Top 10 Birthday Decoration Supply Stores Malaysia

To save you from driving around town to look for party supply stores, only to not get the items that you’ve been visualizing is surely a bummer! However, there are so many party supply stores with birthday decorations out there that you should know! Perhaps you’ll visit one soon for all the pretty plates, cups, cards, balloons, napkins, candles, candies, and many more. Don’t fret any longer and let’s not waste time looking for party supply stores anymore - we have the list right here. Hence, if you are looking, then keep reading!

Top Social Media Stories in August: Road Rage On The NKVE Highway

With the help of social media, we have access to so many viral videos and news channels that fill us in on the latest news from all over the world. Within just this week alone there are some intriguing events that occurred around Malaysia, social media platforms have picked up these stories and are accessible to the general public.

Top 10 Freebies In August: Merdeka Sales & Deals

Merdeka Day is just around the corner! We should not miss out on all these freebies and discounts that are offered to us by many companies in this month of August. 

Craving For Something Sweet? Check Out This Baskin Robbins Malaysia Menu Today!

Planning for a birthday party but you’re unsure what birthday cake to get for the birthday baby? Or are you in desperate need of something cool and sweet to fight off the heat of the hot weather? Fret not, because Baskins Robbins got you covered! You can get your Baskin Robbins ice cream, or Baskin Robbins ice cream cake, or even both, at your nearest Baskin Robbins store today!

Top 10 Famous Headhunters Malaysia

Recruitment Agency Malaysia, often known as headhunter Malaysia, is...

One Condoms Malaysia: It Got Your Back When Things Get Hard

We all know there are many condom brands out there. But what is the best out there? What is the best at safety, enjoyment and also cares for you and not just providing you with a product? It could be difficult but there is one company that does so. Why do we need condoms? What are some reasons as to why we should use them? It is for your own good and for your partner so remember the importance of it.

Top 10 Bubble Milk Tea Shops in KL & Selangor

It makes you happy when you're sad and happy when you're already happy. The key to a long, happy, and prosperous life is bubble milk tea!

Social Media Stories in August: MRSM Kuantan Student Has Been Harassed By An Unknown Student

Have you been so busy lately that you have no time to know what’s happening on social media? We understand that some of you have overload work to be done. But no worries, we are here to keep you updated. 

TOP 5 Freebies & Discounts in August: Tealive FREE Signature Coffee Giveaway!

Hello everyone! Do you know that every month there will be so much stuff and food you can get for free outside there? There are also discount deals that are waiting for you.






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LGBT in Malaysia: Is There a Place for Them?

Nowadays, LGBT has become a delicate and taboo topic to discuss. Not all countries view this as a legal behavior. A quarter of the...

It’s That Time Of The Month: Girls, Women, And Menstruation

We’ve all learned through our science textbooks back when we were in high school. Discovering and getting to know more about our reproductive organs, how they work, and what to do and not to do to them.

Breaking Down the Gender Walls

Do you notice that there is a difference in the way men and women are treated? Sometimes, it is totally unprovoked. However, other times a man and a woman can be doing the exact same thing and still there is a stark contrast in the reactions of those around them.

Mental Health Illness in Malaysia: A Taboo Topic To Talk About

Have you been in a situation where you are facing depression and when you try to talk it out to someone older, they always tend to say just just pray and it will be all fine. Well, if you have been in this kind of situation then, high five! Most of the old generation never understood what mental health illness was and would always consider it as a madness.
The Sexual Objectification of Women Who’s To Blame

The Sexual Objectification of Women: Who’s To Blame?

No matter if the women wear something sexy, tight, short, or baggy clothes, people would still take a chance to objectify them in any way possible. How is that possible?

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Malaysia

As we all know, currently, the LGBT Malaysians are facing legal challenges and discrimination by the society ang government too.
Police Abuse & Impunity in Malaysia

Police Abuse & Impunity in Malaysia

There is an abundance of issues and matters that circulate around the world and in our country, Malaysia. Frequent updates on these various matters...
Male Chauvinism

Do You Know What Is Male Chauvinism? Here is the explanation

Male Chauvinism is inseparable from the influence of the feudal ideology of "male superiority over female" in China for thousands of years.
Understanding Drug Use and Addiction DrugFacts

Understanding Drug Use and Addiction Drug Facts

Many people are perplexed as to why or how others become hooked on drugs. They may wrongly believe that drug users lack moral convictions or willpower, and that they can easily choose to quit using drugs. In truth, substance addiction is a complex disease that requires more than good intentions and a strong desire to overcome.

5 Photographers Who Provide Indian Wedding Photography in Malaysia 2022 (Updated)

Indian Wedding Photography Malaysia We understand how important wedding photographs are - the memories of a magical moment of your life depend on pictures to look back on. For Indian couples, we know there are certain...

Top 6 Malaysia Wedding Photographer You Should Hire in 2022 (Updated)

Malaysia Wedding Photographer Wedding photography is one of the things that most people will prioritize. The reason being that weddings don't happen often, it's a once in a lifetime memorable event! When you want to reminisce...

Check Out These 6 Free Places For A Pre Wedding Photoshoot in KL 2022 (Updated)

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Venues in KL We all know how costly it is to have a pre wedding photoshoot in KL (Kuala Lumpur). Instead of spending hundreds and thousands or dollars on a venue, why not...

Healthy Food in KL: Best Restaurants To Go For A Healthy Meal

Healthy Food KL Healthy but Tasty Eating out may already serve as a hard decision even with the abundance of restaurant choices to choose from and pick, but it can pose as a harder challenge when for...

Bakery Shop in KL: 6 Tasty Bakery Shops in KL (and Selangor!) 2022 (Updated)

Don't you love the smell of the bakery? Or at least, love the taste of freshly baked bread or scrumptious pastries? Are you in KL or Selangor? If your answer is yes, yes and yes,...

Cat Hotel KL: A Place For Your Feline Friend to Stay At!

Cat Hotel KL Malaysia is a country of cat lovers so it won't be hard to find a place where your little feline friend can stay, while you head off on your vacation or business trip....

Malaysian Martial Arts: 5 Malaysia Martial Art Schools To Learn Self-Defense Skills

Malaysian Martial Arts Martial arts is no stranger to Malaysia, there are always those who seek to enhance their self defense skills and improve their lifestyle. So here are 5 Malaysian martial arts schools that you...

5 Unique Restaurants and Cafes in KL and Selangor 2022 (Updated)

There are some restaurants that really like to stand out, and Malaysia is no stranger to them, so let's embrace their uniqueness! These are 5 Unique Restaurants and Cafes in KL and Selangor! You can also...

Workshops in KL: Learn A New Skill With These Workshops!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create your own things, like your own wallet or master the art of wood-crafting? Well these 4 workshops in KL and Selangor that may help in letting...

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The Top 10 Water Purifiers in Malaysia 2022

Everybody needs water to survive; that's a fact. We recommend consuming at least 8 glasses of water daily to prevent dehydration. Unfortunately, you can't just turn on the tap and consume the liquid. You don’t know what is living in that water, and chances are, you will get sick. In this article, we have compiled a list of the 10 best water purifiers in Malaysia. 

Baking Supplies Malaysia Online: 8 Websites To Buy Baking Supplies From

In Malaysia's current MCO lockdown, Many have been laid off from their jobs and have to find new ways to make money. But with a...

Top 5 Anime Merchandise Shops In Malaysia

Who here is an anime fan? If you’re a fellow lover of anime, I’m sure you can agree that there are few greater joys in life than buying merchandise of our favorite waifus and husbandos. We always want only the best when it comes to our beloved anime characters, but the thing is: where in Malaysia could we possibly buy top-quality merch? So for my fellow anime fans, read on for a list on the Top 5 Places to get Anime Merchandise in Malaysia!


Top 5 Issues That Faced By Introvert Students In Malaysian Universities

Have you ever thought on how introverted students go through their studies in Malaysian universities? Let's check it out together!

Are You A McDonald’s Enjoyer? Check Out This McDonald’s Menu With Prices Now!

Continue reading this article, to know more about the McDonald’s Menu Prices In Malaysia for 2022 if you are a McDonald's enjoyer.

Top 8 Best Optical Shop In Malaysia

As we grow older or enter college, our eyesight deteriorates, and we may lose our ability to see clearly. This will very certainly have an impact on our quality of life, particularly when we are working.


If you're unhappy, a tub of vegan ice cream from this vegan cafe in Malaysia will likely make you feel less guilty and provide more satisfaction than traditional ice cream. Kind Kones offers all-natural vegan ice cream at its shop. This healthy kind of ice cream will also satisfy the sweet desire of non-vegans, with flavours ranging from varied chocolate to local favourite Pandan Gula Melaka.

Top 10 Best Places to Celebrate Merdeka

Knock-knock! Who’s there? It’s me! Me who? Meer-de-kuh! August is here and it is the Merdeka month. Hari Merdeka, also known as Malaysia’s Independence...