Sex Positive Influencers in Malaysia and Why You Should Follow Them

Malaysia is a conservative society where talking about sex is frowned upon because of the widespread perception that it violates Islamic practice. This is due to the fact that the majority of the citizens are Muslims.

In the contemporary age, when many cultures across the globe have started to embrace and recognize that sex is a normal thing, it’s likely that our local culture today is more tolerant of them, as more people have made steps to increase public understanding about it. Below are some sex positive influencers in Malaysia and why you should follow them:

Naomi Neo

Naomi Neo, a local influencer, surprised her followers by announcing her second pregnancy in July 2020.

Hundreds of her subscribers and Instagram followers congratulated her and her family on their happy news, which was captured on her YouTube vlog.

Naomi has been proudly sharing photos of her expanding baby belly, as well as a photo of her happy family, which featured her son Ky, who was eagerly looking forward to being a big brother. In January of this year, Naomi welcomed her second child. 

Sarah S Marvie

Sarah S Marvie, or mostly known as Sarah Saiful before she tied the knot with her long-term partner, is a LGBTQIA+ activist. She migrated from Malaysia and got married in June 2019 in Paris, France.

In her Instagram postings, she offers us snippets of their day-to-day lives, which gives us a little glimpse into their happy marriage. She also has a YouTube account, which you can check out to see more of her and her wife.

Nur Sajat 

Sangat Licik! Nur Sajat Guna Nama 'Bella' & Pembantu Di Malaysia Untuk  Keliru Pihak Berkuasa

Because of her controversial gender identity, Nur Sajat, a cosmetic millionaire, is sure to be one of Malaysia’s most discussed topics this year.

Sajat has never admitted to being transgender. She even went out of her way to prove that she is, in fact, a woman. Sajat told InTrend that she was born a hermaphrodite and was raised as a boy by her family. Despite the fact that she is constantly criticised by the public, she still holds her ground on what she believes to be right which is really amazing to think about.

Zoey Phoon

时尚博主Zoey Phoon,不惊艳但笑起来很好看的小女生- 粉丝服务(

Zoey Phoon, a Malaysian-born digital artist and social media star who now calls the UK home, was hired as a Sex Education extra because of her famous status in Malaysia.  The popular series follows a group of students as they face new challenges at school and in their personal sex lives.

In Episode Five, Viv, played by Chinenye Ezeudu, a returning character from Season Two, is shown using the public toilet on a school field trip to France. Phoon, clad in a red jacket, can be seen strolling by her as she goes to the sink to wash her hands.

Phoon shared her delight at the brief appearance on her Instagram account. As well as sharing her own experiences on the show, she also reposted stories from friends and supporters who had seen her on the scene. This young lady is leading by example by willingly auditioning for a television sex education series.

The Bottom Line

Many influencers are more accepting towards sex now and promotes it in their own way, be it through a pregnancy photoshoot on Instagram or being a cameo on sex education series. Maybe it’s now time for us the public to do the same too.

Azizah Haili
Azizah Haili
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