Mother’s Day Gift In Malaysia: 8 Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From Local Businesses

Mother’s Day Gift In Malaysia

Mother’s Day will soon be approaching us Malaysians on the 10th of May this year.

Although the MCO might see some loosening in its rules, we should still abide by the mentality of staying safe at home. 

But how can you get a gift for the beloved mama in your life if not at the shopping mall?

Well luckily for you, it’s 2020 so you already know, all the shopping you need to do is already available at your virtual fingertips. 

Best thing is, all the Malaysian brands this article will talk about will not only have THE best Mother’s Day gift but they are all local & homegrown! Time to support local, especially in these dire times. 

1. Poppylab 

Selling jewelry inspired by summer, the beach and florals, Poppylab’s motto is to bring everything ‘island’ to the city and to YOU. Firstly focusing on a flowery theme (hence their name), Poppy has expanded their collection to revolve around abstract prints, minimalism and even reusable shopping bags

If the mother in your life prefers something more abstract…

mothers day gift malaysia
Prosperity Knots Earrings (RM75)

Perhaps, less is more?

Purchase any items from them now and 10% of proceeds will be donated to charity. Shipping is free for all deliveries in Malaysia too! 

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2. Camdy

If you’re an indecisive person who can’t decide on one thing to gift to your mom then Camdy will be perfect for you! Described as a ‘gifts marketplace‘, Camdy brings together over 400 creative artisans & entrepreneurs to display over 3000 unique products that will certainly make a special gift!

Each product is carefully curated to ensure it’s not another generic mass-produced item you can find anywhere else.

It’s Personal(ized)

It’s always heartwarming to receive something with your name engraved on it, whether a cutting board or wine bottle.

Personalized Floral Pillow by Bagdeal Studio (RM30)

Handmade with Love

Pink Vibes Chocolate with customized message & Hydrangea Set by ChocolateTherapy0703 (RM165)

Note that every product is shipped individually by each seller so waiting times will vary.

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3. Heva Gifts

We bet flowers was the first thing that popped into your mind when thinking of a Mother’s Day gift. It’s a classic staple gift but we also think it’s generic and overdone.

What if you still want to gift flowers anyway? Then look no further because Heva Gifts has the solution for you: Custom flower arrangements! So now your mom’s bouquet can be customized according to her favourite colours, flowers or even chocolate!

Flowers & Chocolates are a Girl’s Best Friend

Afina: Bouquet of pink carnations & gerbera with 1 box (12 pcs) of chocolate-dipped strawberries (RM148)

Heva Gifts comes up with new collections every month so another gift for mom’s birthday, maybe?

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4. Bloomthis

Another option for mothers who love anything blooming, Bloomthis specializes in personalized flower bouquets for every occasion including Mother’s Day.

Not just an ordinary bouquet,

Bloomthis also makes personalized frames with flowers and flower stands.

Admire Daughter Love Frame (RM170.10)

Mom’s not a flower person?

Bloomthis also does pretty thoughtful hampers as well.

With free shipping to KL, Klang Valley, Penang & Johor Bahru and 10% discount (for Mother’s Day), what are you waiting for?

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5. Kanoe

Does your mom love fashion? Does she especially love local fashion? How about batik?

If you said yes to all questions, Kanoe is the brand for you! Kanoe creates ethical & sustainable clothing piece with a hint of Malaysian heritage.

Kimonos by Kanoe

Dresses by Kanoe

Bella Dress in Martini (Goldline Batik) & in Bijou (Goldline Batik) (RM259)
Puteri Dress in Orchid’s Child (RM259)

Bottoms by Kanoe

Lil Batik Wrap Skirt in Osaka (RM159)

Kanoe is currently giving 10% discount on selected items or a 15% discount off second item or more.

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6. Cocoraw Chocolates

Chocolates can fetch a hefty price especially chocolate truffles with specialized unique flavours. However cheaper chocolates don’t use the best ingredients. Well, mom deserves the best but you don’t have the budget for Godiva so what are you going to do?

Cocoraw Chocolates is here to save the day! They want to “offer great tasting chocolates at accessible prices” while also giving it a local twist.

The Basics

Available in a Standard size (24 pieces), for RM30.

The Specials

The Vegan, Mini size (12 pieces) (RM20)
Standard size (24 pieces) (RM32)
The Teh Tarik, Mini size (12 pieces) (RM20)
Standard size (24 pieces) (RM31.50)
The Salted Gula Melaka, Mini size (12 pieces) (RM20)
Standard size (24 pieces) (RM31.50)

The Alcohols

Available in a Standard size (24 pieces) for RM33.

Cocoraw also sells chocolates made with local cacao and also homemade chookies (cookies) and brownies too!

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7. The Tea Republic

If your mom’s a tea connoisseur then surely The Tea Republic will be the best website for you to peruse through for a Mother’s Day gift.

Offering a carefully curated selection of tea blends from around the world, The Tea Republic also allows customization of own tea gifts & packaging for all your gifting needs.

Loose Leaf Tea

Blooming Tea

Tea Gifts

Killing two birds with one stone, how about something for upcoming Hari Raya as well?

And if she has too many teas already,

Perfect for the Lionel Richie fan & tea enthusiast (RM9)

With such a large variety of tea offered, anything from The Tea Republic will definitely sweeten up Mother’s Day.

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8. Mutiara Figs

A rather niche business Woke didn’t expect to stumble upon, Mutiara Figs was started by husband & wife Mohd Hilmi and Faridah Hasni in their own house in Shah Alam.

Their business solely focuses on providing the freshest figs and fig products to Malaysia while also hoping to create a new export market to other countries.

If you’ve never tried a fresh fig before: it’s a sweet fruit that tastes of honey with a squishy texture. We think any moms who love fruits or trying out new types of food would really love a unique gift like this!

Fresh Figs by Mutiara Figs

From Grade A to Grade B figs, Mutiara Figs ensures customers are able to buy any types of figs with any type of budget.

Premium Gift Box Fresh Figs (RM50/500g)
From red figs to yellow figs to black figs, Mutiara Figs has it all.

Fig Products

If you’re not a fan of fresh figs or maybe you’re just wanna try the taste out first, Mutiara Figs also carries teas, sambals, relishes and skincare products infused with figs!

Mystic Charm Tea (RM48/45g)
Fig and Oat cookies
Fig Facial Soap

Head over to your nearest Village Grocer or Ben’s Independent Grocer outlet now as Mutiara Figs also supplies fresh figs to these supermarkets.

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Mothers Day Gift Malaysia

We hope this list of Mother’s Day Gifts in Malaysia was helpful for you! Hopefully your mom will cherish the gifts you pick up for her.

Most importantly don’t forget to credit us when she loves the gift but please forget about us when she doesn’t! Haha just kidding!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When do people celebrate Mother’s Day internationally and give Mothers Day gift in Malaysia to their beloved mothers?

International Mother’s Day is celebrated and observed on the second Sunday in the month of May. Thus, 8 May in every year is marked as International Mother’s Day. Mothers are celebrated and their sacrifice for their husbands, children, and family even for the community will be commemorated. However, do not get surprised if you see that certain countries celebrate Mother’s Day in March as the month of Mother’s Day celebration are different, following the countries themselves.

2. Who started the idea of celebrating mothers on Mother’s Day and giving Mothers Day gifts to mothers?

The person who came up with the idea of celebrating mothers on Mother’s Day was Anna Jarvis. The official Mother’s Day holiday arose in the 1900s as a result of her efforts. Following her mother’s death, Anna Jarvis conceived of Mother’s Day as a way of honoring the sacrifices that mothers made for their children and family.

3. Why do most people express appreciation to their mothers through Mothers Day gifts?

We give people gifts, including mothers, to show them that we are grateful for them and value their role in our life. Although the mother’s sacrifice, and efforts to become a wife, mother, educator, great chef, and multiple roles in the family are incomparable to any wealth and diamond in this world, the sincere gift-giving can reflect our appreciation to them.

4. What Mothers Day gift in Malaysia should I get for my mother on Mother’s Day?

If you’re not sure what to get, then think about what your mother would prefer. If she likes flowers, then we recommend custom flowers by Heva Gifts. Apart from that, there are also personalized flower bouquets by Bloomthis! 

If your mother prefers fashion, then we recommend Kanoe which specializes in batik! If she likes to drink tea in the evening, then there is The Tea Republic. There are just so many to choose from; hence, one or two of them would surely suit your mother’s taste.

5. How can I make Mother’s Day special apart from giving Mothers Day gifts?

Mother’s Day is more special when you spend it together.  Apart from expressing love and appreciation to your mother through gifts, a mini celebration event at home, and celebrating it with a few balloons and confetti, you may express your love and appreciation through the act of service. Although you are busy, you can spend your time helping your mother clean the house, and kitchen, be an active listener or cooking special meals for your mother and family. Hence, let her have the best day ever and that includes the gifts that we have just listed!

6. What can I get my mother on Mother’s Day since there are so many Mothers Day gifts to choose from?

Stick to the basics! Writing a hand-made card, surprising your mother with a bouquet of fresh flowers or her favorite plants, purchasing new cosmetic products for your mother, and giving her a necklace with personalised design or a handbag – are the ideas of practical Mothers Day gifts that are not only appreciated as the gifts but also the practicality the gifts have.

7. Which Mothers Day gifts should I get if I am on a budget?

If you are on a budget, perhaps below RM100, then it’s okay to get something small but specialthe little earrings from Poppylab would surely bring out your mother’s shine they only cost RM65 – RM85.

Or if you want to mix it up and get your mother two gifts in a bundle then we recommend The Basics by Cocoraw Chocolates which only costs RM19 – RM32 and a tea blend of her favorite flavor which only costs RM69 (Red Pheonix Blooming Tea). Apart from that, you can replace any one of those choices with Figs by Fresh Figs by Mutiara Figs! Their fig products only cost RM16 – RM19 per jar.

8. What Mothers Day gift can I get for my mother so she knows I appreciate her?

Personalized gifts should be the option you opt for. By choosing personalized gifts, you are showing your mother how much you appreciate her, love her, understand her, and know her. Therefore, your mother will feel very appreciated for the gift you customized for her!

9. What are the best activity ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day with your mother besides giving Mothers Day gifts?

Here are some incredible activity ideas to celebrate your mother on Mother’s Day: Hiking with your mother and family, indulging in manicure and pedicure sessions, bringing your mother to the spa, going camping, having a backyard BBQ, watching movies together, going to the Zoo or plant nursery together and many more. Having quality time by spending your day with your mother to do these activities is also a heart-warming gift.

10. My mother is a creative person and appreciates arts. What are the best Mothers Day gifts for an artistic and creative person like her?

Surprise your mother with art supplies if your mother likes to paint and draw. Perhaps, you can spend time with her to do DIY (Do-It-Yourself) activities, such as making a necklace from beads, or bringing her to the museum or gallery. Besides that, you can bring your mother to the art and cultural theatre if she is into the cultural aspects.

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