Minimalist Jewellery: The Minimum Speaks Volumes

The world of accessories is dazzling; both lustful and lovely in all its glory. These adornments add the extra sparkle to their wearer, embellishing their best features wherever they go. Accessories are expressive, but sometimes, as the good saying goes, ‘less is more’. So, we bring you the story of how the compact, the understated and the modest world of minimalist jewellery can make the biggest statement.

What is Minimalist Jewellery and Why Do We Love It?

Minimalist jewellery is a remarkable yet gentle accessory style that entails small and subtle pieces. It is often worn to draw attention to the composition of the wearer’s outfit, or to complement the simplicity of their style. Minimalist jewellery is effortless and unique in its duality. It is somehow suitable for anyone and everyone who likes to brace their bodies with jewellery but not too much that it drowns their clothes, but it can also work for anyone who likes to make a bold statement. Minimalist jewellery does not take away any of the beauty of the entire appearance, but it, in its own understated way, highlights simplicity as a style option. If you are exploring minimalist jewellery and you’d like some tips on what to look for, you have come to the right place. There are several things to look out for when you make your first pieces and most stores will gladly show you their collections and their recommendations.


How Do I Style Minimalist Jewellery? 

The type of jewellery to look for depends on your own preference. Collections come in different toned colours like silver, gold, rose-gold and others in-between. Some are studded with diamonds to punctuate the piece under light. A lot of people are drawn to the small jewelled necklaces, but there are many plain ones that work to show-off an effortless elegance. The misconception that all minimalist accessories look the same is just that– a misconception. There is endless range and variation, as there is with the maximalist accessories.


If rings are your go-to choice, contemporary rings may be for you. These are characterised by their thin bands. They appear in various shapes and forms, with gemstones or without, while keeping true to their minimalist intent. And you can either stack them on your rings or spread them out on each hand. Both ways work to make your hands chic and graceful.

Bracelets and Earrings

Minimalist jewellery isn’t everyone’s preference, but you’d be surprised how many people think it is boring. A careful composition of thin bangles can be just as eye-catching as a chunky bracelet. Learning to pair several minimalist studs and earrings can be perfect for a day out or a night out. The most precious minimalist earrings and necklaces have bejewelled the faces of some of the world’s favourite celebrities from Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston to A$AP Rocky and Charles Melton. ‘Boring’ is not a term these fashion icons are familiar with.


If your neck feels bare, a Minimalist necklace provides quick embellishment without feeling too heavy on the collarbone. It is both casual and dressy, so if you want to pair it with a button-down shirt, a blouse or t-shirt, or you want to show it off with a gorgeous dinner dress or pants suit, it works. The beauty of simple jewellery is that it doesn’t take too much to look good in it. Minimalist necklaces are also thin and delicate enough to stack as well, creating an eye-catching layered neckline.

Where Can I Get the Best Minimalist Jewellery?

When buying jewellery for yourself or any loved one, it is personal because it is a token that attests to their character. While everyone deserves nothing but the best, the reality is that we gravitate toward the affordable brands. This is not to say that all minimalist jewellery is cheap. Their simplicity doesn’t equate to low-quality. The best quality pair of earrings can cost as much as $500!

They are a luxury item depending on where you go to buy them. If you yearn for something a little more sentimental that reminds you of your adventures in Malaysia, a Malaysia jewellery brand is just what might make your experiences more memorable.


Remarkable, minimalist, classy, and also eco-friendly are the adjectives that we hold on to our principles when creating and producing our jewellery at MOODD. We would like to ensure our  timeless and demi-fine MOODD collection will maximise the confidence of the wearers and complement their look. This brand of jewellery Malaysia founded by two ladies, Mandy C. and Leonie L., would definitely catch your eyes and others’ attention with Mood’s simplicity. Get ready to discover your new go-to jewellery from MOODD and see how MOODD can be a life-changing item for you to express your aura!

The Selection Of Elegant Jewellery Created By Moodd For You

Let the uniqueness and sophistication speak for yourself through a pair of dangling earrings on your ears. MOODD’s earrings in Malaysia may be a perfect match for any style of clothes in the wardrobe.Crafted by the touch of  jewellers around the world, you may experience a different and inclusive concept of beauty that is reflected deeply in MOODD’s jewellery.

Your style can never go wrong with MOODD’s stainless steel jewellery . If you wish to spice up your daily look or to step out of your comfort zone, you may pair up and even layer the items from MOODD. That’s the power of minimalist jewellery wearers.

What more are you waiting for? Get these amazing minimalist jewellery from MOODD with our discount code today!

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Email: [email protected]


Simple, pure and elegant jewellery designs are the signature look and feel of the products at Feithe. Having celebrated their 4 year anniversary in 2022, this custom jewellery brand was founded by graphic designer Sharon Chai due to her love of crystals and the healing properties they provide. The name Feithe is a play on the word “faith” as the brand is Sharon’s interpretation of the word. At age 17, a teardrop Prehnite ‘picked’ her and helped her through the grief of losing her mother to cancer. Clearly, faith in healing, growth and self-betterment is a huge theme in this beautiful personalised jewellery brand.

Wildflower Collection
Feithe’s popular The Wildflower Collection was inspired by the Sun and Wind. This collection incorporates elements from nature to signify purity and peace during troubling times. The main message of the Wildflower collection is to always flourish no matter where we are, just like wildflowers do!
Depicted in the picture above are the Wildflower Bracelet (RM79.00) and Wildflower Ring (RM69.00) from the collection. The petals are made of Pearl to symbolise purity and peace. The core of the jewellery is made of Citrine to represent positivity, light and creativity in one’s journey. They also have chokers and earrings in this collection!

Personalised Jewellery
Feithe is also known for their unique, hand engraved personalised name necklace collections. Their Engraving Collection serves as great gifts to loved ones, forever immortalising the deep connection between gifter and giftee. The picture above is the engravable Ronde Necklace in Gold (RM149.00) which is suitable for your loved one to wear every day.
For now, Feithe remains a personalised jewellery brand that operates mainly online. However, they often have pop-up stores. Feithe’s next pop-up is on the 5th and 6th of November in Starhill, Bukit Bintang. Don’t miss out on viewing Feithe’s gorgeous accessories in real life!

For more information: Website l Facebook l Instagram

Tangan Jewellery

Tangan Jewellery is a Malaysian brand that crafts and creates jewellery and accessories by the hands of skilled artisans since 2020. This Malaysian jewellery brand is dedicated to preserve and revive the concept of elegance of Peranakan community among modern ladies, especially centennials. Designed with modern shapes and decorated with bright-coloured beautiful flora, let’s pair of earrings in Malaysia by Tangan Jewellery speak boldly about your artistic and elegant personalities! Tangan Jewellery also brings the exquisite appeal of handmade clay earrings for you to style with your favourite attires!  

These current jewellery designs are made of high-quality, sturdy and scratch-resistant materials that will make these charming and minimalist jewellery more sustainable as these necklaces and bracelets are made to last.

We utilize the following materials for our current necklaces and bracelets:

  • High-quality polymer clay imported from the US and Belgium
  • Original freshwater pearls
  • 14K – 24K gold-plated hypoallergenic stainless steel metal components

Love it? Grab it immediately! You may purchase Tangan Jewellery through these listed consignments:

  • Sunday Morning Cafe (Johor Bahru)
  • GLMM Penang
  • Hello PaKat Store (Miri, Sarawak)
  • My Naturi (Chinatown, KL)
  • Artisan Haven  (Malaysia Grand Bazaar, Bukit Bintang, KL)
  • APOM  (Suria KLCC Outlet)

Tangan Jewellery products are also available at Christmas Market, Kedai KL from 11AM to 6PM, starting from 17th to 18th December 2022. Don’t miss out on this chance!

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Contact: +60166260903
Email: [email protected]
Store: Online Store | Taman Melodies, Johor Bahru, 80250, Malaysia.
Website | Facebook | Instagram

The Straits Finery

The Straits Finery

An esteemed high-end jeweller is The Straits Finery, who have received high praise for their creative collections by fashion-magazine giants like L’Officiel. They offer fine luxury items including sizing appointments for rings and necklaces if you want to go the extra mile for a loved one.



Small-time jewellers are also a great option. You can support the up-and-coming local brands while donning the trendiest styles.

The Minimalist Lab

The Minimalist Lab

The Minimalist Lab can provide just the thing you need if you are looking to amp up your style. Purchase the loveliest ring sets to accentuate your hands and adorn your neck with their best necklaces.


Contact: +601161777827

Email: [email protected]

El Jo

If you haven’t heard of El Jo, this small business is trending for offering something completely unique and of acquired tastes. El Jo is prepared to provide the best quality items and remaining true to the sentiment that simplicity is beautiful.





Cindertoella is steadily making its name known in fashion and accessories because of its dainty work. It is a beloved jeweller that creates stunning and affordable minimalist items for all occasions.


Contact: +60193133897

Email: [email protected]

If you are a creative individual with quick, careful hands, you can attempt to make your own minimalist collection. There are great do-it-yourself jewellery kits available for purchase online to create something completely unique and of acquired tastes. For those who prefer to buy the special work of others, do so. And when you finally try out a minimalist styling; a set of rings or a slim watch, remember that whatever piece you go for, nothing looks as good on a person as their confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jewellery

Can I buy gold by financing from a bank? Isn’t buying gold in debt forbidden in Islam?

Islam prohibits buying and selling gold on credit only in such transactions. If you borrow from a bank, then make sure you only make personal financing from Islamic banks. If you take out a loan from a conventional bank then you are still involved in usury.

Can I do price locking?

The gold or jewellery market price as a reference for sellers and buyers is only a benchmark. If you agree to make the price the selling price, then you are subject to the conditions.

Which banks offer Shariah compliant gold investment accounts?

Gold investment accounts were introduced by banks. Neither Islamic banks nor conventional banks want to miss out on making a profit from the sudden rise in the price of gold.

How do you want to purchase physical gold or jewellery online?

Online gold purchases can be made as long as they are made in cash. Assuming you buy 10g of gold worth RM 1,500, then once you have paid the full amount to the seller, the seller must give you a receipt that you can use to claim the gold.

What about gold investment opportunities that give dividends?

Gold investment does not provide dividends. If you are offered a gold investment that offers monthly, quarterly or annual dividends then please be careful.
Do not get involved in such dubious gold investment schemes for fear it is a get-rich-quick scheme that wants to cheat people.

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