Is Sushi your thing? Check Out This 2022 Sushi Zanmai Menu

About Sushi Zanmai Malaysia

The genuine conveyor-belt Sushi Restaurant, Sushi Zanmai has more than 20 years of experience in the Japanese food industry and is well-versed in the procurement of raw materials. 

With their tagline “The original taste, A brand new experience”, Zanmai Sushi menu offers more than 100 different types of sushi as well as 100 different types of prepared meals that are all authentically Japanese. Genuine ingredients, alongside innovative recipes, allow them to create these enthusiastic cuisines that are truly Japanese in flavor. 

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Is Sushi Zanmai Halal?

If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine, you’ve probably heard of this all time favorite Japanese restaurant chain Sushi Zanmai, which has more than 30 branches throughout Malaysia and continues to be a popular dining destination for families and groups of friends. If you’re a Muslims, you might wonder whether Sushi Zanmai is halal or not, and that’s understandable. If you’re searching for answers, here are some things you should be aware of.

According to Sushi Zanmai Facebook page, here’s the official response to their halal status:

Please be informed that our restaurants are not halal due to beer serving. A few of our cooked dishes do contain small amounts of mirin or cooking sake, but the alcohol content is less than 1%. 

Other than that, all of our meat-based products are from halal-certified suppliers and we are pork-free

In addition, our sushi rice does not contain mirin, but it has rice vinegar that is made 100% from the Japanese traditional rice fermentation process.Sushi Zanmai Facebook page.

Best Sushi Zanmai Menu 2022 

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Without further ado, let’s check out the best Sushi Zanmai menu that you, alongside with your friends and family, should not miss to try! Take note that; 

  • All the prices provided acted as a guide for the sushi zanmai menu. Explore the change or update on their website here Supersushi.
  • The menu is available at Sushi Zanmai peninsular Malaysia, except Genting outlet. 

This authentic Japanese cuisine restaurant has listed all of their menu and prices on their main website, visit Sushi Zanmai Menu PDF to find out more. 

House Specialty

Sushi Zanmai Menu

The house specialties, which are created in the Sushi Zanmai kitchens with the freshest, handpicked ingredients, offer a contemporary twist on well-loved classics that are exquisitely created to suit the local taste preferences. 

1. Lobster Salad Roll 

Omelette & cucumber sushi roll topped with lobster salad

Price: RM 16.80

2. Black Pepper Spider Roll

Soft shell crab sushi roll topped with crabmeat & black pepper

Price: RM 20.80 

3. Salmon Mentai Roll

Omelette & cucumber sushi roll topped with salmon and cod roe mayonnaise 

Price: Rm 17.80

4. Spicy Ebi Roll

Prawn tempura & avocado sushi roll topped with fried tofu & spicy mayonnaise 

Price: Rm 17.80

Sushi Moriawase 

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Sushi is a general term that refers to any food that is made primarily of rice. Sushi has more variety than any other sort of Japanese cuisine, and it is unquestionably the favorite of many people throughout the world. Featuring the popular sushi in a number of combinations for you to choose from, share, or even consume as an entree and of itself. 

1. Aburi Zanmai

Assorted broiled sushi of salmon menchi nigiri sushi king, scallop, prawn, abalone-suid, cod roe and omellete

Price: Rm 16.80 

2. Salmon Zanmai (8 pieces + 1 roll)

Salmon, salmon belly, broiled salmon, salmon menchi sushi king roasted with roasted with cod roe, salmon roll

Price: Rm 32.80 

3. Hourai (6 pieces)

Tuna, salmon, eel, crabmeat, omelette, shrimp roe 

Price: Rm 13.80


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Noodles are thought to have originated in China and have subsequently grown to become a vital part of the Japanese culinary tradition. Traditionally, there are two types of noodles which is Soba, made from buckwheat flour, and Udon, which is produced from wheat flour, both of which are served in a soy-based broth. Ramen is the recent Chinese contribution that is served with a variety of soup stocks, including shoyu (soy sauce base) and shio (soy sauce broth) (salt base).

1. Tsukimi Udon/Soba/Ramen

Udon, soba or ramen noodle with egg

Price: Small RM 11.80 

          Big RM 21.80 

2. Shoyu Ramen

Ramen noodles with soy sauce-based soup 

Price: Small RM 10.80

          Large RM 21.80

3. Yakisoba/Yakiudon

Fried soba or udon noodle

Price: Small RM 11.80

          Large RM 19.80 


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Donburi has grown immensely popular as a one-dish supper in today’s fast-paced Japanese society. Deep bowls of rice are topped with chicken, beef, or seafood that has been cooked in various methods and sauces. Donburi dishes are popular throughout Japan. Chicken and egg are two of the main ingredients in one of the most popular Donburi dishes, Oyako-Don, which got its unusual name from the combination of these two elements.

1. Yakiniku Don

Grilled beef & hot-spring egg on rice

Price: RM 14.80

2. Chicken Katsu Curry

Chicken cutlet & rice with curry sauce

Price: Single RM 15.80

          Large RM 23.80 

3. Unadon 

Roasted eel on rice 

Price: Small (90 gram) RM 29.80

          Large (130 gram) RM 43.80 

Sushi Zanmai Latest Promotion

Sushi Zanmai Menu
Pix Sources: Sushi Zanmai Official Website
Pix Sources: Sushi Zanmai Official Website

Contacts Sushi Zanmai Malaysian

Do you have any further questions about the Sushi Zanmai menu? Send the following message to their employees on social media:


Alternatively, you can contact them by phone at 603 8024 8010 or by email [email protected] You can also, send them an email through their website.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sushi

What Exactly is Sushi?

Sushi is a Japanese dish composed of a seafood, meat, or vegetable side dish. Sushi rice has a sour and soft flavour due to the seasoning of rice vinegar, salt, and sugar. Sushi has around 50 different names in Japan.

Why It’s Called Sushi?

Sushi is derived from the term [Su], vinegar in Japanese, mixed with rice = [Su Meshi], the word Me from Sumeshi having vanished and being referred to as Sushi.

Is Sushi Halal?

The majority of Japanese cuisine does use non-halal raw materials. Sushi, for example, is identical to the use of mirin or rice wine in rice, shoyu, and even sashimi. However, several sushi outlets in Malaysia have obtained halal certification.

Is Sushi High in Cholesterol?

Sushi contains a lot of meat or fish eggs, which are rich in cholesterol. Consuming too much sushi might result in excessive cholesterol. In the long run, this sickness can lead to the emergence of other disorders, such as stroke or heart disease.

How Should Sushi Be Stored?

Sushi can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Sushi and sashimi should be kept cool, according to Spoon University. Particularly for sushi with raw materials like sliced salmon or fresh tuna. This sushi should be stored in an airtight and watertight container.

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