Top 10 Organic Foods Stores Available In Malaysia

Health is now the main thing. People prefer to consume organic food over non-organic. There are a lot of shops selling organic products these days. Some of you are curious about what organic food is.

Source: Food Navigator

What is Organic Food?

Organic food is food that is produced by natural methods or processed without the use of chemicals, additives, and genetic engineering. All processes also do not use synthetic fertilizers or sewage sludge.

This type of plant tends to use natural fertilizers such as manure which is produced by themselves. While in animal husbandry, all processes focus on improving soil quality and minimizing pollution.

The main goals of organic farming are to reduce pollution, promote sustainable agriculture, promote animal welfare, and provide safe and healthy food. So that consumers can get a good impact on their health, improve their quality of life and prevent disease in humans.

It will reduce the impact of wildlife extinction. Examples include bees and grasshoppers. These animals can balance the ecosystem by providing food and nutrition for other animals. In addition, bees can also act as pollinators.

In addition to applying natural production processes, these foodstuffs must be free from food additives or additives. Substances included in this group include preservatives, dyes, artificial sweeteners, thickeners, and flavorings.

Daily consumption of organic foods is beneficial for our health. Are you seeking the best organic grocery shop in Malaysia? Here is the following list!

1. Love Earth

Photo: Love Earth (Website)

The organic retailer Love Earth is verified by NASAA. They provide and produce tasty organic items such as superfoods, peanuts, beans, noodles, and others. Their manufacturing process lacks chemical additives to demonstrate respect for Mother Earth. In addition, Love Earth only sells vegetarian products.

For More Information: Love Earth | FB: Love Earth Organic  | IG: @loveearthorganic

2. Organic For You

Photo: Organic For You (Website)

Organic In You offer a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables delivered straight from organic production. You may purchase their organic items in bundles or separately. There are two choices for the bundle package: a big veggie bag (containing 13 veggies) or a small veggie bag (containing 5 vegetables).

For More Information: Organic For You | FB: | WhatsApp:+60 12-733 8853

3. TM Organic Farms

Photo: TM Organic Farms (Website)

Since 2009, TM Organic Farms has been cultivating and rearing food in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. Local farmers gather their seasonal and fresh food. The cool climate and clear water make it an ideal location for organic fruits and vegetable cultivation.

For More Information: TM Farms | FB: TM Farms Organic | Email: [email protected]

4. Everleaf

Photo: Everleaf (Website)

Everleaf is an organic grocery shop with local farmers to provide us with 100 percent organic veggies and fruits. Everleaf seeks to convince local chemical farmers to adopt organic agriculture. They assist Malaysian farmers by providing fresh veggies, fruits, organic eggs, and more.

For More Information: Everleaf | FB: Everleaf Store MY | IG: @everleafstoremy

5. Matahari Sdn Bhd

Photo: Matahari Sdn Bhd (Website)

Matahari Wholesaler was established with over 20 years of expertise in Organic and Natural goods. NASAA Australia has approved this organic standard. Matahari Sdn Bhd is a prominent organic product wholesaler, supplier, and distributor.

For More Information: Matahari Organic | FB: Matahari Organic | IG: @matahariorganic

6. Signature Market

Photo: Signature Market (Website)

Are you frequently plundering the refrigerator? Understandably, munching while you’re bored or working at home is tempting. Signature Market specializes in healthy snacks, including organic, sugar-free, and vegan options, with more than 500 items, including gourmet snacks, nut mixes, natural grains, and pastries. 

For More Information: Signature Market | FB: Signature Market | IG: @signaturemarket

7. Zenxin Organic

Photo: Zenxin Organic (Website)

Zenxin Organic Food is the top organic food producer in Malaysia. ZenXin is an online business that distributes organic groceries to Johor, Klang, and Penang.  Zenxin organic can be an excellent option if you’re searching for fresh organic veggies. This organic grocery shop has over 90 varieties of fresh veggies.

For More Information: Zenxin Organic | FB: Zenxin Organic Food Malaysia | IG: @zenxinorganicfoodmalaysia

8. The Natural Market Place

Photo: The Natural Marketplace (Website)

The Natural Marketplace is Malaysia’s first natural and organic supermarket and restaurant opened in 2016. Its mission is to enhance the general life quality in the community and to encourage a healthy lifestyle through organic and natural goods. You may get about every organic product conceivable here, including organic tissue, cereals, and healthy books.

For More Information: The Natural Marketplace | FB: The Natural Marketplace | IG: @the_natural_marketplace

9. Just Life

Photo: Just Life (Website)

Before the organic movement took hold in Malaysia, Just Life was committed to promoting a high-quality, organic lifestyle. Due to the exceptional quality of the things supplied here, the prices are somewhat more, but they are worth it. Just Life located is pretty expansive, allowing for a wide variety, and the presentation is relatively well-organized, which significantly facilitates your searches.

For More Information: Just Life Shop | FB: Justlife Shop | IG: @justlifeshop

10. Radiant Whole Food

Photo: Radiant Whole Food (Website)

In 2000, Radiant Whole Foods was the first organic food distributor. You’ve likely seen these items at various grocery and health food shops. In addition, you may purchase an array of organic foods at Radiant Whole Food, including culinary supplies, personal care goods, and more!

For More Information: Radiant Whole Food | FB: Radiant Whole Food | IG:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding Organic Foods

What is the main difference between Organic and Non-Organic Foods?

Organic food refers to foodstuffs that during the growing and maintenance process are carried out in a natural way without chemicals. Meanwhile, non-organic foods use pesticides or chemicals in order to prevent pests from attacking them.

In comparison between these two, which one is healthier?

Food made from organic will be healthier because it does not use chemicals. In contrast to non-organic food ingredients that use a lot of chemicals that can have a bad impact on health.

Is it okay to eat organic food every day?

Some studies say that organic food has more nutrients and antioxidants in it. So, it would be very good if you consume it every day.

Do organic foods contain pesticides?

No, organic food does not contain pesticides or other chemicals. The planting and care process is done organically and naturally without chemicals.

Why is organic food more expensive?

Because organic products require special soil and care. So that this facility makes organic products more expensive than non-organic or conventional method products.







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