Best Online Cake Delivery in Malaysia: Top 8 Malaysian Online Bakeries To Order Delicious Cakes From

Cake Delivery Malaysia

Top Online Cake Delivery Malaysia That Delivers Right To Your Doorstep

You might wonder in what scenario would you ever need a whole cake delivered right to your doorstep? Well, we at Teh Talk can think of a few:

  • A family member’s birthday is coming up but you & the others forgot.
  • You and your partner’s 4 monthsarry is tomorrow but it’s your sister’s turn with the car.
  • Your family or roommates have the biggest sweet tooth but no one wants to face traffic or finding a parking spot to fulfill it.
  • You just really love cake

Clearly valid reasons (especially the last one), so now without further delay, let’s jump right into The Cool Bear’s list of Best Online Cake Delivery in Malaysia now!

1. Delectable by Su

This isn’t the first Delectable by Su has appeared on one of our lists, they also serve up a mouth-watering high tea set in their cafe.

Luckily for us, Delectable by Su also does online delivery. Yes this includes cakes, cupcakes & tarts. If you’re still doubtful, the Delectable brand has been around 2009 and has even be featured in Cake Boss!

So what are you waiting for?

Cakes of Delectable by Su

Classic Chocolate (RM95/6 inch & RM190/8 incj)

Pavlova Tier Cake (RM110)

Birthday Cake (RM95/6 inch & RM190/8 inch)

Cupcakes of Delectable by Su


(RM27/ Box of 3)

(RM54/ Box of 6)


(RM27/Box of 3)

(RM54/Box of 6)

Tarts of Delectable by Su

Tim Tam Cheesecake (RM90)

Praline Tart (RM60)

Lemon Meringue Tart (RM52)

A lover of cake and cookies?

Delectable by Su also delivers cookies, banana loafs, brownies and candies.

To order, Delectable by Su has a one day notice and only delivers to Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and surrounding townships of the Klang Valley. Delivery times are between 9am to 6pm on weekdays and 9am to 8pm on weekends.

Website Facebook Instagram

2. Purple Monkey

I first stumbled upon Purple Monkey when my friends & I were on a hunt for mango cheesecake while in the area of Seapark. To our surprise (and pure joy), there was a store specializing in mango cheesecakes right down the block we were at!

That’s when my love story with Purple Monkey began. But their story began with a love for best tasting cheesecakes and I think they’ve already fulfilled their happy ending by doing just that: make the best cheesecakes in town!

Enough talking and let’s see the delicious cakes they have to order.

If you love fruits…

Purple Monkey’s Signature: Sinful Mango (RM65/6 inch & RM85/8 inch)

Golden Durian (RM65/6 inch & RM85/8 inch)

Strawberry Hills (RM65/6 inch & RM85/8 inch)

Want something with chocolate instead?

Toblerone Dark Chocolate (RM65/6 inch & RM85/8 inch)

Cookie Addict (RM65/6 inch & RM85/8 inch)

Chunkey Monkey (RM65/6 inch & RM85/8 inch)

Toppings: Bananas, peanut butter & chocolate chips

Feeling a little naughty? Indecisive? Don’t worry – sample all Purple Monkey’s cakes with their Mini Monkeys.

Mini Monkeys

(RM33/ 3 minis)

(RM59.90/ Buy 5 Free 1 minis)

(RM107.10/ Buy 9 Free 3 minis)

All of the cheesecakes from Purple Monkey are made with no eggs, no added sugar, colouring or preservatives.

Their shop at Seapark, PJ is open from 10am – 6 pm for takeaway services & delivery (2 day notice) is only to locations within 20km distance from their shop.

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3. Cat & the Fiddle

One of the first specialist cheesecake stores in Singapore, Cat & the Fiddle has thankfully graced our Malaysian shores and now does delivery throughout KL & Selangor.

With over 15 original flavours and personalized DIY cheesecakes, you surely won’t regret ordering from Cat & Fiddle.

Cheesecakes by Cat & Fiddle

Paws of Fury (RM119)

Ingredients: Arabica coffee, Ceylon tea, Hong Kong milk tea

Milo Dinosaur (RM119)

The Russian Whiskers (RM99)

Ingredients: Mango, White chocolate & Vodka

Over The Moon (RM99)

Classic New York cheesecake

Naughty and Nice (RM119)

Chocolate mousse cheesecake with chocolate spongecake on top

When you can’t help it & wanna try everything, try Cat & the Fiddle’s Cheesy Mix

Cheesy Mix (RM139)

10 slices of Cat & the Fiddle’s signature 5 flavours:

2 x Over the Moon (Classic New York)
2 x The Russian Whiskers (Juicy Mangoes)
2 x The Modern Duke’s Pudding (Oreo Cookies & Cream)
2 x Queen of Hearts (Sweet Strawberry)
2 x Paws of Fury (Yuan Yang Coffee & Tea)

Cat & the Fiddle does next-day delivery (Order before 4pm the day before) from Monday to Sunday, 10 am – 7pm.

For same day collections, head over to their office located in Bandar Sunway, PJ from 10am – 6pm.

Website Facebook Instagram

4. Kindori Moments

Originating from a Japanese ice-cream brand which turn frozen fruits into ice cream, Kindori Moments had a lightbulb moment to start making ice cream cakes. With no added sugar, Kindori Moment ice cream cakes still maintains the freshness of the fruits they came from.

Not just your ordinary cakes however, Kindori Moments bakes intricate cakes thanks to the flexibility of ice cream & fondant.

Cakes for Her by Kindori Moments

Full of Loves (RM79.90/6 inch)

The Unicorn (RM269.90/6 inch)

The Heel (RM239)

Cinderella Carriage (RM389/5 inch)

Cakes for Him by Kindori Moments

Slam Dunk (RM339.90)

Number Cake (RM159.90)

Antique Car (RM209.90)

Cakes for Children by Kindori Moments

Galaxy (RM319.90)

Dinosaur (RM199.90)

M&M Chocolate Cake (RM179.9)

Beauty and The Beast (RM279.90)

Bored of the usual cakes? How about cake lollipops instead?

Delivery Services by Kindori Moments

Kindori Moments also offers same-day delivery for selected cakes.

Website Facebook Instagram

5. Junandus

A fine believer of using only the best ingredients, Junandus’s cakes will definitely satisfy any dessert cravings you might have. From chocolate cakes to sponge cakes to macarons, Junandus has it all for you to try today.

Junandus cakes are made of chocolate from Switzerland, vanilla beans from Madagascar, mascarpone cheese from Italy, or Alphonso mango puree from India; the whole world will be inside your mouth without stepping out of your home.

Chocolate Cakes by Junandus

Opera Cake (RM69 – RM119)

Almond sponge cake layered with chocolate ganache & espresso buttercream

Chocolate Mango Mousse (RM69-RM139)

Hazelnut Praline Cake (RM119)

Gianduja Dark Chocolate Cake (RM69 – RM119)

Sponge Cakes by Junandus

Onde-Onde Cake (RM129)

Green Tea Sponge Cake (RM69 – RM119)

Colours of My Life (Rainbow Cake) (RM79 – RM109)

Macarons by Junandus

Premium Macaron (Black Box) (RM49)

  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry
  • Mango Passion
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Yam

Premium Macaron (Tiffany Blue Box) (RM49)

  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry
  • Mango Passion
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Chocolate Orange
  • Yam

Junandus currently delivers in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor only, from 10am – 6pm. Same day delivery is applicable for orders before 2pm on weekdays and before 8am on weekends.

Website Facebook Instagram

6. Baker’s Art

Baker’s Art aims to deliver the best artisan cakes & pastries to their customers. Started by Cindy Chan, she’s a pastry chef who blends intricate cake recipes with a homemade flair.

With 9 signature cakes handmade with perfection, Baker’s Art also does bespoke cakes should you need for a wedding, a birthday, a graduation or any other special occasion.

Signature Cakes by Baker’s Art

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake (RM80)

Chocolate Salted Caramel (RM100)

Rose Velvet (RM120)

Mango Charlotte (RM120)

Blueberry Ombre (RM100)

Rainbow Surprise (RM80)

Baker’s Art also makes homemade french pastries like madeleines, financeirs & quiches.

They deliver throughout the Klang Valley area & require a 2 day notice.

Website Facebook Instagram

7. The Buttercake Factory

Starting out as just a home bakery, The Buttercake Factory has now perfected the art of buttercream cakes. Seriously looking at their customised and designer cakes, you’d think they were sculpted by the Cake Gods themselves.

Fortunately for us, The Buttercake Factory still remains humble by charging reasonable prices for their gorgeous cakes.

Designer Cakes for Him by The Buttercake Factory

Heineken Alcohol Party Cake (RM250 – RM370) (Non-Alcoholic)

Black Gold Initial Cake (RM270 – RM370)

Money Theme Cake (RM220 – RM340)

Antigravity Kronenbourg Blanc Cake (RM250 – RM490) (Non-Alcoholic)

Designer Cakes for Her by The Buttercake Factory

Pink Party Mermaid Cake (RM250)

Dark Angel Wing Cake (RM210)

Carousel Dream Cake (RM400)

Florentine Cake (RM280)

Designer Cakes for Kids by The Buttercake Factory

Unicorn Candyland Cake (RM450)

Tsum Tsum Attack! Cake (RM250 – RM320)

Totoro & Family Cake (RM250 – RM370)

Frozen Elsa Cake (RM250 – RM490)

Still in that bubble tea craze? The Buttercake Factory has the perfect cake for you!

The Alley Cake & Koi Boba Cake (RM250 each)

The Buttercake Factory also does smaller-size cakes called Darling size cakes alongside simple buttercakes, cakes in jars & cupcakes.

Delivery Services by The Buttercake Factory

Their earliest delivery timing is 11am and latest is 7pm and yes they do same day delivery.

Website Facebook Instagram

8. Cake Tella

Something that we noticed was a lack of alcoholic cakes – apart from the mango vodka cheesecake from Cat & the Fiddle and beer-inspired cakes from The Buttercake Factory.

Of course we did some digging around and found a Malaysian online cake delivery service that does alcohol cakes, in fact it’s their specialty!

Go on, mom or dad will surely thank you for a cake with a little kick!

Alcoholic Cakes by Cake Tella (Add up to 2 shots for you alcoholics out there)

Signature Baileys Chocolate Mousse (RM130/7 inch & RM150/8 inch)

Mocha Rum & Salted Caramel Rum Mousse with Gula Melaka (RM120/7 inch & RM140/8 inch)

Truffle Whiskey Mousse (RM130/7 inch & RM150/8 inch)

Tiramisu Kahlua (RM130/7 inch & RM150/8 inch)

Baileys Chocolate Crepe Cake (RM130/7 inch & RM150/8 inch)

For cakes that are more halal (non-alcoholic),

Burnt Kampung Cheesecake (RM100/7 inch & RM160/9 inch)

Keto Burnt Cheesecake (RM110/7 inch & RM170/9 inch)

Made with an Erythritol (sugar substitute) Base

Niko Neko Matcha Burnt Kampung Cheesecake (RM120/7 inch & RM180/9 inch)

Salted Caramel Pecan Crepe Cake (RM120/7 inch)

Some haram add-ons to spice up your already naughty cake

Delivery will take about 2 days, any last minute orders can be personally directed to their Whatsapp however it’s non-guaranteed.

Website Facebook Instagram

Online Cake Delivery Malaysia

That’s all for our Top Best 8 Online Cake Delivery Malaysia! If you know any others, do comment down below!

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