Scented Candle Malaysia: 8 Malaysian Scented Candle Brands You Can Purchase Online

Scented Candle Malaysia

Walking into a place, what’s the first thing you notice?

The decorations? The volume of music playing? People’s faces?

It’s most likely scent will hit your senses first, whether pungent or fragrant.

Scent also trigger memories of a particular place, person hence it’s time to start crafting a beautiful scent for your home. We tend to take the smell of our home for granted since our senses adjust to scent pretty quickly.

(This is why friends will say your house has a particular smell while you’re like, “What? Since when?”)

What better way to craft a scent for your home than scented candles? However instead of getting big name ones at your nearest shopping mall, why not try out one of these 8 Scented Candle Malaysia Brands?

But before that, let’s take a look at our Honorable Mentions!

Honorable Mentions: ANBO

Image Source: ANBO

ANBO is one of the best scented candles Malaysia has to offer. Elegant, aromatic and handcrafted, with love – ANBO is a beeswax candle artisan that is hand-crafted in their studio in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. What’s special about this boutique is that it only uses natural ingredients. The packaging is sustainable and they also have personalized gifts. You can re-use the vessels once you run out of candles too – such as a pot planter, pencil cup, or a bathroom canister. If you or your loved ones enjoy the smell of aromatic candles, then this is the best gift for them and for you. 

The shop employs 100% natural beeswax, wood wicks, and premium phthalate-free fragrance oil and essential oil. So you don’t have to worry about toxic substances in the candles.

They have various series selling right now but their notable current series is the BESPOKE concrete series. There is a wide range of smells such as Blackberry, Raspberry, Vanilla & Citrus, Brandy, Leather, Pear, Teakwood & Clove, Lychee, Geranium & Silver Needle Tea, Japanese Cucumber, Cotton, Linen, Petitgrain & Musk, and Black Tea, Bamboo, Figs, Moss, Musk, & Pink Peppercorn. 

Another notable series is the Coffee series which mainly features roasted coffee as its smell but also a tinge of other smells such as Bergamot, Peppermint, Tea Tree, and Eucalyptus. Even the physical features look like a cup of delicious coffee!

Interested to shop with ANBO? 
For more information: Website | Facebook | Instagram

And now on to our Top 8 Malaysian Scented Candle Brand you can purchase online!

1. Lilin + Co

With a minimalist & modern design, Lilin + Co’s candles will not only give your house a new scent but also make as nice decor.

Scented Candle Malaysia

Lilin + Co’s candles are made of 100% premium soy because it is less toxic to the skin & even burns longer than your average paraffin candles.

Scented Candle Malaysia
Strawberries & Champagne
65g (RM20)
170g (RM65)
Scented Candle Malaysia
65g (RM20)
170g (RM65)

Lilin + Co recommends a minimum burning of ONE HOUR for the dandle wax to fully melt across the width of the jar to ensure even burning all the time.

Scented Candle Malaysia
Customised Candles (starting from RM18)
Scented Candle Malaysia
Gift Box Set (RM9)
Candles are charged separately

Shipping rates to West Malaysia is RM10 and to East Malaysia is RM14 via DHL e-Commerce.

Free shipping for purchases above RM150 (WM) & RM170 (EM)

There are certain situations where only partial refunds are granted: (if applicable)
* Any item not in its original condition, is damaged or missing parts for reasons not due to our error.
* Any item that is returned more than 30 days after delivery

Exchanges are only applicable for defective or damaged items.

Website Facebook Instagram

2. OiLilin

A candle brand for the environmentally-conscious, OiLilin recycles used cooking oil to turn it into scented candles.

It’s said that 500,000 tons of used cooking oil in Malaysia are discharged to the environment without proper waste treatment which clogs the drainage pipes, contaminates surface water & prevents the flow of oxygen which affects flora & fauna.

Scented Candle Malaysia
Scented Candle Malaysia

OiLilin’s scented candles are hand-poured individually from small batches made from carefully selected and filtered used cooking oil and ecological powdered wax scented with fragrance, which is non-toxic and contains no parabens.

Scented Candle Malaysia
Spice Wood Candle (RM29/105g)
Scented Candle Malaysia
Jasmine Candle (RM29/105g)
Scented Candle Malaysia
Fig Milk Candle (RM29/105g)

How about making your own scented candle with cooking oil from your home? It only takes 3 minutes!

Scented Candle Malaysia
Apple Candle Making Kit (RM49)
contains 60g (2.1 oz.) of fragrant powder for making wax, 3 cotton wicks, 3 wick holders and a measuring spoon
Creates up to 3 100g scented candles

Shipping rates cost RM10 (WM) & RM15 (EM) via NinjaVan. Free shipping for orders over RM100 (WM) & over RM150 (EM).

Returns & refunds are applicable within 15 days of the date of your delivery.

To be eligible for a return or exchange, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

Website Facebook Instagram

3. Nudecco

Many of the scented candles you’re going to see on this list comes inside a jar. However Nudecco changes it up by making their candles in all cute shapes & sizes!

Still a soy scented candle with zero paraffin, Nudecco’s candles are so safe, they can even be used as moisturizer for your body or hands.

Scented Candle Malaysia
Vintage Mug in Le Parisien (RM80/200g)
Scented Candle Malaysia
The Miro (RM49/150g)

Nudecco’s candles are individually hand poured making each candle unique & different. Just like us humans, really.

Scented Candle Malaysia
The Calico (RM59)
Scented Candle Malaysia
Basic Cone Candle (RM49)

Shipping rates start from RM10 (WM) & from RM15 (EM) via DHL.

Refunds & returns are not applicable.

Website Facebook Instagram

4. EJL Candlebar

Established in 2017 by Emma Jane Lazaroo (that’s why EJL stands for!), candle making first started off as a therapeutic hobby and has now since evolved into a business that caters for personal use, gifts, events and everything else in between.

Scented Candle Malaysia
Hawaii & Ko Samui Classic Range Candle
Scented Candle Malaysia
Tahiti Luxe Range Candle

Every one of EJL Candlebar’s candle is hand poured to perfection and made from 100% natural soy wax, premium fragrance and lead free wicks which makes it friendlier to the environment.

Scented Candle Malaysia
Scented Candle Malaysia
Travel Set (3 candles) for RM52

To order, whatsapp this link or through the website form.

Website Facebook Instagram

5. Dorothy Scents

Just like we said earlier about how certain scents invoke certain memories, founder of Dorothy Scents was created out of founder Nicole Rodrigues’ desire to unlock memories of treasured moments from the past that were irrevocably linked with her paternal and maternal grandmothers, both named Dorothy. 

Now, it’s time for you to create your own memories with a wide variety of exotic new aromas from Dorothy Scents.

Scented Candle Malaysia
Moroccan Designer Jars (RM85/130g)
Scented Candle Malaysia
Crystal Candle (RM75/100g)

All of Dorothy Candles are hand poured from imported soy wax from the UK & US.

Scented Candle Malaysia
Daily Collection Gift Set (RM140)

Shipping costs start from RM10.50 (WM) & from RM22.75 (EM).

Free shipping for orders RM75 & above.

Refunds are applicable for only damaged goods & must be returned in complete, in perfect condition, unused, unwashed and with the original packaging.

Credits or exchanges are offered in certain circumstances within 7 days of receiving your order.

Website Facebook Instagram

6. Fluffy & Co.

Since 2017, Fluffy & Co. has been crafting hand poured natural scented soy candles.

From travel tins candles which you can bring them everywhere you go to 70g candles perfectly fitted to the palm of your hands to 160g candles to burn all night long, Fluffy & Co. has them all and in dreamy scents to boot!

Scented Candle Malaysia
Mimpi Melati Soy Scented Candle (RM42/160g)
Scented Candle Malaysia
Travel Tins (RM22)
Scented Candle Malaysia

With such tranquil names like Mimpi Melati & Day Spa, how could anyone resist Fluffy & Co.’s candles?

Scented Candle Malaysia
Classic Gift Box with Customized Gift/Name Tag or Greeting Cards

Fluffy & Co. also makes customized candles should you need any party/wedding favours or a cute gift for your friends.

Scented Candle Malaysia

Returns are applicable for new & unused items within 30 days.

Purchase from their Facebook page.

Facebook Instagram

7. Borneo Candle Studio

We ain’t forget about you East Malaysian folks, we know how expensive shipping can be from these West Malaysian stores.

Thankfully, there’s a East Malaysia scented soy candle brand and it’s called Borneo Candle Studio.

Birthed by a Sarawakian & Bruneian duo, Borneo Candle Studio was created after the founders couldn’t find a high quality toxic-free candles with an accessible price locally. Hence a year long journey of sourcing ingredients, countless testing and trialing in their studio kitchen until the brand was finally born.

Scented Candle Malaysia
Scented Candle Malaysia
Soy Candles (RM48/100ml)

Borneo Candle Studio ensures all their ingredients to their packaging to their candles are designed with eco-friendly and quality in mind.

Each candle is handcrafted in small batches using 100% soy wax, phlatlate-free fragrance and essential oil blends with cotton wicks. Our scents are inspired by the different mood we seek in our daily lives.

Scented Candle Malaysia
How to reuse candle jars

For every jar returned, get RM3 off your next purchase!

Scented Candle Malaysia
Borneo Candle Studio also does customized orders with a minimum order of 25 pieces.

Shipping rates start from RM12 (WM) & from RM7 (EM) via Pos Malaysia.

Brunei shipping requires you to contact them for shipping arrangments.

Exchange of products is allowed provided candle is unused & still in its original packaging. Must be done within 14 days of purchase.

Website Facebook Instagram

8. Wicket Candles

Another brand focusing on the importance of the association of scent with memory, Wicket Candles wants their hand-poured artisanal soy wax scented candles to help you create or recreate memories.

Scented Candle Malaysia
Seasonal Tins (RM45/150g)
Scented Candle Malaysia
Amber Glass Candle

If you’re unsure or just wanna test our Wicket scents first, try their new Sampler Set containing 3 15ml scents.

Scented Candle Malaysia
Sampler Set (RM20)
Scented Candle Malaysia
Candle Tins (RM45/150g)

Flat rate shipping of RM9 to the whole of Malaysia.

Free shipping for orders above RM120.

Website Facebook Instagram

Scented Candle Malaysia

We hope this list of Malaysian scented candle brands was helpful to you, whether as a way to spice (scent) up your home or as a thoughtful gift to your friend.

Know any other Malaysia scented candle brands we might have missed out? Comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a scented candle Malaysia?

A scented candle or aromatherapy candle is the type of candle, in which a natural or synthetic scented material is added, compared to unscented candles or normal candles. Scented candles are usually infused with fragrant oils mixed into the wax to let out pleasant aromas while it is burning.

2. What benefits can the scented candle Malaysia offer to its buyer?

Although the production of scented candles has a main similar purpose to the production of normal candles which is to light up the darkness in certain spots at our home, the benefits of scented candles are beyond that.  Through its pleasant and enthralling scents, the scented candles are able to relieve our stress subconsciously, boost happy hormones, reduce anxiety, create a romantic ambiance, and be a decoration.

3. Why do sometimes we cannot smell out our scented candle Malaysia?

There is a scientific reason behind this situation where you cannot smell out our scented candles anymore after a while. Sometimes, your nose experiences ‘’nose blind’’ or ‘’olfactory fatigue’’ to any scent or odour that we get used to. Thus, your noses cannot notice that specific scent anymore. Sometimes the reason behind this situation is due to the larger size of the room where the scented candles are placed in.

4. What are the meanings of terms ‘’cold throw’’ and ‘’hot throw’’ in scented candle Malaysia?

It is possible that you have heard about the terms ‘’cold throw’’ and ‘’hot throw’’ while doing research about the scented candle. “Hot throw” is the strength of aroma that you smell after burning a scented candle, as opposed to “cold throw,” which is when you take a whiff of a scented candle while it is not burning.

5. Why is it important to not forget the purpose of our room while choosing the scented candle Malaysia?

Before proceeding to purchase the scented candle, the purpose of our room should not be ignored or taken lightly. One scented candle can affect your mood and emotions. The good smell of scented candles in our room can boost your positive hormones and revitalize you. Indeed, the wrong scents can trigger discomfort while you want to unwind in that room.

6. How many hours should we let the scented candle Malaysia burns?

If you would like to burn a scented candle, it is recommended to not let it burns for more than 4 hours. If you burn your scented candle or any type of candle exceeding this suggested hour, the carbon will collect on the wick and your wick will start to ‘’mushroom’’. This situation will cause the wick of a scented candle to become unstable, the flame to get too large and soot to be released into the air and around the container of the scented candle.

7. Is it safe to smell and use scented candle Malaysia?

Scented candles are safe to be used as the chemical exposure produced is really low. Most scented candles users and other fragranced products will have no risk and harm the users. However, it is good to remind that you should not let the scented candle burn for more than 4 hours, and you should never leave the scented candle unattended while it is burning.  

8. Will the scent of scented candle Malaysia weaken or fade at any time?

Yes, nothing last forever, and so does the scent of scented candles. Eventually, the scent will fade away due to the scent degradation process. This happens when molecules of fragrance oil are slowly but constantly evaporating from the wax into the air, even when the scented candles are not burning.

9. Can we make the scented candle Malaysia last longer while burning?

As it cannot be told how long the scented candle lasts, there are several tips that you can follow. They should have been kept away from direct sunlight while burning, use a glass cloche or topper to preserve the scented candle and its fragrance, store them in a dark and cool place and avoid hot or too moist places.

10. How do we choose scented candle Malaysia online?

It could be tricky to purchase scented candles online. Purchasing scented candles online will not be the same as when we bought them in the store but eventually there will be tips on them. You have to understand the types of wax, and the scents’ descriptions, read reviews, and lastly make sure which room or space to use

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