Places To Study In KL: Top 5 Places To Study In KL

Places to Study in KL

There comes a time in a student’s life where the doom of finals is impending and all the “note-taking” you did in class has summed up to One. Fricking. Page. 

Obviously the next course of action is to do what uni students do best: last-minute studying! 

But what if your home isn’t a conducive place to study? (Your bed: Come on… Just a little nap wouldn’t hurt… You already did 5 minutes of studying… You deserve it…)  

Well, don’t you worry, sweet procrastinating child, Teh Talk has got your back by complying a list of places to study in KL (that’s not all just cafes)!

1. Library of The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur

Located in Midvalley Megamall’s Northpoint Tower B, The Japan Foundation Kuala Lumpur is a non-profit organization aiming to promote cultural exchange between Japan & other countries. 

Places to Study in KL
Places to Study in KL

So why study at their library? Well, not only is it free to enter, it’s quiet ambient setting with ample seating & power sockets will definitely make any study session a breeze. 

Places to Study in KL

And also because their library collection is stocked with extensive materials associated with all that is Japan (yes, mangas too!). So when you do take a break from studying, you can culturize yourself with everything Japanese. That certainly beats your usual break routine of scrolling on social media & the like. 

Also, it being adjacent to Midvalley Megamall means after you’re done with studying, you can choose to destress at the mall (compared to straightaway driving home and potentially getting stuck in traffic) so a win-win for all!


Address: 18th Floor, Block B, Northpoint, No. 1 Medan Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours (for the library): Tuesday – Friday: 10:30am – 6:30pm, Saturday: 10:00am – 6:00pm 

Phone: 03 2284 6228

For more information, visit their website.

2. Perpustakaan Negara/National Library of Malaysia

This might be an obvious choice to some but did you know our National Library is equipped with over 5 million literature items such as books, publications, magazines, newspapers and online materials? 

Places to Study in KL

Half of them are in English but the other half consists of Malay, Chinese & Tamil language books. 

Places to Study in KL

So maybe on a short break, you could check out the materials available and maybe learn a thing or two about our local literary world.

Places to Study in KL

And don’t you fret, free wifi is provided and because it’s a library, it’s very quiet (duh!) so definitely perfect for any student looking to study. 

I know its location might have you already worrying about parking but hear me out:

Free parking on premise! 

Places to Study in KL

So yes, do head over to our National Library, you won’t regret it. But what you might regret is NOT bringing a sweater or hoodie as it gets really cold there. 


Address: 232, Jalan Tun Razak, Titiwangsa, 50572 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Monday closed, Sunday: 10am – 6pm, Tuesday – Saturday: 10am – 7pm

Phone: 03-2687 1700

Wanna see their catalogue beforehand? Or just wanna see what facilities they have to offer? Check that all here at their website

3. Donutes Cafe

I have some bad news for you, my friend. Donutes Cafe does not sell donuts, sadly.

Places to Study in KL

But what they do offer is 24 hours operating times! 

Woo! Truly perfect for that extremely last-minute study session as they also serve up a mean cup of coffee. 

Although they do not have donuts, they do serve up pretty good pastries so in the midst of your caffeinated stupor, you can ease the stress away with a chocolate bun or two (or ten.. Hey, not saying we’ve been there before). 

Places to Study in KL
Places to Study in KL

And truth be told, some cafes we’ve seen on other “Places to Study in KL” lists have the worst seating. And we don’t mean the amount but just the comfortability. 

Really? You expect us to do work on a stool? Uhm, some of us have the backs of 50 year olds! 

Not to worry as Donutes Cafe’s cafes have plenty of comfortable seating & plug points so study away at Donutes… without a donut (Sorry we can’t let go of this disappointment just yet). 

Places to Study in KL
Places to Study in KL

Note they have outlets in Subang (SS15), Kota Damansara & Puchong, all open 24-7.


Operating hours: 24-7!!


4. Lit Books 

Do you know that cliche in movies of how owning a bookstore will lead you to true love? One day, you the bookstore owner will receive an unexpected visitor of the woman/man of your dreams and you’ll bond over your love for books.

Places to Study in KL

Well, Lit Books has quite the reversed story. Long before the establishment of Lit Books, owners Fong Min Hun & his wife Elaine Lau have gotten married way before the idea of starting a bookstore was even planted in their heads.

But it goes along with how bookstores are romantic! 

So why is this relevant?

It’s not! We just need to reach our wordcount somehow but hey, maybe you’ll find love in Lit Books, I don’t know, one can only hope! 

So why study here? 

Not only that it’s an independently owned bookstore which collection is carefully curated by the owners (you won’t see no 50 Shades here), it’s also very quiet & chill to study at. Coffee is also offered so yay, caffeine fix! 

Places to Study in KL
Places to Study in KL

With a large & long table (with plug points alongside) to sit yourself, you’ll definitely feel the studious mood being surrounded by all these literary classics. 

Take a look around or ask the super friendly owners (who are always there) for recommendations, you might just go home with not only a filled brain but also with a new book or two. 


Address: Tropicana Avenue, P-01-11, 12, Persiaran Tropicana, Tropicana, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Opening hours: Monday closed, Tuesday & Sunday: 1 – 9pm, Wednesday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm 

Phone: 03-7886 6988

Website Facebook Instagram

5. Hub Meraki 

Coworking spaces can be expensive and it’s usually just an option for startup companies looking for a cheaper place to work at (compared to renting their own office space).

Places to Study in KL
Places to Study in KL
Places to Study in KL

But Hub Meraki understands that cafes or libraries might not provide the opening hours/amenities a student might want while completing their revision.

So that’s when their daily pass comes into play! For just RM18 a day or if you’re a student, RM15 a day, you are allowed to use their space for a whole day and enjoy their unlimited WiFi and provide free snacks & beverages. 

Places to Study in KL

Being a shared space, you might wonder if it’ll get too hectic or too busy but nope, don’t worry, these coworking spaces usually keep a cap of an X amount of customers. 

If the snacks provided aren’t enough to fill your stomach, Hub Meraki is conveniently located in Sri Petaling with lots & lots of eateries & cafes to help you in that department. 


Address: 13, First Floor, Jln Radin Bagus 7, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Monday closed, Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 10pm, Sunday: 11am – 8pm 

Phone: 012-970 3059

Website Facebook 

We hope this list of places to study in KL was informative for you or your friends looking for a cosy, quiet place to study!

If you’re tired of all this studying, why not release some stress by doing must-try activities in KL? Or going for some good ol’ karaoke

Katricia Lum
Katricia Lum
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