appeared along side larger international comedians as well.

He has done 2 TedX talks and had a documentary about him on NTV7.

His jokes mostly revolve around him being half-Indian and half-Chinese and jokes on all the things in Malaysia that make it a quirky country

Gajen’s Profiles

Website: https://www.gajennad.com/
Official Youtube

2. Shamaine Othman

Malaysian Comedian, Shamaine Othman

Shamaine can be seen performing around Malaysia and Singapore.

She has also been a writer for shows like The Disko Baldi Show on 8TV, Keluarga Pontimau on TV3, Cinta Bulan Disember also on TV3 and Aku dan Tok Wan on Astro Warna.

She has performed at a number of comedy shows such as Super Kam (1, 2, 3 and Ultra), LOL Fest Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Festival and Singapore Comedy Fringe Festival.

She has also written and directed short films such as Love Story and Cuak: The Couple, for Garang Pictures and Polyzombies (of KL24 : Zombies), for Doghouse 73 Pictures.

Shamaine’s profiles

Official Website: https://www.shamaineothman.com/
Facebook: fb.com/shamaineo
Instagram: @iamshamaine
Twitter: @shamaineothaman
YouTube: yt.com/foxymaine

3. Harith Iskander

Malaysian comedian, Harith Iskander
Source: TheMalaysianTimes

Of course, we had to feature the first, the Godfather of Comedy in Malaysia! Harith is quite well known in the country as he has been in the game since 1990.

His jokes usually revolve around Asian and Malaysian culture, which makes him a hit for those living in the region!

With numerous awards and even international awards like the Laugh Factory’s Funniest Person award in 2016, this funny man is a must see.

You can catch his show on Astro Awani and he even has his own Netflix special, the first Southeast Asian comedian to have one too!

Harith’s Profiles

Official Website: https://www.harithiskander.com/
Facebook: fb.com/harithiskander
Twitter: @harithiskander
Instagram: @harithiskander

4. Jason Leong

Malaysian Comedian, jason leong
Source: Jason Leong

Jason began his career as a doctor, before entering the world of comedy. But it was not easy as for three years he had to juggle between the two, he eventually settled on comedy. And a new funnyman was born!

Jason became the Winner and Crowd Favourite of the 7th Annual International Hong Kong Comedy Competition in 2013.

He was also the first Malaysian to perform a full professional set at Laugh Factory in Hollywood, USA and Gotham Comedy Club in New York.

Jason also pokes fun at himself for looking like the notorious banking fugitive, Jho Low. He hopes to play him in a film one day!

Jason’s comedy is broad, from focusing on political topics, current issues in Malaysia to just everyday slice of life dilemmas. So be sure to check him out too!

Jason’s Profiles

Official Website: http://www.jasonleong.my/
YouTube: Official Youtube
: @DrJasonLeong

And there you have it! 4 hilarious Malaysian comedians that will surely give you a good laugh through the power of comedy!

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