Top 5 Cyber Security Companies In Malaysia

The Horrors Of Hacking

In this day and age, practically everyone is storing important data and business info over the internet. It’s the wave of the technological future, after all; and no one can deny that online backup systems can be pretty dang convenient. But the thing is – what happens when an unknown party suddenly comes along and hacks their way into your database? 

There’s only one real answer to this problem – cybersecurity. To protect our data from being stolen or sold by malicious parties over the net, we need to regularly reinforce our digital defences from outside invaders. And the most ideal way to do this, of course, is with the help of some of the best cybersecurity companies the industry has to offer! 

Thankfully, Malaysia seems to have no shortage of cybersecurity experts in the field. And as for which ones are ‘the best’? Well, we at the Coolbears are here to help you figure that out! 

Here are 5 of the top cyber security companies in Malaysia! 

1. LGMS Penetration Testing Expert 

LGMS is easily one of the best cybersecurity experts in Malaysia, and perhaps even across the whole Asia Pacific. With a CREST accreditation and various other certifications awarded under it’s name, the company is a tried and proven source of reliable cybersecurity measures – and is definitely an expert you can entrust your business security to. 

Comprising a team of certified cybersecurity professionals with a passion for the field, LGMS is dedicated to it’s mission of delivering professional, strong, and effective security services perfect for all their clients. They also boast an impressive customer history, and have even served big name brands in both the local and international market such as Astro, Maxis, Air Asia, BMW, and more – in case you were somehow doubting their repute! 


Penetration Testing

While LGMS’s expertise spans most of the cybersecurity field, they’re main specialization stems from penetration testing; an artificial, orchestrated ‘attack’ on your computer to determine potential defensive weaknesses. These are provided for web application, mobile application, wireless networks, and more. 


LGMS also offers various compliance services for PCI DSS and ISO 27001. Of these, they provide PCI DSS Consultancy and Scanning, ISO 27001 Consultancy, and also SWIFT Security Assessment. 


LGMS are also experts in the field of forensic cybersecurity and computer crime investigation. Under this branch of service, they offer digital forensics, compromise assessments, and cyber crime investigations to determine and upkeep the safety of your data.

Security Training 

One distinct aspect of LGMS is that they actually deliver training courses, workshops, and certificates in cybersecurity. The schedule of their courses for 2021 can be found here.

Opening Hours 

LGMS’s opening hours are as follows: 

Monday-Friday: 9AM – 7PM 

Saturday – Sunday: Closed


Website / Facebook / Email / +(60) 3 8605 0154 

2. Wizlynx Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Accredited and certified by CREST, Wizlynx Malaysia is another company that excels in the field of cybersecurity and penetration testing. With branches all throughout the Asia Pacific and services offered widely across Malaysia, Wizlynx has become a widely-established name in the cybersecurity industry, and leverages their expertise in the area to help you deal with issues of security. 

Wizlynx cybersecurity expertise is incredibly vast, and encompasses aspects such as security assessments, consulting, and incident detection services among more. On top of that, the Wizlynx group is one that prides itself on fast and high quality security solutions, and meets all the needs of their customers to give them the best results they could hope for. 


Security Assessments and Penetration Testing 

As a penetration testing provider approved by CREST, Wizlynx provides an incredibly comprehensive security assessment that includes not just a hybrid penetration testing, but also assessments for IoT, social engineering, compromise and vulnerability, and more. 

Cyber Defense Consulting 

Wizlynx has expert cyber defense consultants that can help you structure cyber defenses according to your needs, business direction, and relevant guidelines. 

On top of consultations, Wizlynx also provides cyber defense products in avenues such as perimeter defense, advanced malware protection, data leakage prevention, and much more. 

They also offer cyber defence operations in the form of various Managed Services. 

Cyber Security Incident Response 

Wizlynx’s Cyber Security Incident Response Team, also known as ‘Cyber SWAT’, is an experienced response team dispatched whenever you need urgent security help, e.g. when you feel you may be under attack from a security threat. 

Cyber Threat Intelligence 

Wizlynx has a unique Targeted Cyber-Threat Intelligence Service, which will gather threat intelligence across a variety of platforms and help you better understand the constantly changing world of cyber threats. 

Cyber Security Incident Detection Services 

Wizlynx’s NowProtected Security Operations Center (SOC) can help detect incoming cyber threats and help prevent attacks on your data. 

Opening Hours 

Wizlynx’s opening hours are as follows: 

Monday-Friday: Open 24 Hours 

Saturday – Sunday: Closed


Website / Facebook / Email / +41 61 823 90 50 

3. Ensign Infosecurity 

Ensign Infosecurity specializes in innovative cybersecurity solutions, and has established branches in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea. Understanding the ever-changing nature of cybersecurity threats, Ensign strives for constant innovation and creativity in it’s security responses, to consistently match and overpower evolving attacks in cyberspace. 

Ensign Infosecurity collaborates regularly on a global level, with partnerships that span all over the world. Equipped with wide knowledge of the cyber risk landscape, responsive security solutions, and the dedication to see their security measures through, Ensign Infosecurity is an innovative cybersecurity business that will protect your business from all cyber threats. 


Ensign Consulting 

Ensign Consulting is a cybersecurity consulting service that will provide you with all the knowledge you need to make informed security decisions. CISO-level consultants will give holistic information concerning the cyber risk and management landscape, and help you make decisions that will strengthen and improve the resiliency of your defences. 

Ensign System Integration 

Ensign System Integration helps craft tailored responses to each business’s cyber threats, and therefore provide you with more effective cybersecurity solutions. 

Ensign Managed Detection and Response & Security Services

Ensign Managed Security Services and Managed Detection and Response service works through the Ensign Security Operations Centres (SOCs), and enables businesses to more efficiently detect and resolve incoming threats in cyberspace.

Ensign Labs 

Ensign Labs can help businesses research, analyze, and craft bespoke responses to cyber threats. 

Ensign Cyber Threat Intelligence 

Ensign Cyber Threat Intelligence helps businesses gather threat intelligence, and therefore prepares them to predictively meet all approaching cyber threats before they happen. 

Ensign Operational Technology Cybersecurity 

Ensign provides their Ensign Operational Technology Cybersecurity to increase security and prevent harm in an operational technology (OT) environment. 

Ensign Offensive Cybersecurity 

Ensign Offensive Cybersecurity is a series of artificial cybersecurity ‘threat’ tests conducted in a safe environment, to help determine potential strengths and weakpoints in your defense. Of these tests, Ensign provides things such as Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, Purple Teaming, and more. 

Opening Hours 

Ensign Infosecurity’s opening hours are as follows: 

Monday-Sunday: Open 24 Hours 


Website / YouTube / Email / +603 8996 3000 

4. Securelytics 

Securelytics is among Malaysia’s most successful cybersecurity companies, boasting various awards and accreditations since it’s establishment in 2014. Accredited by the ISO/IEC 17025 and the winner of the 2017 Cybersecurity Malaysia Award, Securelytics is a proven titan in the local cybersecurity industry, and constantly strives to provide world-class security services to all of their clients. 

Securelytics is a cybersecurity firm that emphasizes customer satisfaction among it’s values. To that end, they are prepared to offer services with strict confidentiality, efficiency, and competence; buffed by over a 100 years of cumulative experience across their expert security teams. 


Lab and ICT Testing 

Securelytic’s lab and ICT testing services comprises various tests and assessments of your data defenses, some of which include Enerprise Technology Advisory and Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test, Red Team Assessment, and more. 

Governance Risk, Compliance and Consulting 

Securelytics also offers compliance services for ISO31000 / ISO27005, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS, and much more. 

Training and Workshop 

Securelytic’s training and workshop encompasses things such as ICT and Penetration Testing, Secure Coding, Scheme Development, and more. 

Opening Hours 

Securelytic’s opening hours are as follows: 

Monday-Sunday: Open 24 Hours 


Website / Facebook / Email / 03-7499 3678

5. Nexagate


Widely-trusted by clients all throughout Southeast Asia, Nexagate is a cybersecurity company with certifications in CREST, ISO27001, and PTSP. Comprising one of the largest teams of cybersecurity experts in Malaysia, the company is well-prepared to meet your business’s needs for cloud-based security, and will ensure all your data is safely protected under their service. 

Specifically, Nexagate is known for their award-winning and ISO-certified NSI Unified Security platform, which provides all-in-one cybersecurity solutions that are affordable, effective, and promise excellent security. Able to quickly detect threats, protect data, and guarantee compliance, Nexagate’s NSI platform and the company overall is an excellent choice for any business hoping to improve their cybersecurity solutions. 


Security Risk & Compliance 

Under their security risk & compliance services, Nexagate offers consultations in ISMS / ISO27001, ITSM / ISO20000, Business Continuity Consulting, and Data Leak Protection Consulting. 

Security Audit & Testing 

With appropriate accreditations and certifications in penetration testing, Nexagate provides excellent services in security testing that include Security Posture Assessment, Penetration Tests, Red Teaming, IOT/ICS Security Assessment, and more. 

Security Protection

Nexagate provides cloud-based managed services that promise excellent security and protection. Of these, they offer Managed Web Security, Managed DDos Protection, Managed SIEM, Advanced Threat Protection, and more. 

Opening Hours 

Nexagate’s opening hours are as follows: 

Monday-Sunday: 10AM – 10PM


Website / Facebook / Email / +603 2935 9363 


These days, the word ‘hacking’ has become practically synonymous with disaster. When so much data is being stored away on the Internet, it becomes especially easy for more malicious types to hack into servers and steal important personal and corporate information. And once hackers have gotten ahold of important business info, or even personal customer data you promised your customers would be kept safe? The outcomes could be nothing short of disastrous. 

However, there are a myriad of award-winning and certified cybersecurity companies currently operating in Malaysia right now. So if you’re a business owner hoping to increase security in your business cyberspace, you have these 5 companies to check out! 

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