Online Baby Shop In Malaysia: The Top Five For Moms

Being a mother is hard enough. A baby shop is just another hurdle. The empty aisles, the crowd and expense to cover it? The list is endless. Mothercare is essential but is the hassle of a retail store really necessary, especially during the pandemic? 

Shopping online is not a new trend, especially for mothers. But it can get a little overwhelming out there when we don’t know the best of mothercare online. Shopping online can save you energy and time. It can also make life a little cheaper for you and maybe,you actually might be able to do your baby shopping within the budget. Who said mothercare has to be outrageously expensive? While that is the case for many physical stores, going online gave us an unlimited amount of discount, new mother perks, and we are cutting on the money for gas. 

After reading through a number of reviews and personal opinions of hundreds of moms, we are bringing you a carefully nitpicked list of the best baby shop near me. Don’t worry, we made sure this list has got something for everyone. From baby carriers, baby strollers, cribs to mom skincare, we have chosen the perfect online shops for you. 

1. Chicco Malaysia

baby carrier from chicco malaysia, online baby shop

From the very finesse of Italy, the brand opened its door online in Malaysia and we have never seen better strollers. Chicco is not only stylish but moms promise on how safe and low impactful the design is. Chicco provides many other baby products as well. This baby shop online categorizes its products by the daily stages of babies. By that, we mean their sleeping time, feeding, weighing, playtime, and more. Chicco has an affordable, yet durable product for each category. 

Chicco Malaysia is not only known for its strollers and excellent carriers. The Italian craftsmen also rolled out one of their finest baby skincare that will make moms swoon. Nappy creams, body washes, and shampoos, all are worthy of their price and moms will have no regret at this baby shop. 

Customer’s Favourite: Kwik One, Baby Stroller 

Kwik one, baby stroller for baby shop malaysia

Kwik One is a 2018 model that was famous for its unbelievable lightness and versatility. It is one of the more efficient types of stroller that fits the modern contemporary lifestyle. This stroller is safe for even newborn babies. They have a fully reclined seat with a soft inserted nest to protect the baby. The stroller is also perfect for every Malaysian mom who is on the go and travels by car. They have a huge shopping basket (Much appreciated), and both the carrycot and car seats can be attached to the stroller. It’s a good day to turn our hectic mom life into a relaxed one with this stroller.

Business Details 


Instagram: @chiccomalaysia

Youtube: Chicco Malaysia 

Lazada: Chicco Malaysia/Lazada

Shoppee: Chicco Malaysia/ Shoppee 

Contact: +603-80111838


baby food in baby store malaysia

We can’t possibly continue this list without the honorable mention of Babydash. Babydash is one of the best baby shop Malaysia has to offer us. It is run by a team of mommies who are working hard every day to make sure we have our Mothercare needs covered. Their life’s mission is to ensure that they are the number one stop for all baby products and they are the number one rightfully so. Again, it is no surprise that they have won the popularity contest among this list. They have excellent customer service, fast delivery, and lower prices compared to other baby shops. 

Babydash began by selling low-margin baby products, at a time where baby necessities were not available at an affordable price tag or conveniently. They revolutionized how we consume Mothercare and baby products in Malaysia. 

Babydash indeed has it all. They have expanded to cater to us with the best of the whole baby industry. Mamypoko pants, to Huggies. Baby sanitizers to branded baby wipes. Tops to skincare. You have endless options and products, all in one store.  They got baby skincare, strollers, playpens, cribs, walkers, baby food, lactates, Mothercare essentials, mom skincare, cots and so much more! Babydash also has your back in case you need a quick vacation. They have travel cots and other travel essentials for babies and moms, all worth the value. 

Whether you are a mom/dad-to-be or already a parent, babydash is also an informative platform. They blog expert advice “from mommy to mommies”. 

Choosing a Favourite from this versatile Babyshop might be near to impossible/the sheer volume of quality day-to-day items to more premium ones they have it all. Rest assured, customers rarely have anything to complain about thor products.  

Top Customer Pick:  Spectra: Spectra S1 Electric Double Breastpump (Currently 47%)

breast pump for baby store

Originating from South Korea, this electronic double breast pump ensures silent, relaxed, painless pumping. They are worth their price as they are durable, safe, and make minimal disturbances. You are saving a quality amount of time and saving a great amount of noise, unlike other breast pumps. Bigger in size yet it’s a lightweight gadget for the mom. 

Business Details 


Facebook: Babydash


Contact: +6016-676 1101

3. Happikiddo 

baby shop online available

Again, another gem of a find for parents. Happikiddo was founded by moms,  who take pride in making mommies, toddlers and babies happy. They cover baby clothes online to baby gear. One of the biggest and famous names among this list, happikiddo has not failed to surprise us with their selection of brands and products. They provide us with premium baby products from trusted brands such as Stokke, Bugaboo, Hegen, Babybjorn. Moms are provided with only the best on Happikiddo’s online shop.

Happikiddo has the most exciting and cutest products for moms. We encountered the most adorable diaper bag patches right at their online store. Besides the cute diaper bags and adorable apparel selection, they are known for quality and convenience. Paired with extensive customer service, they provide mom and dads with comfort of quality products that lasts a lifetime.  Besides quality products, they also offer services through car seat rental, cleaning service and embroidery. 

Another cool thing about their online store is that they have categorized products according to the stages of motherhood. Making the shopper’s journey easier is another testament to their commitment to quality and comfort. They have a selection for “Expectant mums”,  “Irresistible infants” (0-12 months),  “busy babies” (12-24 months), “talkative toddlers” (24 months and above). 

Again, there are more cool features of their Mothercare online shopping experience to come!. Happikiddo has a panelist of parents, called “HappiParents”who are expert reviewers of your favourite products, brands and share their parenthood with you. 

Customer’s Pick: 4moms-mamaroo 4 baby swing

Baby swing from Baby shop Malaysia

This unique baby swing built with five unique motions and bluetooth enable is every mom’s dream. Why, you ask? Just like a mommy, 4moms mamaroo rocks your baby back and forth for their comfort and entertainment. The infant swing can be used to make your baby sleep or even to entertain them. To get them to sleep, recline the swing and when it’s time to play, bring the swing back up. 

Business Details 


Facebook:  Happikiddo

Instagram:  @Happikiddo@Happikiddo_care 

Contact:  [email protected], +6012-2727 849

4. First Few Years 

This experienced babyshop online is one of the most quality stores available in malaysia. This baby store has been catering to us since 1989, importing products from the USA, Australia, Europe and Canada. As the name suggests, the brand offers and fulfills the needs of every mom catering to a baby in his or her first few years.  

The retail experience at the Curve in Damansara is quite the colourful and engaging one, nevertheless their online experience is not any less.  Mom vouch for this baby shop as one of the best out there in Malaysia for safe and reliable baby products. They have a number of famous brands brought into Malaysia, including,  Ergobaby, Graco, Lamaze,  Green sprouts, Baby Bjorn, baby buddy and Baby bay. 

First few years  provide the new moms as well as the experienced mom with strollers, car seats, nursing products, baby clothes, diapering and baby toys and activities.  As if their list of brands are not impressive enough, their customer service is also top notch. 

Customer Pick: Babybay Original Bundle Set

Baby co sleeping bed from baby shop Malaysia

This Babybay original is a bed with rounded corners, adjustable heights, offering mommies a number of combinations and convenient ways to place your baby bed next to you. Allows your baby to sleep with you, this one is for co-sleeping mamas/dads and babies. It is safe and mobile and can be transformed for your convenience. 

Business Details 


Facebook: First Few Years

Instagram:  @firstfewyearsmalaysia

Contact:  +603-77251160

5. Offspring Inc

baby fashion diapers from online baby shop

Saving my favourite for the last, offspring Inc is a top-notch Eco friendly and cruelty-free baby shop Malaysia has to offer. With their organic products you are not only assuring the baby’s safety but also being part of the journey to ensuring the world remains a safer place in the future. Saving the world and being a mom is not easy but offspring inc has certainly made it possible. They are hundred percent honest about their ingredient lists and continue to use natural products only. Sounds like a dream come true for every Millennial parent. 

 Offspring Inc provides parents with Chlorine free stylish diapers, ultra thin diapers and plant based wipes that are safe for babies. They also have allergen safe, non greasy moisturizers and creams for the baby’s eczema and dry skin problems.  Their products go as far as equipping us with baby stain remover, laundry detergent, wash clothes and other home care supplies, all that are plant based, and no animal died to make. 

Currently the shop is having 40% off their organic knitted blankets and they have a back to school bundle for toddlers where you can enjoy 29% off.

If you are also looking for a thoughtful and special gift for the next baby shower, the online baby shop also offers specially curated gift boxes at an affordable price tag. 

Customer’s Pick: Chlorine-free Baby Diaper

baby fashion diaper for sale through baby online shop

Want your baby looking stylish but also saving the environment? Then this is the diapers for you. Moms love these Chlorine free baby diapers, that are eco friendly and ultra comforting. It is easy to put on and easy to dispatch as well. The diapers are of excellent quality and mom’s say “no leak” at all. 

Business Details 


Facebook:  Offspring Inc


Contact:  +603 7887 1919

Want to discover more of the best Malaysia has to offer? Click here to read more.

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