Popular House Style Décor in Malaysia

Everyone has their own style, ideas and  when it comes to decorating their own house. It is once in a lifetime to have our own dream. In conclusion, planning and executing your own dream house is important. One of the most crucial parts of decorating a house is the themes. 

Themes are important as it ensures to make your house look cohesive. The interior decoration of the house is attractive and enchanting, right? When you have a house, no matter if you rent or own property, there must be a sense of wanting to decorate so that it is pleasing to the eye. In this post, let’s take a look at the 5 famous and popular house style decor in Malaysia. 


With minimalism, sometimes you will encounter a phase where there is no idea on how to choose the best decoration that suits your house. If you look online as well, there are so many choices that could make it into your shelf and home décor. Really captive the eyes!

Above are the examples of the minimalist house. This really represents minimalism and it is suitable in Malaysia. Bear in mind, white is a hard color to maintain as the paint could fade easily. Opt for a waterproofing brand in Malaysia as the solution to maintain your white paint easier. It could help. 

Two easy tips to incorporate minimalism if you want your house to be more minimalist. Firstly, reduce your stuff. You are advised to dispose of and select items to be moved carefully. Secondly, create a multifunctional room. 

Sometimes people choose minimalist due to the norms and trends of the house currently. If you want to be a minimalist, make sure it is your own choice rather than just following the trends. It is your house after all. The good thing about minimalism is it is an easy way of life. You literally save your time to pack here and there. 


The idea of Scandinavian house theme comes from three of Northern European countries which consist of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. If you noticed, most Scandinavian house items can be easily found in SSF and Ikea. This is due to the fact that Ikea comes from Sweden. So the idea of the furniture is implemented there. If you love most of the SSF and Ikea furniture, you are probably like and prone to the Scandinavian house style décor. 

Scandinavian design is simple, minimalist, and compact, with an emphasis on aesthetics. The lack of clutter contributes to the Scandinavian appeal. It has a neat appearance.

To conclude , a clean and neat appearance while manoravable is what Scandinavian offers. 

  • When playing with neutral, it’s common to use white.
  • To balance the earthiness and neutral tones, pops of colour were added.
  • Minimalism
  • Biodegradable materials
  • It appeared to be a friendly environment.

Mid-Century Modern

Third house theme in this list is mid-century modern.  Mid-century is pretty hard to define or even be given definition. However this particular home style is a combination of traditional and modern in a more cohesive way. This definition quoted from Home Beautiful, said mid century has one of its hallmarks – and the reason for its enduring appeal is the focus on functionality. 

Mid-century Characteristics:

  • Incorporates both organic and geometric forms into the design
  • Free usage of traditional material as well as non-traditional materials
  • Sometimes use contrasting materials
  • Neutral earthy tones to bold tones
  • Seemed vintage
  • Lots of wooden elements or color
  • Forms follow function 

In Malaysia, this sort of style is so suitable if you are residing somewhere near the beach or jungle. It is even suitable if there is life with an elderly. This style is suitable as it related to their childhood more, like their parents’ home. 


Speaking of Industrial style of theme decor, what comes across our mind is raw, organic and exposed. Industrial style is getting more famous due to the rise of Indie coffee shops that are trending on Titkok and Instagram. Industrial style uses rustic vibes and back-to-normal aesthetic in their cafe. 

Characteristic of Industrial: 

  • Edgy raw appearance in the compound
  • Steels; iron and steel
  • Grey and black that seemed to be blending well with lighting mood 
  • Minimal trees, plants, succulents  and flowers 
  • More yellow-toned lighting rather than white lighting
  • May have awkward and exposed beams, columns and fixtures 

Since industrial style is more raw and uses exposed cement, make sure to use high-quality waterproof cement. Find the best waterproofing Malaysia company in Malaysia for the long-lasting beautiful effects. 

Color-Wise Theme Style 

In Malaysia, this is the most popular with the housewife as they are in charge of home decoration. This style is one of the simplest decor themes for a room or general area. In addition to that, it is easy as you can mix and match any color that goes well together. Pick a color palette that is suitable with your taste and sensibility. 

Above is the example of blue colors implemented in the living room. It gives a bold look. The pros for this particular style is that you can be expressive with colors. You could use bold colors and ridiculous art forms that you would like. Hang any painting or art form that is not as popular but thanks to the colors in your house, it will make sense.

Another example of color-wise theme decor style is pink, grey and white. This is the primary color in the color palette. Image below is the more subtle color-wise theme. 

To conclude, these are some characteristics of color-wise theme: 

  • May use bold colors
  • Sculptures is acceptable 
  • Weird pattern
  • Looks cohesive 
  • There are certain color palette 
  • Can mix and match furniture and decorations easily 

With all of these home décor themes, we got to discover famous and popular themes in Malaysia. Remember to take care of your home well. Oh yes, I highly suggest you invest in a good and reputable waterproofing brand in Malaysia. 

Sharifah Natasha
Sharifah Natasha
SEO content writer in Teh Talk that loves to play games and use coffee as coping mechanism.







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