Top 3 Affordable Work From Home Essentials You Should Get

If you are just starting on your work from home, then this is probably the work from home essentials you might need. It does take more than patience and determination in order to get yourself used to a different working environment. This is even more true for those who are too used to their work settings at the office. However, you might want to forget about going to the office at this moment, especially considering our country’s current situation. As of today,  COVID-19 cases have been increasing drastically and unfortunately, have not been showing signs of stopping. It is concerning that the cases have risen to 11,000 despite Malaysia being one of the countries that managed to curb the pandemic in the earlier days. You could see how the pandemic has been impacting the economy when many employees have been losing their jobs. For the companies that are still fighting to stay in the industry, most of them are enforcing work from home order to their employees due to the lockdown. 

Working From Home And Working In An Office Is Not The Same, Period

It is true that working from home is totally different from your usual workplace environment. First of all, your previous workplace such as your office has been equipped with all the things you need in order to finish your tasks. However, this is not the case when you start working from home. You could be in trouble if you don’t have a stable Internet connection and some functional work from home essentials at home. Due to the huge gap of differences seen from WFH (work for home) compared to working at your office, your work performance could be affected if you fail to prepare yourself. This means that if you are not used to doing your work at home before, then you might need to go shopping. There might be things you have to buy so that you can work comfortably at home. Read on to know more about the top 3 affordable work from home essentials you should get before you start.

Laptop Stand/Riser

It is only logical that you will be required to use your laptop for work purposes. Unless you have a PC at home, then perhaps you would not need home office essentials like this. However, some people prefer using laptops despite having a PC because they can do their work at places like their favorite couch or even on the bed. The fact that the laptop is light makes it easier to carry around in the house. This is actually the reason why you would need a laptop stand with you. With a laptop stand/riser, you can work comfortably on a surface like your bed or couch. Besides, you don’t have to support its weight on your lap anymore as you do your tasks. It’s good for your posture too, making it a great work from home essentials to be added to your shopping list.

Buy #1 Work From Home Essentials: Laptop Stand/Riser From Ikea

All-In-One Charging Station

A laptop and its stand/riser is obviously not the only work from home necessities you will need. Using a laptop or PC does not mean you don’t have to use your smartphone and other devices. It’s such a hassle to entangle the charging cables as you use different chargers for each of your devices such as your smartphone, iWatch and Airpods. More than that, it is a waste of space where you can actually use that particular space for other things. Thus, it is recommended that you purchase this all-in-one charger station. With these home office essentials, you can have a minimalistic style for your working area at home. It will also make charging your devices easier since you can charge all your electronic devices simultaneously. 

Buy #2 Work From Home Essentials: All-In-One Charging Station At Amazon

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Working from home would mean that you would be joining many online meetings through softwares like Webex and Zoom. Hence, you would need a pair of great noise-cancelling headphones that will help you listen to all the meetings without any issues. Besides making sure that you can work with ease, having this item means that you can complete your work from home essentials at your new working space. Plus, for those who love listening to music while completing your tasks, you would want a set of headphones that is comfortable for you to wear all day. Do you know that some headphones break easily and some make your ears uncomfortable when you wear them for more than a few hours? Hence, make sure to choose one that will last long for your daily use. A good headphones will be the ones that have excellent sound quality and extreme durability. It might be more expensive than you thought, but totally worth it as a wfh essentials in this 21st century.

Buy #3 Work From Home Essentials: Noise-Cancelling Station From Sony Store

Last Words

In conclusion, there are many work from home essentials you can purchase out there. It is totally up to you to ensure that your working space at home is super comfortable and makes you feel motivated to finish your daily tasks. No matter what career you have, everyone will agree that working from home is no easy matter and you would want to make a list of work from home necessities you would have to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding Affordable Work From Home Essential

How long does it take to charge an electronic device fully?

This depends on the battery capacity of each device. The larger the battery capacity, the longer the battery charging time. But now, some devices are equipped with fast-charging features.

Is a laptop stand necessary?

Yes, it is. This laptop stand is handy for those who often use it for a long time. This will help remove heat from inside the laptop so that your laptop does not heat up quickly.

How high should the laptop stand?

Your laptop screen should be at eye level when sitting for comfortable work or viewing. So, adjust the height of the laptop holder to match your position.

Is noise cancelling useful and practical?

Using headphones or earphones with a noise-cancelling feature will be great at blocking out background noise without music. So you will be more focused on doing tasks or other work.

Does noise cancelling damage hearing?

No, noise cancelling has no negative impact on your hearing and health. This is because noise cancelling does not emit radiation, so it does not pose a potential threat.

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