Reflect Yourself Before Divorcing & Divorce Lawyer Recommendations 

Everyone wants a happy life where everything is almost perfect. However, life is not all that sweet. After embarking on a happy marriage, sometimes you and your partner consider divorce. Before contacting any divorce lawyer, read this post first. 

When a couple decides to embark on a marriage journey together, of course all couples are hoping to be together until their last breath. Till death do them apart, they said. However, as the problems arise in marriage and everyday living together feels like hell, some couples decide to settle into divorce as their final resort. However, ask yourself some of the questions down before divorcing: 

Ask These Question Before Contacting Divorce Lawyer:


First and foremost, let’s talk about feelings. The main reason you  get married is because you guys are in love with each other. Therefore, ask yourself. Do you still love your partner? The very first thing you need to be sure before deciding to divorce is about feelings for your partner. 

Do you still love your husband or wife like you used to? Yes, feelings cannot be a benchmark for divorce or surviving yet it can be one of reasons to fight for the relationship.  



If the marriage can still be saved, then it is better if the marriage can be maintained by forgiving each other and then turning over a new leaf together. However, if the decision to reconcile cannot be a solution, then divorce may be inevitable.


Before deciding to divorce, have you communicated with your partner? Sometimes divorce occurs due to the lack of communication. Sherry Amatenstein, a marriage therapist in Manhattan and Queens, explains, it is possible that one party has tried to file a complaint but on the other hand the couple does not understand the problems or situation. Remember, don’t rush to contact any divorce lawyer.

If you desire to save this marriage, try to communicate with your partner. State clearly your wishes and worries during the discussion. This can make your partner more aware of what you want and don’t want.

Consider Your Happiness in Your Life

happy couple

The second thing you need to consider is the happiness in life that you feel from the decision to divorce. You need to honestly ask yourself, will you be happier when you are divorced or will you suffer more. If the answer is you suffer more, it means you are not sure about your decision.

Since the beginning of deciding marriage, you marry the man you love and feel happy living with him, but if you divorce, then you choose to separate. It could be that this decision will complicate your life in the future, especially if you still love your partner.

Considering Efforts to Survive or Save The Relationship 

Finally, the fourth thing you need to consider before deciding to divorce is the effort you are making to make your marriage last before contacting divorce lawyer. Sometimes we too often blame and question our partner’s efforts to save the marriage without thinking and asking ourselves.

If you haven’t made a maximum effort to maintain the marriage, then you shouldn’t be in a hurry to break up. It could be that if you try again, your marriage can return without having to sacrifice many parties.

Divorce Lawyer Recommendation: 

Jazzmine Khoo & Associates

divorce lawyer

This is one of the top divorce attorneys in Malaysia. They are professional in handling cases of matrimony, settlements, child care and domestic violence. 



Contact Info: 

TEL: 03 – 2602 3646

FAX: 03- 2602 3647

The Divorce Lawyer Malaysia 

Book for a free consultation regarding your case to get started. If you have any enquiries, an agent is assigned to you that will help answer your questions. Then, you will be directed to a divoerce lawyer for your cases if you are ready. This agency is available in three states which consists of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Penang. Visit their site more to find an answer for a more accurate Question and Answer (Q&A) regarding divorce. 

Contact Info: 

Email: [email protected] 

L Y Lu & Co

Third lawyer firm recommendation in this list is L Y Lu & Co. These divorce lawyer are available in Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area.  Their legal team represents clients in family law cases.

divorce lawyer

With their experienced family law attorneys are well aware of the significant emotional and financial challenges that come with divorce. If you are looking for lawyers that will devote a significant amount of time, energy, and resources to assisting their clients, you could consider this firm. They will be pursuing and obtaining resolutions to your difficult family law situations.

Contact Info: 

Tel: +603 2166 0800 or +603 2166 1800

Email: [email protected]

 Low & Partners 

divorce lawyer

Low & Partners is a law firm that has significant law practice with a bunch of offices located in key cities such as; Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Penang, Perak, Pahang. They said more branches of their law firm are coming as well. 

If you are in Perak, their law firm is located in the Greentown Business Center in Ipoh, Perak. Their law firm was founded in 2009 and now have hired more than 30 lawyers who specialize in numerous areas such as Divorce & Family Law, Wills, and Debt Recovery. 

Yoong & Patt Partners

divorce lawyer

Last but not least, the last law firm for divorcement Yoong & Patt Partners. Yong and Patt have gathered some of the most dedicated lawyers and founded a law firm boutique. Each and everyone has their own expertise therefore they are capable of assisting clients in legal issues that they are facing. Wide range of legal issues could be solved. They could also help in other issues of dispute, bankruptcy and family law. 

In Conclusion 

After reading the list of recommendations about the divorce attorney above, you probably are thinking about the legal fees. During this pandemic Covid-19, our economy isn’t as stable as before, therefore it is understandable when you are worrying regarding fees. So, talk to them and discuss the budget. Stay safe and don’t be too stressed out! 

What Exactly is Divorce?

Divorce is the breaking of bonds in a husband and wife relationship. It meaning the breaking of the law of marriage so that both of them are no longer domiciled as husband and wife and no longer live together in a household.

How to Prevent Divorce in The household?

In a family, problems are normal. However, this must be based on Commitment to Relationships, Giving Each Other Space, Mutual Respect, Open, Honest, and Regular Communicating, as well as being open in Financial Issues.

How to Save a Marriage on the Threat of Divorce?

Divorce can be handled in various ways. This is overcome by remembering the happy moments at the beginning of marriage, Listening to the expressions of your partner’s heart, Don’t ignore every problem in your marriage, Don’t compare your marriage with others, and Avoid actions that make things worse.

What Are the Impacts of Divorce?

Try to consider what are the losses that must be borne by each family member when the decision is to divorce. Some of the impacts felt are Child victims, Impact for parents, Financial disaster, Child care problems, Emotional disturbances, Danger of second adolescence.

What Causes Divorce?

Incompatibility, lost love, or one party is attracted to another, are things that are often associated as causes of divorce. But several studies reveal that there are similarities in every divorced couple, which can be a predictor of the cause of their divorce.

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