Sex Toys In Malaysia With Erosu: Where Pleasure Meets Aesthetic

Sex toys don’t really have a good rep in Malaysia. A majority of our society tends to look down on topics or objects involving sexual pleasure or anything people deem inappropriate or taboo. The question is, why? We should be able to talk about any topic as long as it’s in a healthy perspective. Furthermore, this could have honestly prevented so many cases of sexual misconduct. 

The fact that it’s so hard to obtain sex education in Malaysia is kind of heartbreaking. To see young people, especially teens, go through everything themselves and most of the time, it is not in a healthy way and ends up badly. It’s hard to swallow, but the reality is, someone either ends up in a shelter for single pregnant women or… well, the other one is a bit too gory to describe.

We need to start exposing our younger generation to the basics of sexual intercourse, what should and should not be done, or the consequences of certain actions. Some young girls have even mentioned that they never knew sex could lead to pregnancy, thus they didn’t think to use condoms. A majority of teens usually get convinced by their “significant other”, and no, if you’re manipulated or persuaded into giving consent, it’s not consent.

Thus, The Cool Bears are here today to talk about how and why this 25-year-old woman decided to open up an online sex toy shop in Malaysia.

A Little Bit About Lith

Lith is the owner and co-founder of Erosu. She’s currently 25 years of age and she is a fine artist. 

Lith posing with one of the sex toys sold on Erosu.

For those who don’t know, fine artists use different methods to convey their ideas like sculpting, glass-blowing, weaving and a lot of other methods. Lith has played around with painting and resin art, and she’s exhibited her pieces in several art galleries and exhibitions. Most of her artwork is about female sexuality or sex in general. 

A couple examples of Lith’s artwork.

Lith says that one of the reasons she creates this type of art is because sex ed is really lacking in Malaysia, and we need to start talking about it in a healthy way. She started creating art after she graduated from college around 4 years ago. 

The Start Of Erosu

A couple of years after graduating, she and her partner started planning Erosu and began prepping for the launch a year before launching. The launching actually got pushed back a bit due to the pandemic, so they launched on the 20th of November. Despite that, it’s working out good so far for them.

sex toys in Malaysia

Why “Erosu”?

Lith explained that their name was created by her and her partner together. It is rooted from the Greek god of love, Eros, and they wanted to put a Japanese twist on the name because both of them are into Japanese culture, thus, Erosu. 

The Purpose Of Erosu

Erosu, in Lith’s words, is not just an online shop for sex toys in Malaysia. It is a platform for people who are curious about sex and for people to freely share their experiences and stories. 

“Female pleasure has always not been talked about enough.”

Since we live in a society that consists mostly of heterosexual relationships (also consists of misogyny, just sayin’), it is kind of considered something normal to prioritize male pleasure over female pleasure, and that is how most relationships are portrayed in the media as well, especially in films that contain pornographic content. Thus, one of Erosu’s purposes is to sort of promote female pleasure. 

sex toys in Malaysia

“It’s time for women to claim their sexuality and have a say in their own sexual pleasure.”

However, Erosu wants to also let queer and non-binary people feel included because in Malaysia, as well as most Asian countries, there’s a lack of platforms where they can feel safe in and thus, they want to create that safe space for them as well. Basically, Erosu is a safe space for anyone who wants to put their trust in them. 

Was There Any Backlash?

Since it’s only been a short amount of time since the launch of Erosu, they haven’t gotten any backlash. However, they’ve gotten questions from curious people, asking them if it’s weird to talk about topics like this or just weird in general to be doing this kind of business. Lith did not see that as a negative question, since they were only curious as to how people discuss this topic comfortably. She says that it is completely normal and shouldn’t be awkward to talk about our own pleasure or giving a sex toy as a gift in Malaysia, depending on who you’re dealing with, of course. You wouldn’t want to give a sex toy as a gift to a person you just met.

Lith mentions how she feels lucky that she’s surrounded by positive and open-minded people. It’s not just friends, it’s her family as well since they are very accepting people. 

Why Did You Make Erosu Such An Aesthetically Pleasing Page?

Most sex toy shops in Malaysia or anywhere else always look so raunchy and dirty, and Lith did not want that. She wanted to make Erosu look abstract and show that sexual pleasure isn’t a dirty thing nor is it something that’s considered embarrassing to look at. 

“The aesthetic is for Erosu to be more approachable because sex is a taboo topic, and we want to thrive on social media, so we just wanted to make it approachable and educational in a way so that people won’t feel uncomfortable following or scrolling through our account.”

sex toys in Malaysia

Additionally, Lith mentions that their goal is not to stir people away, but rather it’s to normalize this and make it accessible to anyone (adults, of course). 

They try to carry more abstract-looking products so that promoting is easier to normalize the whole thing. People are still not quite accepting of things like this, so they are hoping that making sex toys look pretty and aesthetically pleasing could help in terms of letting people approach them as well as normalizing sexual pleasure.

Their Best-selling Product

As of now, Erosu is still expanding their products, and they already have a lot of types to suit your taste. They have dildos, strap-ons, vibrators and many other sex toys.

Even though all their products look inviting, a lot of people usually opt for one specific toy named Alston. Alston is a black vibrator and a lot of people opt for it because of how pretty it looks. 

Erosu is still growing, and with the help of Lith and her partner, Adam, guiding it along the way, I’m pretty sure Erosu will grow into something beautiful and become a safe space for anyone who needs it. 

So, don’t be shy and give Erosu a visit! While you’re at it, you can also visit our article on ways to spend this year’s Valentine’s Day with your loved one.



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