The Top 5 Alternative Gaming Brands If You Are On A Budget

If you are venturing into PC gaming, it is a misconception that you have to have the top of the line gaming peripherals like it is a “must-have” or owning expensive gears will automatically turn you into a professional gamer.

To a certain degree, expensive gaming peripherals do help with your gameplay as top of the line gaming peripherals like Razer or Steelseries have optical switches on their keyboard which provides better and faster actuation point. However, if your gaming skills are not up to standard, your expensive gears won’t be able to help you.

Although the top of the line gaming peripherals offers more than their budget counterparts. Not everyone is able to afford high-end gaming peripherals. In this article, we will list down the top 5 alternative gaming brands if you are on a budget.

Budget gaming brands


budget peripherals brands

Tecware is a gaming peripheral brand that is based in the Philippines. Tecware is highly recommended across the budget PC community as it offers the best value for what you are getting. So what does tecware offer? Tecware offers almost anything that you can get ranging from PC cases, gaming mice, gaming keyboards, gaming headsets and many more.

Besides that, Tecware also has accessories that you can get such as keycaps, mousepads and mechanical switches. You can find almost anything from Tecware. No wonder this brand is constantly recommended by the budget pc community and even tech reviewers.

Lastly, if you are looking for budget gaming peripherals that do not scream “gaming”. Tecware is the best option out there as many budget gaming peripherals typically opt for the “gamer” look. Which is usually aesthetically unpleasing.


budget peripherals brands

Next on the list is Redragon. Just like tecware, Redragon is also another brand that is constantly recommended by tech reviewers for being one of the best budget gaming peripherals out there that you can get. Typically, their gaming keyboard is always getting recommended due to its solid build and the price point.

Normally, budget gaming keyboards such as Tecware and Redragon use budget switches on their keyboard to save cost by using switches called “Outemu” switches. One cool thing about Redragon keyboards is that they are using their own optical outemu switches – which is better than the regular outemu switches.

If you are not looking for gaming keyboards, Redragon also does sell other gaming peripherals like microphones, headsets and mice.


budget peripherals brands

When you are gaming with friends, having good quality microphone audio is essential for your gaming callouts. Sometimes, your headphone microphone audio may not be the best – which is the case for most gaming headsets out there.

With that, FIFINE is one of the best microphone brands out there to improve your microphone sound quality. Besides being a budget-friendly microphone brand, FIFINE microphone also offers one of the best sound quality for its price point. The upside of the FIFINE microphone is that it offers professional sounding microphone audio for that price point.

As a user of the FIFINE microphone, I can vouch that the FIFINE microphone is really good for the price point. So, if you are looking to improve your microphone audio quality, FIFINE is here to save the day.


budget peripherals brands

Fantech has produced some of the best peripherals in the last few years. As of writing this article, Fantech recently released a high-quality custom pre-built keyboard which is the MAXFIT67. Normally, on a budget brand, you don’t get to see a high-quality gaming keyboard like this that looks solid and looks premium.

Besides offering gaming keyboards, Fantech also offers other gaming peripherals such as gaming mice, headsets, gaming controllers, gaming chairs and many more. So, if you are looking for a budget gaming peripheral that does not cost you to break the bank, consider Fantech as an option.


budget peripherals brands

Last but not least, Pulsar gaming gears. Pulsar is a gaming brand that offers gaming accessories such as mice, mousepads, mouse accessories, mouse gliders, gaming keyboards and keyboard accessories like keycaps and switches.

Pulsar was recently introduced in the gaming world in 2020 to provide esports gear with a mission to serve high-quality and high tech products at better cost performance for gamers.

Why is Pulsar one of the best budget brands? Pulsar keyboards were recommended many times by tech reviewers as one of the best gaming keyboards out there in the market. Their keyboard is always recommended as not only it is budget-friendly for consumers, their keyboard also offers an aluminium top plate with optical switches, bright RGB and an overall premium feel to the keyboard.

Although the choices are limited in choosing gaming peripherals from Pulsar as they are still a relatively new company, we are excited to see what Pulsar can offer for gamers in the future knowing that their gaming keyboards are well-built.

Budget gaming brands have stepped up their game

In the past, many budget gaming brands do not really have much to offer as the build quality is typically cheap even for the price point. However, now, many budget gaming brands have stepped up their game to offer consumers high-quality premium gaming peripherals for a price that does not require gamers to break the bank for it.

Even Though it is slightly pricey compared to how it was, you pay for what you get as the products are well-built. Besides that, with gamers now having more choices when it comes to choosing gaming peripherals, gamers do not have to worry about not being able to afford the top of the line gaming peripherals anymore.

In conclusion, it is nice to see that budget gaming brands are now able to provide competition to the big guns like Razer, Logitech, Steelseries and many more. After all, competition is good for companies to strive to be better than their competitors. Thus, making their products better.

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