Asap Steamboat And Grill: The Best Steamboat Buffet In Puchong

Steamboat restaurants have become very common, as the number of steamboat restaurants has increased. Especially the ones we can find in malls. Many people are comfortable eating at steamboat restaurants because they are easy to find and people get a variety of food. However, the founder of Asap Steamboat And Grill thought differently before the establishment of their business. Asap Steamboat and Grill is climbing its way up to be the best local steamboat in Puchong. 

steamboat and grill

Personally from my experience, I was not a big fan of steamboat restaurants. Therefore, you can expect no excitement on my behalf every time I go to a steamboat restaurant. But 2 years ago, my good friend suggested this business to me for an interview for one of my Diploma subjects. After I managed to contact the founder to have my first interview with them, I started looking up all the reviews from their customers. Apparently, many people that shared their experiences on Google about Asap Steamboat and Grill were all positive. 

When I first entered this restaurant, I was amazed by the concept chosen by the founder which is an outdoor steamboat and grill buffet restaurant. They used a container concept that has two levels where customers could enjoy different experiences of the restaurant. Moreover, the arrangements and the varieties of the buffet were greatly managed and picked. The best thing about the steamboat and grill ingredients they provide is that they are all very fresh as well. Consequently, made Asap Steamboat and Grill the best steamboat restaurant for you. 

After two years I decided to have another interview with the founder of Asap Steamboat and Grill because I feel like this restaurant could get more acknowledgement from the locals. Thus, here I am, introducing them to Malaysians.

Background Of Asap Steamboat And Grill

Asap Steamboat And Grill started on the 3rd of December in 2016 and firstly led by Nurul Izzah Catering’s founder and Mr Haron Khamis. It was then passed on to Mrs Fik Haron and Mr Imran Sharin to manage. Previously, Mrs Fik Haron was already managing the marketing department for Asap Steamboat and Grill. Hence, it wasn’t hard for her to take over the management from the previous founder. 

steamboat and grill

New Management Of Asap Steamboat And Grill

“I personally spend more time with Asap and I have more growing passion towards it”

Mr Imran and Mrs Fik had a clearer vision after taking over the steamboat restaurant regarding the food management, interior wise, including the management on the marketing department. They had more freedom to explore everything on their own. Mrs Fik mentioned that she and her marketing department would come up with new campaigns for each year, with a specific plan for every month. Thus, this business would always be up to trend. 

When the pandemic started in March 2020, all the plans they have made for the 2020 campaign went entirely upside down. But that didn’t stop both Mrs Fik and Mr Imran from brainstorming and coming up with new ideas. Although it was hard for them to improvise, they managed to keep the business on-going even until today. They started using all the initiatives regarding marketing and safety procedures to cater to the on-going pandemic. This is so that even in a pandemic, their customers would feel safe and comfortable dining in their establishment. 

What Made It The Best Steamboat Buffet In Puchong

With having a background in designing, Mrs Fik was able to channel her dreams into this steamboat restaurant. From choosing the right lighting, suitable stools and tables, to choosing the best plants to style Asap Steamboat and Grill. It is very important to Fik that the customers are able to enjoy the whole experience and the ambience in her restaurant. 

steamboat and grill

Besides, every other steamboat restaurant is all on commercialized lands, such as malls and shop lots. It is convenient for customers, especially if they are already in the area and going to a steamboat restaurant. But if you’re thinking of going to a steamboat place to enjoy yourself with your friends and family, it can be a hassle for you. For example, you will have a hard time getting a parking space and very limited space for celebrations. Hence, I can say that the location for Asap Steamboat and Grill is very strategic. Not only can they offer unlimited parking for their customers, but they are very near to the city and easy to reach. Based on my own experience, I didn’t feel like I was enjoying my food in the city. This place totally distracted me from all the noise in the city and I was able to enjoy my dinner better. 

Apart from that, there are a variety of ingredients for their steamboat and grill that you can choose from. For this steamboat in Puchong, their signature dish would be their marinated lamb. Their customers seem to very much enjoy the tenderness of the lamb meat they provide. In addition, they also prepared several other sections for their buffet where you could get ice cream with various toppings for your dessert. 

steamboat and grill

This steamboat near Puchong can be reached by anyone in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Moreover, Asap Steamboat and Grill prices can also be considered affordable and reasonable for a steamboat restaurant. If you’re wondering about any promotions and anything regarding Asap steamboat Puchong price, you can always check out their website or Instagram for more information. 

To conclude my article based on the interview I had with Mrs Fik and my last experience eating at Asap Steamboat And Grill, I highly recommend this restaurant to you. Until today, it is the only steamboat restaurant that I enjoy. I also included a 2-minutes-long vlog about my whole experience during my visit to Asap Steamboat and Grill. This place definitely has the potential of getting more customers and hopefully have more branches in the future. I simply enjoy writing and having exclusive interviews and supporting new people and businesses to grow. Apart from my exclusive interview with DeanamirHussain, I also enjoyed and was grateful to be able to conduct an interview with Fik. For more information regarding Asap Steamboat and Grill, head over to their Facebook, and make your reservation now. 

Nur Aimie Farhana binti Ahmad Tarmizie
Nur Aimie Farhana binti Ahmad Tarmizie
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