Top 10 Most Popular Malaysian Male Actors

Malaysia is a small country yet it is a hometown of many talented professional Malaysian male actors. Some of the best actors are famous in the field of entertainment while some are known for their superb acting skills. In fact, some of them are recognized worldwide. They captured not only the hearts of local fans but also the praise of the large international audience. Here is a list of the top 10 most popular male actors in Malaysia:

1. Henry Ewan Golding

Golding Malaysian male actors
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Born on February 5, 1987, in Betong, Sarawak Malaysia, Henry Ewan Golding is one talented actor, model, TV host, and traveler. The filmCrazy Rich Asians became his stepping stone into stardom. Its success in the industry gave Golding a spot in the list of popular Malaysian male actors. He also did more big projects like Last Christmas, The Gentlemen, and A Simple Favor.

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2. Aeril Zafrel

Born on December 2, 1988, in Batu Pahat, Malaysia, his real name is Suhairil bin Sunari. He is a renowned actor and director who made a name in the industry for doing local projects. His first movie was Birkan Cinta Tersenyum Lagi. In 2010, he became a part of the movie Aku Tak Bodoh, a remake of the 2002 hit I Not Stupid Too. More big projects came his way from movies t TV shows to film direction. He even got a leading role in Holywood film’s Budak Pailang in 2013, which is why he is a certified one of the best Malaysian male actors.

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3. Fattah Amin

Abdul Fattah bin Mohd Amin was born on September 14, 1990, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Fattah Amin, as known in the industry, is not only an actor but also a singer, TV host, and model. Among his first singles was Sumpah Aku Cinta Padamu while his first-ever movie was Maninsya Cinta Di Cappadoccia. He proved to be one of the talented Malaysian male actors after doing several shows on television. One of those was Her Seorang Cinderella, where he met Fazura, his beautiful wife.

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4. Awal Ashaari

actor and model in Malaysia

Ahmad Awaluddin bin Ashaari or Awal Ashaari was born on August 6, 1981, in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He started his career as a celebrity in the field of news broadcasting and in the Malaysian Idol competition. His audition to the said competition was the smartest move to his successful career. He did big projects on films and TV shows, as well as in fashion shows, modeling, and reality TV hosting. His debut film appearance was in Diva 2007 and drama series Seribu Erti. He earned the praise of the big audience, making him one of the sought-after Malaysian male actors.

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5. Syafiq Kyle

prominent Malaysian male actors

Mohd Syafiq Shamim bin Abdul Razak or Syafiq Kyle is one of the prominent Malaysian male actors today. He was born on June 24, 1992, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After earning second place in the Hero Remaja competition, his career became successful in films and television shows. Among his first projects were Langsuir, Iparku Diva, Tasbih Putih, Pusaka. He had numerous nominations for excellent acting performances, and some of those nominations ended up with awards and titles.

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6. Aaron Aziz

model and actor

Dato Aaron Mustapha bin Aziz or Aaron Aziz was born on February 23, 1976, in Tampines, Singapore. He may have started his career in Singapore as an actor, yet made his name bigger in Malaysian films and TV shows. Because of his contributions to the Malay entertainment industry, he was awarded the Darjah Kebesaran Mahkota Pahang Yang Dihormati in 2017. More nominations and awards came his way making him one of the best Malaysian male actors.

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7. Syamsul Yusof

KUALA LUMPUR 09 MARCH 2017. Pengarah dan pelakon filem Munafik 2, Syamsul Yusof pada sidang media filem Munafik 2 di Finas, Hulu Kelang. NSTP/ASWADI ALIAS.

Mohd Syamsul bin Mohd Yusof was born on May 21, 1984, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is a great actor, singer, screenwriter, and director. At his young age, he earned several awards as best director. In fact, he is the youngest award-winning director in the country. The film Maria Mariana II was his debut movie in acting while the Evolusi KL Drift was his first in his screenwriting and directing career. Moreover, the said film gave him two prestigious awards at the 23rd Malaysian Film Festival – Best Director and Best Editing.

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8. Hairul Azreen

stuntmen actor Malaysia

Hairul Azreen bin Idris is an athlete, stuntman, martial artist, and actor. He was born on April 23, 1988, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Most of his films are action movies, being a Taekwondo black belter. His debut appearance was in the film Senario The Movie Ops Pocot in 2011. He did several series and telemovies and he earned some nominations and awards for being a great actor. Also, he won 3rd Place in 2008 Pencarian Kacak Bergaya and 1st Place in 2013 Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia with Dazrin Kamaruddin. 

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9. Amar Baharin

Amar bin Mohd Baharin was born on July 1, 1985, in Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia. He started his acting career by doing drama series in 2008, the Sofea Zahra. His first film was in 2013, the Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Through the years, he did many projects in films and television shows, as well as theater acts. He also did different advertisement projects.

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10. Zul Ariffin

Zulkifli bin Ariffin or Zul Ariffin was born on October 25, 1986, in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia. He is a famous model and actor in the country. But before his stardom in the acting industry, he was once a barista at a cafe. A scout discovered him, which led him to land his first commercial projects. After a few years, a production manager noticed and included him in a film. Among his best movies are J Revolusi in 2017 and Bikers Kental. The showbiz industry recognized his superb performance in Penanggal.  In fact, he became the recipient of the Best Newcomer at the Malaysia Film Festival.

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