Perfect Gifts To Brighten Up Your Deepavali!

Celebrated against the triumph over darkness, Deepavali has always been about vibrant colours. This celebration is always accompanied by mouth watering delicacies and wonderful gifts. A huge part of my childhood has always been me looking forward to help my mum make murukku upon approaching Deepavali. My sisters and I would take turns in shaping them which then my mother and grandmother would fry it. That is also the time where we would totally indulge ourselves in sinful desserts. Calories do not count during Deepavali!

The best part of all is the gift hampers that we would receive throughout the celebration as Hindus believe that exchanging gifts is a way to express our love and that we wish only the best for the other families. This gift exchange tradition have grown when it comes to celebrating Deepavali Malaysia. This gift exchange platter would often include an assortment of sweets, dried fruits and savoury snacks. If you are looking for Deepavali gift ideas for your festive needs then this article is definitely for you.


deepavali gifts
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Cocova is a local homemade chocolate brand that is on a mission to provide a healthier option for avid fans of chocolate and snacks. They only use dark chocolate and produce chocolate without any artificial ingredients and flavours. Their products range from cold steep chocolate drink, nut butter, chocolate covered nuts and even raw cocoa nibs. They also offer gift sets that come in smaller packs and also for bundle buy. You can also place orders if you want to customize gifts for your corporate needs. 

For this Deepavali, Cocova also offers crunchy murukku for sale in collaborations with Ibupreneur. They are now collaborating with Ibupreneur, which is an organization supporting single mother communities who are mostly unemployed and fall in the B40 category. Ibupreneur created a platform for single mothers in providing them with the marketplace to earn additional income. So with every purchase of Cocova x Ibupreneur Deepavali set, you are able to contribute to the single mother and their families too – all while enjoying Cocova’s delicious snacks and gifting them to your loved ones! Their Deepavali gift sets includes chocolates, chocolate drinks, classic murukku & salted egg murukku

Deepavali Gift Box (RM 100)
Deepavali Party Set (RM 150)

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Contact Number: 010-2835183


MessengerCo is a brand offering personalised gift boxes. They curate gift boxes according to several subcategories which includes occasions like full moon(celebration of newborn) and care package. They also offer personalisation for corporate needs. They even have gifts for couples. Since Deepavali primarily is about the act of exchanging gifts, this might be just the place you are looking for. 

In conjunction with the Deepavali festival, MessengerCo offers special Deepavali gift sets to cater to your needs. These gift sets are filled with yummy goodies that includes an assortment of snacks, tea buds, scented candle, Deepavali greeting card & gift tag. You can check out their package here.

Set A (RM 63)
Set B: (RM 79)
Set C: (RM 93)
Set D (RM 56)
Set E (RM 63)

You can also receive up to 20% off for your orders on corporate branding with a minimum order of 20 boxes so start planning your Deepavali gifts soon!

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Contact number: 6012-415 4868

make hay, sunshine!

deepavali gift box
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make hay, sunshine! focuses on special gifts for Deepavali that symbolises the tradition and the festival itself. They want to showcase the traditional festival values that related closely to Deepavali. Their gift sets represent elements of light, Rangoli & Diya. In case you are wondering what to get for your loved ones ? Here’s a list of what they offer as Deepavali specials in their Deepavali gift box. They are filled with mouthwatering traditional sweets, chocolates, fresh fruits and finished with gorgeous flower arrangements that will definitely wow your guests.

1) Festival of lights with Godiva (RM 338)

2) Rangoli (RM298)

3) Diya (RM 388)

4) Cecile’s bouquet (RM 159)

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Contact number: 017-600 2298


With their wide range of gifts that covers almost all festive gifts for new moms, babies, betrothal gifts and other specialised gifts. They are now offering their Deepavali 2022 : The Blooming Auspicious collection. This gift set features  gifts, blooming prosperity and blooming joy to lift up your moods and spirits during Deepavali. Featuring two gift sets, blooming Prosperity and Blooming Joy to ensure the brightest smile plastered on the face of your loved ones during Deepavali. If you are looking for Deepavali gift sets with all the staples like chocolate, nuts, murukku, tea and not forgetting the booze then you might want to check out their package!

Blooming prosperity 

Set A (RM589)

Set B (RM 389)

Blooming Joy 

Set A (RM 89)

Set B (RM 159)

Click here to know their contact details:

Website l Email l FB l IG

Contact number: 014-3651449

Eska Creative Gifting 

Eska Creative Gifting caters gifts ranging from customised flowers, fruits, cakes and other items for your gifting needs. Their unique selection of items are curated especially for the event. For this festive month of Deepavali, Eska provides gifts and hampers filled with food and festive warmth. The best part of all is that you are entitled with a free same day delivery upon placing your order for their Deepavali gifts and hamper sets. They have an array of hampers to choose from for your gifting needs. These hampers are uniquely curated which includes different types of cookies, murukkus, nuts, chocolates, assortment of Indian sweets, beautifully decorated cakes, variety of curry spices, jam and not forgetting the variety of beverages for you to choose from. Their hampers ranges from RM 160 up to RM 1500 and you may check them out here.

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Contact number: 03-62767787

Flower Chimp

deepavali gifts
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Flower chimp is well known for its beautiful and exclusive flower arrangement according to the event. They offer a wide range of flower bouquets ranging from different kinds of flowers. Very well known place for its same day delivery, flowers chip is now offering Deepavali specially curated gifts for your gifting needs this festive season. Their Deepavali gift ideas are colourful, vibrant and most importantly filled with yummy delicacies for this Deepavali. Their gifts symbolize parts of the elements that are to be seen in the Deepavali celebration. Their hampers are decorated like peacock and Kolam to represent the significance of the celebration. They have about 14 hampers for you to choose from which will make you spoilt for choice ! Their hampers range from RM 160 up to RM 559 which includes artisanal snacks like baklavas, roasted nuts, praline chocolates, coconut candy, premium coconut truffles and other Deepavali essentials like lamp & scented candle.

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Contact number: 03-30992323


Mika believes that every milestone is worth celebrating hence creating gifts that cover almost all sorts of celebration from birthdays, wedding, newborn needs, corporate events and even seasonal celebration. Their gifts are all unique and customizable. They have carefully curated perfect gift sets for Deepavali to spark up the festivities. Their Deepavali gifts range from a variety of gift hampers filled with decadent spreads that you can choose according to your needs and budget. They supply and ship Deepavali gifts Malaysia covering areas like KL, Selangor, Johor, Kuantan. Melaka and Penang. They have a wide selection of gift sets for you to choose from which includes the Deepavali gifting staples like a variety selection of murukkus, chocolates, cakes, candies, nuts and a variety of both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages to choose from. Their gift hampers range from RM 45 up to RM 700. Deepavali greeting card is also available upon request. You may check out the complete hamper sets here.

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Website l Email l FB l IG

Contact number: 016-2328273

Bow + Ribbons 

Bow + Ribbons specializes in creating gifts according to the designated occasion and celebration. They strongly believe that a gift should be aesthetically pleasing and purposeful as well. Bow + tie are passionate in providing an amazing gifting experience to both the giver and the receiver. This Deepavali, bow + tie launched 4 exclusive sets to cater to all your gifting needs. These Deepavali snacks vary according to the package. Named sparkle, shine, luminous & glory, their gift packs indicate the major components of Deepavali. You can find mouthwatering treats like murukku, peanuts, chocolate chip cookies and tea. You could also find pretty decorative items like gemstone inspired soap, tealight candles and personalised name printing on the crystal glass. This is where you can find the complete list of gift sets.

Diwali 2022: Sparkle (RM139)

Diwali 2022: Shine (RM 179)

Diwali 2022:  Luminous (RM 269)

Diwali 2022: Glory (RM 289)

Click here to know their contact details:

Website l Email l FB l IG

Contact number:  011-3300 6288

If you are wondering where are the best places to hang out during Deepavali, refer here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding Perfect Gifts For Deepavali

Why is Deepavali celebrated?

Originated from Sanskrit work ‘Deepawali’, it translates as Deepavali which means row of lights. It is said that Deepavali is celebrated in the victory of lord Rama’s battle against the demons. It was considered as the victory in which darkness was turned over into light which is why Deepavali is often associated with lights.

 Why is gift exchange considered a ritual during Deepavali?

Gift exchange is done during festivities like Deepavali to express peoples love and gratitude towards their friends and family members. Since Deepavali is declared as a holiday, people often take this opportunity to do visits to their extended family and also to their friends house. It is said that it’s not good to visit houses of people empty handed hence creating the gift exchange tradition.

Where can we buy Indian snacks and sweets ?

Indian snacks and sweets are easily available in Indian provision stores. If you are too lazy to do physical shopping then there are so many local businesses that sell Indian snacks and sweets. The best part is that these snacks and sweets often are already packed into beautiful packages and hampers making it an ideal choice for your gifting needs.

What snacks do people usually have during Deepavali ?

Murukku is one of the most famous snacks that is a must during Deepavali. Besides that people also have similar other snacks like mixture, nuts and dried fruits. Traditional Indian sweets are also particularly famous during Deepavali and are a staple in every Indian household.

Are there any flavours in Murukku ?

Although people usually prefer the regular unflavored murukku made from rice and dhal flour, there are a variety of other murukku flavours that you can find nowadays like salted egg murukku, curry leaf murukku, butter murukku, spiced murukku and other unique flavours like potato murukku, lemon murukku and garlic murukku.

Where can I buy snacks that also support a cause?

You may purchase snacks from Cocova as they are collaborating with Ibupreneur for this Deepavali. They support single mothers who fall under the B40 category by providing them a platform to earn additional income for their families. All the murukkus that you purchase during this festive season from Cocova is made with love by all the single mother under this Ibupreneur collaboration.

What does murukku taste like ?

Being made primarily of rice flour and dhal flour, murukku tastes like any other ordinary crackers that you could find. You may get a hint of spice as cumin seeds are added together with the flour. It is very crunchy in texture since the way of preparing it is by deep frying it. If butter is added in the dough then it would have a slight hint of butter taste making it extra delicious.







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