Things To Do In KL At Night: 4 Must-Try Activities In KL

Being a nocturnal creature at heart, I’m always on the lookout for fun & interesting activities to do in KL at night. Of course, there’s the obvious choice of spending the night at a cramped nightlife spot in Bangsar, complete with drinks to induce the next day pounding headache liken to the pounding music they play.

But this list is for people who want to spend their nights a little differently. 

1. Bar hopping

I know what I just wrote about pounding music & next day hangovers but that’s the beauty of hopping around KL many bars, you’ll eventually stumble upon the right one. Kinda like Goldilocks in Goldilocks & The Three Bears! 

But don’t you worry about getting eaten up by carnivorous animals, bar hopping is a perfect activity for you and your friends to do on a weekend night (or Thursday nights for you ladies out there) as intoxication only leads to more interesting incidents to reflect on when all of you are old and wrinkled. 

We have 3 areas in mind for some bar-hopping shenanigans.

#1. Bangsar 

Stepping foot in Bangsar, you immediately see the effects of gentrification at its best. Being the home of the best banana leaf in KL (in my opinion) and of course the land littered with various types of nightclubs, pubs & bars, Bangsar will be the best place for you and your friends to go bar-hopping for a night. 

Head on over to The Social to mingle with the many expats of Malaysia.

Things To Do in KL At Night

Address: 57-59, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Sunday – Wednesday: 10am – 1am, Thursday – Saturday: 10am – 2am

Or Ril’s Bangsar if you want a reprieve for all the noise Bangsar’s patrons to produce.

Things To Do in KL At Night

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 12pm – 3am 

If you’re feeling really fancy, there’s always Mantra Rooftop Bar a few minutes away from Jalan Telawi (where the usual pounding music suspects reside). 

Things To Do in KL At Night

Located in Bangsar Village II

Opening hours: Sunday closed, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 4:30pm – 1am, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 5pm – 2am 

#2. TREC

TREC is the pilgrimage spot for every college student to experience their first club/bar since it hosts a large array of dance clubs under one roof. Perfect for the indecisive!

Things To Do in KL At Night

But ignore the clubs, for TREC also hosts restaurants, bars and lounges under its roof. 

Head to Space @ Supperclub KL which serves up fancy French cuisine that doubles as a hip hop and R&B club. 

Things To Do in KL At Night

Opening hours:
Monday closed

Tuesday: 5pm – 3am

Wednesday & Thursday: 5pm – 4am

Friday & Saturday: 5pm – 5am, Sunday: 5pm – 3am

A cocktail lover and a fan of history? Crime Cocktail Bar will surely pique your interest with its Prohibition-era inspired cocktails. 

Things To Do in KL At Night

Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday: 6pm – 2am, Friday & Saturday: 6pm – 4am

Wanna have a proper sit-down dinner? MEJA Kitchen + Bar has an all-day Asian fusion dining to provide to customers. 

Things To Do in KL At Night

Opening hours: Sunday: 12pm – 12am, Monday – Thursday: 12pm – 3am, Friday & Saturday: 5pm – 2am 

#3. Petaling Street 

Yes, THAT Petaling Street that boasts a reputation of knockoff goods and overpriced souvenirs gave us one of the best bar-hopping experiences which you can read about it here! There’s just something about colonial buildings that makes everyone want to convert that space into a hidden bar…  

2. Pasar Malam

A Malaysia tradition, I’m sure when one reminisces about their childhood, a pasar malam surely appears somewhere along the way. There’s something very nostalgic about the shoulder to shoulder walking, suffocating amounts of smoke blowing to your eyes & nose and vendors yelling for you to try their food. 

No matter where you live, we’re sure there’s a weekly (or nightly depending on how lucky you are) pasar malam nearby but we’ve found the best ones in KL for when you want to do things in KL at night. 

SS2 Pasar Malam is one of the most known pasar malam in Petaling Jaya. Open every Monday, this will surely help with any residue Monday blues you might have. The best thing is the variety of street food available here that is of course, sold at affordable prices. 

Things To Do in KL At Night

Parking might be tricky so we recommend you come earlier than the opening time. Explore SS2 a little and once you see that iconic pasar malam tent being set up, well get your wallet & stomach ready!

Address: Jalan SS 2/64, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Operating Hours: Monday: 5.00pm- 10.00pm

Pasar Malam Seksyen 3, Kota Damansara, located near an industrial lot, will surely give a new take on the same ol’ housing area night market. More importantly, is the street food served and it definitely does not disappoint! Vendors bring a delicious selection of delights such as roti bom, char kuey teow, takoyaki and kuih muih.

Things To Do in KL At Night

This pasar malam closes rather early at 9pm so make sure to go earlier to avoid disappointment.

Address: 58, Jalan Teknologi 3/9, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Operating Hours: Friday, 5.00pm- 9.00pm

For an even more modern take on our local night market? There’s always Plaza Mont Kiara Fiesta Night Market situated around the plaza beautiful fountain courtyard to be tried. 

Things To Do in KL At Night

Focusing less on Malaysia’s local cultural delicacies instead here you’ll find street food from other countries. Thanks migration!  

From Vietnamese rolls, toppoki, kimchi and Thai fried skewers, this night market will be great for the local who wants a different experience & setting. 

Address: Unit E-01-21, Block E Plaza Mont’Kiara, NO.2, Jalan Mont’Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating Hours: Thursday: 3.00pm- 10.00pm

3. Live music

Support our local musical talents by visiting one of these restaurants or bars to hear their skills in real-time! 

We’re not going to say much but we do have a few articles written about this topic, go on! Have a look at them here or here. 

Sorry for the shameless plug but hey, we gotta exploit every & any way to put food on the table… 

4. Sports

We just realized our list has mainly comprised of things to do in KL at night that ONLY encourages drinking & eating. We’re not really a healthy bunch as you might have realized.

But don’t worry, we exercise once in a while, particularly at night, when there’s a blue moon…

Laser tag will definitely a more fun way to burn off calories than your usual cardio or group sport. 

If you’ve ever played paintball, it’s pretty similar but you’ll come home with less bruises and mud on your body so hey, definitely the better alternative!

There are a dozen laser tag places in KL but the most affordable one is Laser Battle Kuala Lumpur.

Things To Do in KL At Night

Located in Berjaya Times Square, Laser Battle is one of the few places that offered reasonable prices. From Monday – Thursday, it’s RM35 per person for two games, RM38 on weekends. 

Things To Do in KL At Night
Things To Do in KL At Night

Also they offer several game modes so you don’t have to spend your second game at the same route. 

Address: Central Zone, Level 7 Berjaya Times Square, No.1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 11am – 10pm 
Phone:  03-2110 5125


Jumping around on trampolines might seem like a kid’s activity but it’s actually very strenuous and requires lots of flexibility. 

Things To Do in KL At Night

But don’t worry, even if you’re not the most athletic person, Jumpstreet Asia, a trampoline park located in PJ ensures the highest safety possible (at your own discretion, that is) so book an hour session today to be a kid again while burning all of those pasar malam you just had!

Things To Do in KL At Night
Things To Do in KL At Night

An hour goes for RM28 in Jumpstreet Asia however you have to pick up a pair of grip socks for RM6 which you’ll never have to purchase again (just remember to bring your pair for the next session). 

Address: 8A, Jalan 13/6, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 10am – 9pm 
Phone: 012-204 1448


There you have it, 4 things to do in KL at night!

Check out our other articles on what other things to do in KL here!

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