Top 10 Malaysia Cosmetic Brands to Try Out in 2022

Cosmetics are among the essentials needed by everyone. In the olden days, we have still bounded by the stereotypes that cosmetics are only for women. The truth is cosmetics are for all, which is why we will look into our top ten Malaysia cosmetic brands that you should try in 2022. Some of them might be familiar to you, but there are a few that are holy grails, and you would be the lucky ones to find out about them. We don’t want to waste more time so let’s find out about these brands.

1. Fanbo Cosmetics Malaysia

Fanbo Cosmetics Brand Malaysia
Photo: Fanbo Cosmetics Malaysia Facebook

Fanbo – is a cosmetic brand that has existed since 1968, is well known for its product efficacy, and has been the number one halal cosmetics choice for all Southeast Asians. This cosmetic brand originated in Indonesia and was identified in the Malaysian marketplace for its high-quality and durable products. The key message of this brand is “effortless beauty.” They strive to serve the best products to fit our beauty standards.

Fanbo, owned by Fabindo Corp, is a prestigious company with three featured brands: Fanbo, Rivera, Sofie, and Bambi. Fanbo and Rivera are among the best cosmetic brands in the marketplace.

Among its bestsellers are Fanbo Fantastic Rose 68 Pancake Compact Powder, Fanbo Fantastic Pen Eyeliner, Fanbo Fantastic Two Way Cake Compact Powder and Fanbo Fantastic Eyebrow Pencil. Besides makeup products, they produce their own fragrance and skincare products. They are very versatile, aren’t they? Let’s go through these products one by one.

Fanbo Cosmetics Brand Malaysia
Photo: Fanbo Cosmetics Malaysia Facebook

Fanbo Fantastic series is available in six shades the Two Way Cake Compact powder and the Fantastic Rose 68 Pancake Compact Powder which are suitable for every Southeast Asian skin. The Fanbo Fantastic Pen Eyeliner is in one black shade. The eyebrow pencil is available in two codes to fit the standard eyebrow colour. Check out their social media or e-commerce site for more information!

For more information: Fanbo Cosmetics | FB:@Fanbo Cosmetics Malaysia | | TikTok:

You can get this product on Shopee | Lazada | PG Mall

2. Forest Colour Cosmetics

Forest Colour Cosmetics Brand Malaysia
Photo: Forest Colour Official Website

What a unique name. Forest Colour is in second place on our Malaysia cosmetic brand list due to its uniqueness and countless products. They focus on producing plant and collagen-based cosmetics to promote natural beauty. They use cutting-edge technology and most of their products consist of Sodium Hyaluronate which functions as collagen filler. Sodium Hyaluronate is best used to improve skin texture and plumping lips. Other than collagen, they use plant extract, virgin coconut oil and aloe vera in producing their products. The products are not limited to makeup products only, they also produce their own fragrance products. This Malaysian cosmetic brand tagline is “Herbal, Innovative and Halal, ” meaning they are 100% halal to be used by everyone. 

For more information:  Forest Colour | FB | IG

3. Orkid Cosmetics

Orkid Cosmetics Brand Malaysia
Photo: Orkid Cosmetics Official Website

A brand from Kuala Lumpur, Orkid Cosmetics is another outstanding cosmetic brand in Malaysia that is made from Halal and Vegan ingredients and materials. High-quality imported ingredients from countries such as Europe and Japan are used, and they are non-toxic and safe for the skin as well as the environment. Their matte-suede liquid lipstick contains no mineral oil, DBP or phthalates, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate or triclosan. Their best sellers must be the liquid matte lip cream and lip oil, often sold out. What else are you waiting for? Let’s give them a shout-out and run to their premises or order any of their products on these platforms. 

For more information:  Orkid Cosmetics | Shopee | FB | IG

4. Nature’s Palette

Nature’s Palette Brand Malaysia
Photo: Nature’s Palette(FB)

The fourth brand on our Malaysia cosmetic brand list is a skincare brand named Nature’s Palette. You probably have had enough of makeup products so now we are going to explain this brand. Skincare is also a part of cosmetics, hence why Nature’s Palette is also on this list. This brand was founded back in 2017 by Regina Chin and Alex Beh. They started off by producing numerous products such as body scrubs, face scrubs and face mists. They decided to rebrand in 2020 and due to that, they are what they have become to this day. Their products are cruelty-free and fragrance-free which means those with sensitive skin are suitable for them. 

For more information:  Nature’s Palette | FB | IG

5. Bloop Malaysia

Bloop Malaysia
Photo: Watsons Malaysia

Other than Malaysian makeup, this nail care brand is also on our list. Nail polish is considered cosmetics according to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act). This brand has been in the industry for more than 30 years. You can spot the products at your nearest drugstore such as Watsons. With the tagline “Make Makeup Easy”, Bloop aims to provide its customers with affordable and high-quality products. Other than nail polish, they have numerous products such as gel strips, sanitisers, fragrance mist and nail stamping kits, all at affordable prices. This brand deserves recognition hence why you should support them by purchasing any of their products. 

For more information:  bloop | FB | IG

6. Snazzy Cosmetics

Snazzy Cosmetics brand malaysia
Photo: Snazzy Cosmetics(FB)

Moving on to our sixth brand on the Malaysia cosmetic brand list is a cosmetic Malaysia brand called Snazzy Cosmetics. They specialise in producing beauty tools such as brushes and their best-seller, the Gem sponge. You can blend your makeup products such as concealer, foundation and contour using this wonderful product. It is cruelty-free and eco-friendly, making this brand deserves a spot on this list. 

For more information:  Snazzy Cosmetics| FB | IG

7. Vase Creation

vase creation brand malaysia
Photo: Vase Creation Official Website

Next up, the seventh Malaysia cosmetic brand is a very versatile brand called Vase Creation. The name itself is already cool, what about the products? Their best-sellers are definitely the lip glosses and lipstick that come in nine beautiful and unique shades. Their Crème Brûlée Luxe Lip Glosses is actually inspired by the Netflix Original Series, Emily In Paris. It is lightweight and smells like the city of love, Paris. 

For more information: Vase Creation | FB | IG

8. Glow and Blush

glow and blush brand malaysia
Photo: Glow and Blush(Instagram)

We are almost at the end of our Malaysia cosmetic brand list and the eighth Malaysia beauty products brand is Glow and Blush. One of the uniqueness of this brand is they decided to use glass packaging instead of plastic packaging as one of the ways to sustain the environment. This brand was founded in 2019 and is a handcrafted plant-based skincare brand. No harsh chemical is used making this brand 100% safe to be used and at the same time, it is eco-friendly

For more information: Glow and Blush| FB | IG

9. BeauTyra

BeauTyra malaysia
Photo: BeauTyra(FB)

Now, we are at the second last makeup brand Malaysia on this list that is well-known and might have passed by your social media feeds. BeauTyra is a popular cosmetic company in Malaysia, founded by Tyra Kamaruzzaman in 2018. This makeup brand gained its popularity when she decided to come up with numerous makeup products with different shades that suit Malaysian skin tones. It aims to produce products without discriminating any skin colours and body shapes. 

For more information: BeauTyra | FB | IG

10. SO.LEK Cosmetics

Photo: SO.LEK Cosmetics(FB)

We finally reach the end of the Malaysia cosmetic brand list and we are ending our Malaysia cosmetic brand list with this brand named SO.LEK Cosmetics. Founded in 2016 by siblings Dahlia Nadirah and Luqman Hakim, the name of this brand is not just derived from the word “makeup”. The other idea is also derived from the words “SO? Relax!” which is very cool. Do you know the singer Loque from MonoLoque?This Malaysia makeup brand was founded by the beautiful Dahlia who is the wife of the singer hence why the names of the products are very unique. 

For more information: SO.LEK Cosmetics | FB | IG

These are among the best cosmetic brands in Malaysia that you need to try out. Some of them are very underrated and you are welcome to support them. If you love more articles like this, don’t forget to click here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Cosmetic Products

What should I do if I have a reaction after using a product?

If you develop side effects after using it for a while, it is best for you to stop using it and consult a doctor as soon as possible. If it gets worse, you should make a complaint and report to the manufacturer and to NPRA and KKM.

What is the shelf life or approximate life expectancy of cosmetic products?

Most products come with the PAO or Period After Opening icon on the jar or bottle which indicates how long you are able to use them after opening them. Sometimes, they might be too small for you to notice, so the best thing to do is to look at the surface of the product and see if there are any colour and smell changes.

Can I use skincare products while pregnant?

Some products are not suitable for pregnant women. This is because they might contain ingredients such as retinoids and phthalates that might be harmful to you.

Are the colour additive used 100% safe?

Colour additives that are used in drugs, foods and cosmetics are not prohibited as long as they are safe to be used and made of natural resources. Any cosmetics and food supplements must be approved by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Malaysia(NPRA) before they can be commercialised.

Are all kinds of personal care products considered cosmetics?

If the products used are meant to beautify and cleanse your face and other body parts, they can be considered cosmetics. Perfumes and moisturisers are examples of cosmetics that people might not know about.

What ingredients in skincare products should sensitive skin owners avoid?

People with sensitive skin must be even more watchful when examining the components in skincare products. You should avoid using skin care products that contain retinoids, added scent, or alcohol if you have sensitive skin.

Acne often appears, what should sensitive skin owners do?

Additionally, you can routinely drink lemon water to improve skin conditions and stop acne from returning if you are reluctant to utilise over-the-counter acne drugs.

Do owners of sensitive skin also need to exfoliate?

You can swap it out with an exfoliating toner. You can first speak with your doctor about the best exfoliating toner product.

Is there a toner that is suitable for sensitive skin owners?

Because the toner contains centella leaf extract, which has the ability to calm the skin, it is called Centella Water Alcohol-Free Toner. As a result, the skin will feel supple and soft. Additionally, this toner has a moisturiser built in to keep your skin hydrated.

Should owners of sensitive skin use sunblock?

The answer is very necessary! Especially if you are more active outside the room, you should use sunblock evenly. There is no reason to rule out using sunblock, especially if you have sensitive skin.

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