10 Service Providers For Mental Health In Malaysia

The record shows that the number of mental health in Malaysia cases increases two-fold during and after the pandemic. The major reason for this issue is that people are stressed by the lockdown and a lot of domestic abuse cases happened. Now that we have passed those phases, the number of reports is expected to decrease. However, the mental health issue is not something that could get away like that. You will need treatment to get better and avoid becoming worse. Here is a list of where you can reach out to professionals if your mental health is deteriorating. 

Befrienders KL

Befrienders is a non-profit organisation that provides free comfort and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week to individuals who are alone, distressed, depressed, or suicidal. No need to have a physical visit, you can simply call their helpline at 03-76272929. They provide free mental health services in Malaysia that could help you with whatever you need. If you ever feel vulnerable or want to hurt yourself, you can call them and talk with the person in charge.

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Talian Kasih 15999

Talian Kasih 15999 is an initiative from the government to provide help to those who need it. It is an online counselling in Malaysia that not only talks about your stress issues but also reports cases of domestic or child abuse. The helpline is available for everyone 24/7 daily. You can reach them at 15999 or text them at 019-2615999. Talking about your problems with a stranger might help you feel not being judged by them and more comfortable to share your worries.

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The Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA)

Their main vision is to provide community support for individuals recovering from or having a mental illness. Along with that, they are also trying to raise public awareness about mental health in Malaysia. They aim to put an end to the stigma of mental health. You can also visit them at their headquarters for a counselling session. If you are still confused regarding your mental health state, head to their website for an online mental health test in Malaysia

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Mental Illness Awareness and Support Association (MIASA)

Based in Selangor, their vision is to be the leading voice in mental health education in support of people with mental health disorders in Malaysia. This non-profit organisation believes that the mental health in Malaysia could be treated in one way or another. Apart from a therapy session, they also provide you with an online support group and forums. For those from the B40 group, this is an affordable therapy available in Malaysia for you as they give out free services.

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Tongle has a strong foundation from a group of dedicated people to enhance everyone’s mental well-being. They do this by combating negative stigma and promoting mental health literacy in innovative, and scientifically validated methods. Achieving their goal through a communal approach, going from awareness to action regarding mental health services Malaysia. This initiative empowers individuals to first care for themselves before giving peer assistance to those around them. There are many different therapy or counselling services that are available in Malaysia for you to consider before you proceed with the sessions. You may choose the one that is suitable or reach out to them if you have any confusion.

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MentCouch Psychology Centre

Providing various mental health services in Malaysia, their aim is to break the stereotype of mental health. They believe that therapy is for everyone and not just for those who have mental health issues but rather it is for everyone and anyone who are looking for a space to clear their minds. Creating a safe space for the whole community, they wanted to make treatment available for everyone. They prove themselves different by providing VR Therapy where you can experience being in somewhere fantastical and healing. Check out their social media account for more services and activities.

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The Red Clinic

The Red Clinic is one of the best placement of therapist in Malaysia that is trusted and reliable. Their therapy sessions are not only for individuals but also for couples who are looking to find solutions to work things out. If you have problems with mental health related to your relationship, this is very much suitable for you. You don’t have to worry about the confidentiality of your sessions as they prioritise their client’s privacy. Other health services are also available here, so you might want to check out those as well.

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Aloe Mind

Aloe Mind provides most of its services both online therapy in Malaysia and physically at their office in KL. You have the freedom to choose your own therapist via their website before booking any counselling session with them. You can read the portfolio and qualifications of your therapist so you can feel safer expressing your thoughts to them. On their website, you are also able to get yourself a free mental health test to determine whether you should get into therapy or not.

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Thrive Well

Thrive Well is a community company with the purpose to provide a trauma-informed community of mental health in Malaysia. They are reaching out to individuals, communities, and organisations, with a focus on awareness and improvement of mental well-being. One of the service providers for family therapy, they are suitable for those who want to make a change and be better. Not just that, they also have a volunteering program if you want to be a part of the community and help others with your own experience.

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Telos Mental Wellness

Their main objective is to make getting treatment for mental health in Malaysia difficulties more acceptable. Providing their counselling services simply available, inexpensive, and, most importantly, supportive for everyone. Wanting everyone to believe at some point, problems can be solved by talking about it, they welcome everybody to their sessions. They also believe that therapy is essential for better mental health and well-being and to give you strength in your life.

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What is Mental Health?

Our emotional, psychological, and social well-being collectively form our mental health, impacting our cognition, emotions, and behavior, and shaping our ability to manage stress, interact with others, and make positive decisions. According to World Health Organization (WHO), mental health conditions include mental disorders and psychosocial disabilities as well as other mental states associated with significant distress, impairment in functioning, or risk of self-harm. People with mental health conditions are more likely to experience lower levels of mental well-being, but this is not always or necessarily the case.

Types of mental health include anxiety disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders and post-trauma disorders. Anxiety disorder is a condition where someone easily feels panicked in situations they are not familiar with or feels heavily nervous in a big crowd. Personality disorders affect someone’s thinking, behaviour and way of life where they are different from everyone else and might perceive it as abnormal. When someone’s eating schedule is affected by their surroundings and think too much about their body condition, it will lead to an eating disorder. Post-trauma disorders affect someone that is struggling to forget their experience in an extremely terrifying situation.

How to Improve Mental Health?

There are numerous ways to improve your mental health:

  • The most effective way is to connect with others. Talk with someone that you are close to and listen to them as well.
  • Surround yourself with a positive circle that can support your journey to be better. It is important that you have a strong support system so you can maintain good well-being.
  • You also can join a community or volunteering program to meet new people and be in a group that you can belong to.

Why Seek Help For Mental Health?

Dealing with a mental health issue without clear guidance or solution will be difficult as we fail to understand the root cause of our mental health issue, thus affecting our daily life routines. However, receiving the right care will make it significantly easier to manage as we are able to understand the issue and how to solve it. The help you receive also gives you the freedom to take advantage of everything that life has to offer without being restricted by your sickness. The ability to focus on everyday duties and the drive to complete your work on time can both be improved by receiving treatment for your mental health.

What Causes Mental Health Problems?

The causes of mental health problems vary from different factors such as stress, trauma, abuse, and any form of emotional and mental disturbances. Most people have mental health problems due to the stress that relates to their surroundings. Bad childhood trauma could deeply affect a person’s way of living and thinking. Being involved in an abusive relationship could affect future relationships in general. Sudden deaths of loved ones cause huge sadness and feeling empty. Unfortunately, some people are unaware of the presence of mental health problems that they have or could be in denial, hence the importance of raising awareness on Mental Health.

What to Expect in Mental Health Counselling?

In a mental health counselling session, the therapist would first require you to share some details about yourself and to first understand your goal in attending a counselling session. There may be some personal or traumatic details that you would have to share to your therapist that could be uncomfortable on your end. However, you shouldn’t worry about this as the therapist wouldn’t force you to say it all at once but rather take the time to slowly understand your situation. The goal of counselling therapy is based on yourself and what you want to achieve by the end of it. You will need to cooperate with your therapist well. You need to trust your therapist and make them a safe space or a lifeline that you need to hold onto.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do I go if I have mental health problems?

Go to a nearby hospital and get your mental health assessment. After your result comes out, the hospital will set you up with a professional doctor according to your need. You also could go to a mental well-being specialist clinic to get an appointment with a psychiatrist. You’ll need to pay for these services so make sure to go for the most affordable one.   

Who can I talk to about my mental health?

At the very basic, you could talk to someone that you trust the most. Be it your family member or your close friend. Talk with the person who will not judge you and will keep on supporting you. If your mental health worsens, it is best to talk with a therapist to get better. They are professional and know the best way to treat you. 

How do I know if my mental health is critical?

When you feel that your life is meaningless and you do not have the urge to live. That is borderline suicidal and it is dangerous for your mental health. When you start to hurt yourself or keep blaming yourself for small mistakes. That is a toxic behaviour that will lead you to the worst condition of your mental health. 

How do I start mental health treatment?

First and foremost, you need to acknowledge your mental health condition and that you cannot help yourself. It is okay if you do not know the exact reason for what is troubling you. The most important thing is you want to be better and healthier. Then, go seek professional help by contacting a helpline or reliable organisation and get a proper diagnosis. 

Can my mental health get better?

Yes. The process of getting better depends and varies on each person. You cannot compare yourself and others. As long as you continue to listen to your therapist, your mental well-being could get well. Sooner or later, you will find yourself happier and healthier. 

What is the first step to recovering from a mental health issue?

You need to believe that you are not alone in this world. There are people out there that are willing to help you to get better. Do not think that you are a nuisance in others’ lives. Everyone in your circle cares for you. therefore, seek help from them at the very least. Trust the process even though sometimes it will hurt you.  

Can I get a brain scan for my mental health?

Yes. However, there are studies that prove brain scans are not entirely reliable to diagnose a mental health issue. The result of a brain scan is too small to use as the main factor in detecting your mental health issue. To diagnose mental health issues, you will need other additional tests and not rely only on your brain scan. 

Who diagnoses my mental health?

A professional and credible health doctor can diagnose your mental health. They can also refer you to a specialist if they think your mental well-being is getting worse. A full diagnosis of your mental health could be done at their facility and the result might take hours to get back to you. 

Can I diagnose my own mental health?

Yes. There are few trustable platforms online to diagnose your mental health on your own. However, this diagnosis is not entirely accurate. The questions that are programmed for these tests might differ from the doctors at the hospital. It is okay if you want to check first and then decide to go for professional help after. 

What is the most diagnosed mental health issue?

Depression is thought to afflict 300 million people worldwide making it the most common mental illness. It often affects women more frequently than males. It frequently manifests as a loss of enjoyment or interest, general sorrow, feelings of guilt or poor self-worth, trouble sleeping, changes in eating habits, tiredness, and a lack of focus.

How do I know I need counselling for my mental health?

When you start to depend on substances to stay alive. The joy in your work is no longer there. You experience loss of sleep that affects your daily life. Feeling angry or sad all the time and cannot express this in a good way. Trying to be alone all the time away from your loved ones. You need help. 

How do doctors test for mental health?

Doctors will examine your specific emotions and behaviours in relation to your experiences, as well as how long you have been going through these things and how it’s affecting your life. They could use forms or questionnaires to get information from you to do this. Based on what you explain, they will determine your diagnosis and suggest the best treatment for it. 

Can my mental health get better by talking about it?

Yes. It is critical to acknowledge your mental well-being. Talking about your problems helps you let out repressed feelings. Finding a solution to the issue could be aided by speaking with someone outside of the scenario. Call a private telephone counselling service if you don’t think you can talk about the issue with anybody you know. There is nothing embarrassing about having a mental health issue. 

What happens if mental health is not treated?

Without treatment, mental illness has devastating effects on both the affected person and society as a whole. Ignoring mental health disorders can lead to poor quality of life, unneeded handicaps, poverty, substance misuse, food insecurity, and improper imprisonment. It is harmful to ignore the signs and vital to get treatment as soon as you can.

How do I know if I need help with my mental health?

In general, seeking expert assistance may be necessary if you encounter: noticeable adjustments to your eating, sleeping, or behaviour. An incapacity to handle issues or regular tasks. A sense of detachment or separation from daily activity. Struggle to get out of your bed every morning. 







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