Top 10 Aquarium Shops in Klang Valley

Aquatic life is the epitome of the beauty of nature. You can’t help but gasp in awe every time you look at it. At least that is what I do when I observe aquatic life in aquariums. Aquatic life is incredibly majestic, that we can’t help but wonder what else it has to offer. We might never find out, at least in this lifetime because the ocean covers almost 70% of the Earth. Even marine biologists and aquatic life experts say that we have yet to explore and discover at least 80% of the sea. That amazes me in so many ways. 

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Since we have so much to learn about the sea, we could consider it another world entirely. So, it is not really surprising that some of us like to keep aquatic life as pets in our homes. It is as though we have a part of that other world in the palm of our hands. It is either that or just like any other pet, aquatic animals give us joy, peace and life when we take care of them.

If you are interested in owning your own aquarium or are looking for more fish to add to your tank, check out these top 10 aquarium shops in Klang Valley. 

Yek Fong Aquarium Accessories Sdn Bhd

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Yek Fong Aquarium Accessories Sdn Bhd is an aquarium fish shop that offers all sorts of services and products. You can find aquarium tanks, filters and pumps, and lamps. Other than that, they also sell aquarium accessories, fish foods, and pet cages. If you are looking for Arowana fish, here is the place to go. They have at least 6 types of Arowana fish for you to choose from. 

For More Information: Yek Fong | FB: @yfaquarium

Nilufar Pet & Aquatic

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Nilufar Pet & Aquatic is not only a fish aquarium shop but also a store for all pets. Need a custom made aquarium? Look no further, and head over to this store. They design and plan aquariums that suit your tastes and needs. You just need to call them up and they will help you navigate through the planning. Plus, once you have your aquarium set, they also provide maintenance services as well. 

For More Information: Nilufar Pet & Aquatic | FB: @nilufarmalaysia  | IG: @nilufar_malaysia

Newlife Aquatic

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This fish shop has everything aquatic-related you need. According to reviews, the services and products they offer are outstanding in quality. The few services you can find at this aquarium shop include aquarium installation services, and custom made aquariums. Plus, they also offer a variety of marine fish such as Guppy, Flower horn, Tetra, Cichlid and Koi fish. Previous customers have also commented on their various choices of water pumps, plastic and real plants as well as fishes of all sizes. 

For More Information: Newlife Aquatic/新命水族馆

Taman Desa Aquarium

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The next aquarium shop is called Taman Desa Aquarium. This tropical fish store sells many types of fish. You can find Angelfish, Red flower horns, Champagne Gold Betta and even Guppies from Peru. Based on previous customer reviews, the Taman Desa Aquarium store has staff that ensure your needs are met and that all services are satisfactory. Customers have noted their friendliness and willingness to help out in any way they can. On top of that, they gladly offer their advice and opinions on aquatic life care for their customers. 

For More Information: Taman Desa Aquarium

Natural Aquatic World

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Looking for the best fish shop for aquariums? Look no further as Natural Aquatic World is here to save the day. This aquarium shop has the highest quality of services and products. They ensure that their customers are satisfied with everything they have to offer. This place is perfect for beginners who are venturing into the world of aquatic life. The store ensures that you will be able to obtain all the services you need when designing your own aquarium. They will plan, design, customise and maintain all your aquarium needs.

For More Information: Natural Aquatic World | FB: @NaturalAquaticWorld 

Oceanic Aquatic Sdn. Bhd.

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Open for at least 30 years, the business offers the highest quality services. Based on previous reviews, their services are of top-notch quality. Plus, the staff there are patient with you, as you ask them any questions or doubts you may have. They sell both saltwater and freshwater fishes at this aquarium shop. Other than that, the shop also provides customers with a range of affordable and high-quality accessories for their aquarium. 

For More Information: Oceanic Aquatic Sdn. Bhd.

Beebies Shrimp Aquatic Pets

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Beebies Shrimp Aquatic Pets provides its customers with various types of services and products. This aquarium shop also offers services for other pets as well, the ones that live on land at least. A fan of guppies? Check out their guppy collection that features all types of guppies such as Panda, Yellow King Cobra, Full Red Eye, Golden Red, Yellow, Endlers, Tiger Endlers and Albino Full Platinum. What are you waiting for? Get your own set of guppy collections for you to admire whenever you would like.

For More Information: | FB: @beebiesshrimp | IG: @beebies_shrimp

DS Betta Malaysia

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DS Betta Malaysia is one of the most reliable aquarium shops (kedai aquarium) in Malaysia. This fish pet shop is known for their cheap aquarium sets – at least in their area. They offer aquarium features such as rock, sand, soil, plants and even tonics. On top of that, they sell live fish as well as other aquatic creatures. If your fish needs an extra aquatic friend, bring them a slider turtle to keep them company. 

For More Information: DS Betta Malaysia | FB: DS Betta Malaysia | IG: @dsbettamalaysia

NMS Aquatics

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You can find almost any type of pet fish at this shop. NMS Aquatics are there to help with anything aquatic-related. They provide excellent services from custom aquarium design and set-up to aquatic landscape maintenance. On top of that, the NMS Aquatic team is ready to impart advice based on several years of experience in the aquatic landscaping field. As mentioned before, they also provide all sorts of fishes, aquatic plants and life for your aquarium needs. 

For More Information: NMS Aquatics | FB: NMS Aquatic | IG: @nmsaquatics123

TY Aquarium & Pet Shop

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TY Aquarium & Pet Shop is an aquarium shop in KL that is there to serve all your aquatic-related needs. With more than 15 years of experience, this fish pet shop ensures that its products are constantly and continuously stocked. They sell both topical fish and pond fish. Plus, if you visit their website, they are active in updating the latest item arrivals or sales in their store. Pay them a visit for satisfactory products. 

For More Information: TY Aquarium & Pet Shop

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