Some Necessary Reminders Of House Painting And Renovation

For many families, it’s not easy to buy a home and it’s even harder to renovate and move in. It takes a lot of effort to go from a rough room to a cosy home, and even more so to have some decorating knowledge to calm down. 

In terms of house painting, It is like a girl’s make-up, from basic skin care to make-up fixing, each one is interlocked, there are a lot of instructions, and make-up artists know that a good make-up foundation is very important. Most of the common problems we see with walls, such as bulging, cracking, mould and so on, are due to the fact that the foundation of the wall’s make-up has not been properly laid.

There is also the constant concern about indoor formaldehyde and air pollution, which can be avoided not only by choosing the right paint. In addition, we all buy cosmetics that are the least irritating and present the best results in order to achieve beauty and health. And to get a healthy wall, from start to finish, whether it is the grasp of the painting process, or the choice of each decoration material, there must be protection, you need to keep your eyes open to choose the best paint brand Malaysia. 

Careful storage of paints is paramount

Paints are flammable and can easily cause fires due to improper storage during summer renovations when temperatures are high. Therefore, paint should be stored in a cool, ventilated place and the storage container must be well sealed. It is also important to keep away from open flames and electrical sockets to avoid sparks igniting the paint. It is usually advisable to use up any paint purchased within a month.

Extending the drying time of wall putty

Before painting a wall, you need to scrape the putty, usually 1-3 times, during which the normal drying time is 1-2 days. When decorating in high temperatures, it is advisable to extend the drying time of the putty as much as possible, usually 2-3 days. This is because it takes longer for the putty to dry when the weather is hot and humid, especially when heavy rain arrives. In addition to this, when hanging putty, you should wipe the walls clean of water vapour with a dry cloth to keep them as dry as possible, which is good for painting the walls.

It is best to avoid rainy days when painting walls

This is because on rainy days, when the walls are wet and not yet completely dry, the paint will seep in and cause the paint film to lose its adhesion, resulting in a bulging wall.

Avoid exposure to the sun after painting the walls

For most exterior house painters and Interior painters, the painted wall is constantly exposed to sunlight, the colour will easily peel off the wall and the white wall will have a yellowing effect. In addition, exposure to the sun will also cause the wall to warm up, and when the temperature of the wall drops after painting, the paint will crack. Therefore, it is important to avoid exposing the painted wall to the sun as much as possible.

The benefits of using painted wall coverings are firstly that it has a good covering function and is suitable for all kinds of surfaces, effectively covering the defects of the old and new top surfaces and ensuring the uniformity of the surface structure and colour.  It has a high tensile strength, prevents cracking of the top surface and reinforces the top surface. In conjunction with high quality coatings, the surface does not accumulate static electricity, does not produce dead spots of scale and is easy to clean. The open voids in the structure facilitate the natural diffusion of water vapour and promote the regulation of the indoor climate. The non-smooth surface of the fabric reduces noise. In addition, it is repeatable, saves time and effort, easy to construct, green, safe and environmentally friendly, good decorative effect, rich texture and you are no longer afraid to dirty the wall, do not like the blue directly brush two times red on it.

Whether it is rolled or sprayed, the effect on the original paint is significant. It is advisable to smother the wall with a damp cloth with water for about two minutes, and if the wall remains strong without any problems, then it can be painted again directly. If it blisters, then it is likely that the same problem will arise when spraying, in which case it is better to paint with a layer of adhesive. 

The price of renovating an old room

The price is a big issue, and the different materials used for wall renovation of Painting Malaysia can make a big difference to the price. The materials used in the renovation of the old house cannot be saved, after all, it is the place where you live, not only affects the quality of life, but more seriously affects your health.  From the point of view of decoration and odour, there may be a greater smell of paint for a short period of time after painting the walls. This is because modern paints may not contain particularly high levels of formaldehyde, but some substandard paints can contain large amounts of benzene derivatives and volatile organic compounds such as TVOC, both of which have a smell. If there is still a large odour after seven days of ventilation, it is advisable to ventilate the room completely for some time before moving in. 

Geng Yibin
Geng Yibin
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