Planners Malaysia: Top 6 Stores to Checkout

In a world when technology pervades practically every aspect of our lives, a planner made out of paper can help people to pull themselves back from the digital world and stay grounded at the moment. I spend much of my time staring at computer and phone screens as a content writer and I can’t articulate the amount of happiness that I get when I write things down in my aesthetically pleasing daily planner book. Of course, planners aren’t only about the design. It also helps me to stay organised, keep track of my finances and keep me motivated throughout every single day. Hence, I want to share some of my favourite planners from Malaysia so that you can experience the same thing as I do. 

Kertas & Co. Planner 2021 

Photo credit: Kertas & Co.

Kertas & Co. was established in 2019 and began by producing 2020 planners. This is one of their top-selling planners on their website known as the ‘PLANNER 2021 – GOLDEN INK’. This is the type of planner that will make everyone stare at you when you walk past the street because of how fascinating it looks. If you are afraid that any other individual might ‘accidentally’ steal your 2021 planner book and claim it as theirs, worry not because Kertas & Co. got you covered. You can now customize your planner by adding your name on the cover, for FREE. The first 30 customers to purchase their 2021 planner will receive gifts.

What’s in the planner:

  • Inspirational quotes
  • Public holidays list for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei
  • The 2021 year at a glance
  • Monthly planner
  • Weekly planner
  • Monthly budget


Planner: RM69.00

Delivery Fee: RM10.00 (West Malaysia), RM18.00 (East Malaysia)

Summorie’s 2021 Weekly Planner

Photo credit: Summoire

This ‘Summoire 2021 Linen Hardback Weekly Planner’ is not only elegant but it’s also perfect for professional settings. If I were to own this planner, I would show it off to my coworkers in my office because who wouldn’t? The colours available for this planner such as pitch-black, midnight blue and mustard will complement every formal attire you wear. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about this planner being too flashy or too dull for your attire. You can further personalise this planner by adding your name and choose whether you want an elastic band or not. If you choose to have the elastic band, you get to pick its colour too. 

What’s in the planner:

  • 2021 and 2022 calendar
  • Habit tracker
  • Key information and dates
  • A spread of 2021 yearly planner
  • 12 spreads of monthly planner
  • 52 spreads of weekly planner


Planner: RM62.00

Undated Planner by Payung Positive

Photo Credit: Payung Positive

Are you the type of person who will make New Year’s resolutions and lose the motivation to do it after Chinese New Year? Well, this is the perfect planner for you. Let’s say that your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight. You exercised for a few weeks and there was a day you didn’t exercise. The next day, you open your planner book and feel guilty for not exercising the day before. Thus, you give up exercising for the rest of the year. It’s normal to have setbacks in your journey of achieving something but it shouldn’t be your last destination. I hope that this undated planner will help you to achieve your dreams at your own pace without feeling guilty about your setbacks. 

What’s in the planner:

  • Undated A5 planner
  • 12 pages of monthly planner
  • 5 weekly planners (each month)
  • Dotted page spread (each month)
  • Blank page spread (each month)


Planner: RM38.00

MIRASYA Planner 2021

Photo Credit:

Can you feel it? Sitting in a lavender field in July, with the spikes swaying gently in the breeze and disseminating their heavenly scent. A perfect moment to let any suppressed emotions like sadness and anger pass through you just like passing through the scenery from the window when boarding a train. That is the vibe I’m getting from this planner book. A planner book where you can write down your deep, dark emotions and thoughts that have been bugging you for a long time to lift some burden off your shoulders. May this book be your friend that you can rely on especially on days when you don’t feel good. This book comes in two colours which are pink and grey. You will receive a cute magnetic bookmark with a minimum purchase of one planner’s book.

What’s in the planner:

  • Weekly plans
  • Monthly layout
  • Quarterly plans
  • Bullet notes
  • Extra 50 pages with dotted lines


Planner: RM69.00

Delivery Fee: RM8.00 (East Malaysia), RM18.00 (West Malaysia)

Byflowers 2021 Planner (Magical Edition)

Royal Aesthetic Artist is a talented detail artist who also makes fairytale/magical themed drawings. Her artworks are suitable for people of all ages and genders. With her strong passion, she produces byFLWRSartwork to empower and lead a happy life. She also creates byFLWRScouture for her items with various new series.

Photo Credit: Byflowers

Nothing is more encouraging than the cover of this planner. The COVID-19 pandemic might have made people lose their business and even their loved ones. However, I wish that you will not lose hope in yourself and the future. Believe that something as magical as this planner will happen along the way in your life. 

What’s in the planner:

  • 2021 calendar
  • Wishlist of the year
  • Magical goal to achieve
  • Monthly goals
  • Monthly review


Planner: RM55.00

Delivery Fee: RM0.63

Everyday x bymirasya Planner

If you’re planning to focus more on self-care this year, then this planner’s book will be your ‘soulmate’. Continuous self-care practice will provide a breath of fresh air and comfort to your heart, body, mind and soul. This planner has everything you need in a monthly style and aids in the development of self-care consistency while reassuring who you are. This planner 2021 from Malaysia will also help you to reorganise your thoughts, goals and projects.

What’s in the planner:

  • Weight tracker
  • Monthly achievement list
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Separator tabs
  • Daily affirmations
  • Reflection sections
  • Morning reminders


Planner: RM69.00

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