Top 10 Malaysia Roofing Companies

Everyone Needs A Good Roof Over Their Heads! 

The home is where the heart is, or so they say . And what’s a good home without a good roof? 

A good roof can (quite literally!) weather all kinds of storms. Be it rain or shine or night and day, a good roof can shelter us from the harshness of the outside world; braving biting winds and torrential downpours just to keep us safe and warm indoors. Like a guardian, it stretches over our heads and stops the cold from seeping in – but that doesn’t mean every roof is infallible! 

Much like most things, even our ol’ reliable roofs can sometimes be susceptible to wear and tear. Leaky roofs can let the storm in, and patchy shingles are an eyesore as much as they are a danger. So when you come home one evening to find your roof drip, drip, dripping away, maybe it’s about time to get things fixed. 

Thankfully, Malaysia has no shortage of expert roofing companies who are dedicated to seeing your roof finessed to perfection. So for those hoping to enlist some passionate, professional hands to see to their roofs or even install new ones, well – here you go! 

Here are 10 awesome Malaysia roofing companies you can check out! 

1. RGS Maintenance


RGS Maintenance is a local roofing company that cares for their clients. With roofing expertise in all types of buildings from factories to offices to shop lots and more, this company promises quality and honesty in all that they do, and strives to keep customers well-informed and satisfied with their roofing processes every step of the way. 

Regularly putting customer care, comfort, and satisfaction at the forefront, RGS Maintenance demonstrates their dedication to their clients by personalizing their roof services to each client’s wants and needs. They leverage excellent skills and expertise in the roof industry as well as committed customer-oriented values, which make them a roofing company you can definitely trust! 


Factory Metal Roofing

RGS Maintenance is a company that notably specializes in metal roof upkeep and repair. To this end, RGS Maintenance can offer effective metal roofing solutions to factory roof issues, such as replacement, leak prevention, and more. 

Their metal roof installations, furthermore, have the added benefit of coming with a 5 year leaking warranty! 


To prevent rainwater from damaging your roof and homes, RGS Maintenance can install top-quality rust-free roof gutters with a minimum of 2 years leaking warranty.

They also implement a distinct gutter design than standard roof gutters, to ensure their gutters function at the best they can be! 

Residential Roofing 

Residential home roofs are usually made of clay and concrete, which are other types of roofs RGS Maintenance specializes in. With their expertise, they can effectively patch unseemly chips in tile and cement, and ensure your roof is finessed to your exact needs and requirements. 


RGS Maintenance offers torch-on-sand waterproofing methods, and even a 3-5 years leaking warranty for all their waterproofing services. 

Building Maintenance

Even outside of roofing, RGS Maintenance is dedicated to the constant upkeep of your entire building. To do so, they provide expertise in work such as welding, electrical, partitions, and more – to ensure all building processes are running as smoothly as they can be. 

Operation Hours 

RGS Maintenance’s opening hours are as follows: 

Monday-Friday: 9AM-6PM

Saturday: 9AM – 12PM 

Sunday: Closed

You can reach RGS Maintenance with the contacts below!


Website /  Email / 03-5525 1222

2. De Skylight Roofing 

Source: De Skylight Roofing Facebook

Have you ever wanted a classy, sophisticated-looking glass roof? 

Based throughout Malaysia in areas such as Klang, Subang Jaya, and Shah Alam, De Skylight Roofing is a company that specializes in the manufacture and installation of glass roofs. As a roofing supplier with overseas imports and a contractor with years of expertise, they strive to provide their customers with not just high-grade roofing products, but also beautiful skylight installations that will give your home a light, airy finish! 


Glass Roofs, Skylights, and Polycarbonate Awnings

De Skylight Roofing’s most notable specialization is their affinity for designing, manufacturing, and installing clear roofs. Their installations mostly comprise clear glass roofs, skylights, and polycarbonate awnings, which will welcome the sun and bask your home in natural light. 

Of their glass roofs, De Skylight Roofing offers Laminated Glass and Solar Control Low E Glass, which are durable and reduces the heat filtering into your home. 


On top of clear and sophisticated glass roofs, De Skylight Roofing also makes their trade in wrought iron and stainless steel metalwork; crafting elegant metal frames to beautifully complement each installed skylight. The result is a work in elegance – a sleek, modern, and airy glass roof, framed in intricate metal to let in the light. 

Operation Hours 

De Skylight Roofing’s opening hours are as follows: 

Monday-Friday: 10AM – 5:30PM 

Saturday: 10AM – 1:30PM 

Sunday: Closed

For those who want the installation for beautiful glass roofs, you can contact De Skylight Roofing via the information below! 


Website  /  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Email

3. KY Roofing & Plumbing Services  

Source: KY Roofing Facebook

An all-rounder in the world of roofing, KY Roofing & Plumbing Services is a roofing company that will see to all your roof needs! 

Based in Subang Jaya, KY Roofing & Plumbing Services is a local company that offers all types of different roofing and plumbing services. Priding itself on a dedicated team of CIDB specialists, holistic roofing and plumbing expertise, and a fast response time of 1 hour or less, KY Roofing & Plumbing Services is definitely a company committed to resolving all your potential roofing and plumbing problems as soon as possible! 


Roofing Services

KY Roofing & Plumbing Services offers a comprehensive array of roofing services to ensure the regular upkeep of your roof. Of these, they provide roof coating, roof leak repair, roof installation, roof maintenance, and roof replacement. 

Plumbing Services 

KY Roofing & Plumbing Services also has expertise in plumbing, and offers repair and installation services for toilets, pipes, water heaters, showers, and water tanks among many others. On top of that, they also provide a drain cleaning service to help you professionally clean your clogged drain. 

Free Roof Inspection and Plumbing Consultation 

Demonstrating their dedication to maintaining your roof and plumbing comfort, KY Roofing & Plumbing Services provides free roof inspections and plumbing consultations to ensure maximum satisfaction with their services.

Operation Hours 

KY Roofing & Plumbing Services’ opening hours are as follows: 

Monday-Sunday: 6AM – 11PM 

KY Roofing & Plumbing Services can be reached via the following avenues: 


Website  /  Facebook  /  +6012-2335268 (Mr. Lee)

4. Wai Hong Brothers  

Source: Wai Hong Facebook

For those suffering from leaky roofs, water damage from rain and wind can become a major problem. Thankfully, the Wai Hong Brothers is a roofing company with a particular expertise in this field. 

Leveraging more than 20 years of experience in the industry, the Wai Hong Brothers is a Seri Kembangan-based company with a specialization in roof leaks and waterproofing. Comprising a large staff of dedicated professionals, they are always prepared to meet urgent customer requests with effective waterproofing and repair work, and ensure that your roof will be patched up in no time! 



The Wai Hong Brothers are specialized in all types of waterproofing work for your home. These include waterproofing methods like Torch on membrane waterproofing, Toilet Nano Infiltration crystallization Waterproofing, PU injection wall cracking repairs, and much more. 

Roof Repairs 

Wai Hong Brothers’ roof repair specializations span concrete roofs tiles, metal roofs, and metal roof brakes among others. 


On top of roof services, Wai Hong Brothers are also prepared to offer plumbing services for any troubling plumbing issues you may have. The company also provides services in certain everyday plumbing products, such as water filters, pumps, and tanks. 

Operation Hours 

Wai Hong Brothers’ opening hours are as follows: 

Monday-Friday: 8:30AM – 5:30PM 

Saturday: 8:30AM – 2PM 

Sunday: Closed

You can find Wai Hong Brothers in the contacts below: 


Website  /  Facebook  /  Email

5. AW Builders 

Source: AW Builders Facebook

AW Builders is a building contracting company whose specialties lie not just in roofing, but the entire renovation contracting package. 

True to their name, AW Builders are ‘builders’ through and through. Their contracting expertise is not just limited to roofing but a whole plethora of other renovation avenues, for both commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. With years worth of experience in the field and more than a thousand professional workers under it’s name, AW Builders is a building contractor that you can definitely entrust your home to. 

In other words: regardless of the place you want renovated and the job you need done, AW Builders is a reliable company that will see all your visions through! 


Steel and Aluminium Work 

AW Builders is a contractor that specializes in all things steel and aluminium. On top of steel roofing, they also provide services in aluminium doors and windows, and even steel entrance automatic gates. 

Wall, Floor, and Ceiling Finishes Work 

These include things like floor tiling, concrete imprints, ceiling installations, and indoor or outdoor wall painting. 

Electrical Work 

AW Builders’ electrical work spans wiring, lighting, security systems, and many other building appliances. 

Piping Work 

AW Builders also provides various types of piping work. 

Admin and Wet Work 

These encompass wall hacking and scoring, concrete structure, and more. 

Operation Hours 

AW Builders’ opening hours are as follows: 

Monday-Friday: 8AM – 10PM

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

If you want to hire them for a project, here’s where you can find them: 


Website  /  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Email

6. 99Roofing 

Source: 99 Roofing Facebook

Looking for a roofing contractor that specializes in a variety of different roofs? 

Based in KL and Klang Valley, 99Roofing is a local roofing company that specializes in three different types of roofs – glass roofing, metal roofing, and polycarbonate roofing. Each roof can serve different functional as well as aesthetic properties to your building, which are carefully detailed on the company’s website itself – and 99Roofing’s expertise in all guarantees top quality roof installations for whichever type you may choose! 


Roof Repair, Installation, & Replacement (Glass, Metal, Polycarbonate)

Glass, metal, and polycarbonate roofs are the focus of 99Roofing’s roofing services. With professional expertise in repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance, 99 Roofing is a company that will definitely bring out the best in your building’s roof! 

Free Consultation and Inspection 

99Roofing also offers free consultations and inspections on their roof services.

Operation Hours 

99Roofing’s opening hours are as follows: 

Monday-Sunday: 7AM – 10PM

Their contacts may be found below: 


Website  /  Facebook  /  Email

7. Roofseal 

Source: Roofseal Facebook

During summer, your home can sometimes become a furnace all on it’s own. The walls trap in the stuffy humid air, and even fans can seem to make a dent in the heat! In times like this, installing a cooling metal roof or appropriate roof insulation might be the key to a cooler summer home – and Roofseal is just the perfect company for products to do this! 

A local roofing service active since 1990, Roofseal is a company that specializes in both metal roofs and insulation; and is therefore your solution for a comfortable roofed home. Their expertise in the metal roofing industry ensures that the service you get will be top-notch and high-quality, and their large catalogue of roofing products guarantees that you’ll get the perfect roof to suit your needs! 


Roofing Products 

Roofseal is the top supplier in Malaysia for roofing products, and therefore comprises an incredibly vast and diverse product catalogue. Of these products, Roofseal is prepared to offer you thing such as: 

  • Roofing Mesh 
  • Gutter system 
  • Fire Rated door 
  • Waterproofing products 
  • Metal Deck & Zinc roof 

And much more!

Operation Hours 

Roofseal’s opening hours are as follows: 

Monday-Friday: 8:30AM – 5:30PM  

Saturday: 8:30AM – 12:30PM 

Sunday: Closed

Roofseal’s contacts are as follows: 


Website  /  Facebook  /  012-9081168

8. AZ Roofing & Plumbing 

Source: AZ Roofing Facebook

In the world of roofing, a good roof is only as good as the quality of it’s material. Functional and aesthetic, good roof materials can add a note of visual appeal to your home – as well as prevent rain and stormwater from seeping it’s way in! 

That’s why AZ Roofing & Plumbing, a local roofing and plumbing company based in KL and Klang, pride themselves on their excellent roofing services and use of high-quality roofing materials. The company specializes in services that are comprehensive, prompt, and long-lasting, and does so with materials that promise better quality, higher durability, and better functionality than most found in Malaysia! 


Roofing Repair, Maintenance, and Replacement

AZ Roofing promises a comprehensive roofing service for anyone in need of a roofing specialist. Of their services, they offer repairs, maintenance, and replacement to ensure your roof is in top shape at all times! 


AZ Roofing waterproofing services not only apply to your roof, but also extend to wall and basement waterproofing to keep your building safe from water damage. 

PU Injection Grouting 

PU Injections can help prevent water from seeping through the cracks in your home, and therefore prevent leaky walls or roofs. 

Operation Hours 

AZ Roofing & Plumbing’s opening hours are as follows: 

Monday-Saturday: 7AM-11PM

Sunday: 7AM-10PM

So if you’re looking for an effective roofing company around the KL or Klang area, you can find AZ Roofing & Plumbing in the contacts below: 


Website  /  Facebook  /  012-3436385

9. Roofing Man

Source: Roofing Man Facebook

Based in Klang Valley and operating with over 30 years of experience in the industry, Roofing Man is a local roofing company that is dedicated to the safety and satisfaction of all it’s clients. 

With a vision to become a trusted Malaysia roofing partner and their admirable commitment to both customer satisfaction and customer safety, Roofing Man is definitely one of the most reliable roofing services in the country. Putting your comfort and care at the forefront, they provide effective roof and waterproofing work for your building; and ensure all the services they provide are as high quality as they can be. 


Roofing Services

Roofing Man’s expertise in roofing extends past just repairs to also encompass installation, maintenance, replacement, and servicing. 


Roofing Man is able to both clean and repair your roof gutters, to ensure they are operational and in top-condition to prevent further damage to your roof and home. 


To prevent water from leaking into your home from a patchy roof, Roofing Man also provides highly effective waterproofing services. 

Operation Hours 

Roofing Man’s opening hours are as follows: 

Monday-Saturday: 9AM-6PM

Sunday: Closed

Roofing Man’s contacts are as follows: 


Website  /  Facebook  /  Email

10. Roofing Johor 

Source: Roofing Johor Facebook

For those living in Johor Bahru with a roofing problem, Roofing Johor is your best bet for high-quality, reliable local roofing services! 

Roofing Johor is a Johor-based roofing company with a strong dedication to the maintenance of their clients’ roofs. Comprising a team of passionate and expert specialists, the company is one that prides itself on fair prices and quality services; meaning you’ll be able to maintain your roof to excellence without incurring huge costs! 

Wth 10 years of experience in the roofing industry, you’ll be guaranteed expert services and quality care under the work of Roofing Johor! 


Metal and Awning Roofing Services

Roofing Johor provide services in both metal and aluminium composite panel (ACP) awning roofs, and promise excellent quality all-throughout. 


Roofing Johor’s waterproofing services include concrete slab and industrial roof waterproofing. 

Gutter and PU Injections 

Roofing Johor’s waterproofing services also extend to rain gutterworks and PU injection grouting, to fully prevent water from leaking into your building. 

Roof Inspection 

You can also choose to receive quality and expert roof inspections from Roofing Johor in Johor Bahru and Klang. 

Operation Hours 

Roofing Johor’s opening hours are as follows: 

Monday-Friday: 9AM-6PM

Saturday: 9AM – 1PM

Sunday: Closed

Roofing Johor’s contacts can be found below: 


Website  /  Facebook  /  Email


Sometimes, a home is only as good as the quality of the roof over our heads. Patchy roofs can let in the wind and rain and cause heavy water damage to our property, and sometimes even drip rainwater on us in the times we just want to relax and unwind in our homes. Thankfully, there are plenty of local roofing companies that can solve most of our roof issues – and make our home a home once more!

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