Sex Toys 101 Malaysia

While it is deemed a common phenomenon for human beings to experience sexual desire every now and again, members of rather conservative cultures still perceive this as a taboo topic in which they are petrified to even address it in open space due to anticipated circumstances. Though it is perfectly fine to keep this subject matter within ourselves because it is ultimately personal and we are not obliged to openly announce when usually our lusts rush through our veins, we need to acknowledge it as a semblance of normality. Apart from having a consistent skincare routine and leading a healthy lifestyle, self-pleasuring is another pivotal element to self-love not everybody realizes. Suppose you find relying on bare hands too mundane to achieve ultimate satisfaction, sex toys can help speed up your trip to climax yet make it more fulfilling than ever before. This article aims to provide educational information regarding sex toys as well as a list of places on where you can find sex toys in Malaysia.

Sex toys 101

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Why Sex Toys Are A Good Fit To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Many misconceptions concerning the ownership of sex toys claiming how only those without a significant other are entitled for usage. Though, it is nowhere near accurate.We understand the topic of sex toys is not common among most couples in Malaysia. However you should know that sex toys are proven to enhance couple’s bond in bed or more precisely sex life, provided both partners are in utmost comfortable state to have that as an addition. Incorporating sex toys to your sex life does not necessarily indicates your partner’s incompetency; instead, these brillant thingamabobs bring your intimacy session to a whole distinct level, making it the most pleasurable one you have ever experienced.

best places to get sex toys

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Calling out fellow bachelors and bachelorettes, leading a solo trip may grant you all of the freedom to pursue anything in life you fancy; nonetheless, sex toys can make a wonderful companion and they may be just the thing you need. In point of fact, providing yourself with extravagant stimulation does not cause harm. Apart from ameliorating self-intimacy, sex toys act as a platform for you to explore your very own body in which you may gain significant understanding on what exactly your body craves to reach a climax. There are simply no reasons for you to be bashful.

self pleassure

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How Sex Toys Keep You In The Pink Of Health

Should you face stumbling blocks going to bed smoothly for as long as you can remember, quit relying on sleeping pills (if you do) and consider gifting yourself a sex toy. If you have yet to notice it already, we usually get exhausted post-orgasms as our brain releases prolactin in which we refer to as the sleep-inducing hormone, granting those with sleep deprivation the chance to finally sleep like a baby again. Besides, our brain also releases oxytocin and serotonin amid climax, or in simpler terminologies, the “happy” hormones that help eliminate stress. Long story short, if you get quality sleep at night and your stress levels are kept low consistently, that makes you as fit as a fiddle. While bare hands contributes to orgasms just as effectively, sex toys accelerate.

sex toys malaysia

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Variation Of Sex Toys And Their Functions 

There are simply hundreds and thousands of sex toys out there in which people invent to match their own kink, this article aims to cover few prevalent ones and here they are : 


When it comes to adult toys, Dildos are old but gold. They come in distinctive lengths and sizes but share a similar resemblance to a penile, mostly realistic and some rather abstract. They are invented as a tool to penetrate the vagina, anus, and mouth, or anywhere you fancy. Once you own a dildo yourself, the opportunity is endless. 

dildos sex toys

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Anal Toys 

This is an umbrella of a particular category encompassing plugs (commonly referred to as butt plugs), anal beads, prostate massagers and so on in which as their terminology suggests, are to provide stimulation for any parts of your backside. To avail yourself of them in the most comfortable and safest state ever,  lubricate the part you seek stimulation on and ensure the equipment has a wide base to prevent it from sliding in entirely. In case of transpiration, seek medical assistance immediately. This may not be considered a common sex toys in Malaysia but if you dare to explore you could definitely get on for yourself.

sex toys malaysia anal stimulators

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Penis Sleeves 

No, definitely not your regular shirtsleeves. These very special sleeves or strokers are part of realistic sex toys in which resembles a structure of vagina with varying textures within for penile insertion. Interestingly, there exist those equipped with vibration or suction features that can easily double or triple up your pleasure. 

sex toys sleeves

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These vacuum-like devices operate either manually or powered by battery creating immsensive suction, thus experts in pleasuring spots that are comparatively sensitive such as penis, clitoris, vulva, and nipples. While it could be of massive help for erection, permanent enlargement of penis is far from possible. 


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Ben Wa Balls 

Putting the somewhat odd moniker aside, they are sometimes referred to as Kegel trainers, or simply vagina or orgasm balls. They are round in shape to be inserted inside a vagina stimulating Kegel exercises that strengthens women’s pelvic floor muscle to ameliorate sexual health. Tools of suchlike are typically weighted thus a slight squeeze on the vagina required to keep them inside. Though not necessarily needed for Kegel exercises, many are mindblown with the feeling these tools offer when they are inside them.  

Ben Wa Balls

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“How Do I Make A Purchase Without The Knowledge Of Others”

We apprehend how personal this matter can appear to some and fortunately most businesses of whom are experts of this topic are understanding enough to provide a discreet packaging exclusive only to your eyes. If you are seeking sex toys in Malaysia, read on as we have a list of online stores in Malaysia that provide the best adult toys that are not only safe and hygienic but they also come in discreet packaging.

Where To Find Sex Toys In Malaysia?


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SecretCherry is an online store that sells a variety of sex toys to choose from. They offer sex toys for both men and women, bondage playing, lubricants and even lingerie to enhance your sexy time in the bedroom. Their adult toys are made of high-quality materials to ensure both safety and satisfaction for their users. Besides that, a majority of their products are also waterproof and easy to use. The delivery service for every purchase is not only quick, but can be tracked easily, and your package will be sealed to protect your privacy. If you register as a member on their website, you can even benefit from all the member perks, such as loyalty points, and member-only discounts. Get your own sex toy today from


Suppose you are no beginner to shopping for sex toys in Malaysia, Playful2Nite must not be strange to your ears. Otherwise, you have been missing out. Apart from the mainstream categories, you will struck upon a wide selection of erotic lingeries and pertinent accessories to be paired alongside. They are definitely worth the consideration and be sure to also check out their current hot-sellings : Leten Dual Engines Vibrator – The Ceo and Alice Intelligent Waterproof Vibrator. 

sex toys malaysia online

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Heads up to those appreciating beauty at its simplest form, is just the place for you to satisfy your visual whilst you satisfy your lusts. Apart from their plethora of multisexual-friendly assortment, they are known for customizing products to correspond to unique needs and demands. Suppose you are a beginner to sex toys, fret never, they are more than delighted to assist you out and personalise your experience the best they could. Not only do they have so many choices to choose from but they also have the most aesthetically pleasing sex toys in Malaysia.

erosu sex toys

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If you are a regular of lubricants or just fond of collecting them in general, Condom69 holds a wealth of your treasure with extraordinary flavours which are simply rare to be discovered anywhere else. Some interesting flavors include banana, cherry burst, gelato edible, green apple, strawberry kiss and so many more left uncovered solely for you to find out.

sex toys malaysia condom69


We understand your scepticism concerning the utilization of sex toys because at the end of the day, these tools come into direct contact with your most private parts possible and you are more than righteous to hold high standards for their quality. MYSEXTOY2U is one of the most reliable sex toys ventures you can put your trust into. As an old hand of the industry, they are equipped with tools applicable in many distinct occasions such as BDSM and Anal Play Fun, hence bringing your intimacy session to a whole new level.


Bottom Line 

It is about time you quit shying away from your natural needs and start fulfilling your lusts the way they deserved to be fulfilled. It is impressive seeing how the world has significantly opened up their mindsets and acceptance to this precise topic and how many ventures have gone all out to cater to this phenomenon which should have been long normalised by now. Either way, treat yourself today!

Sex Toys mood booster

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