Top 6 Local Aesthetic Cafe Johor Bahru For You To Visit

Legoland Malaysia, Istana Besar Johor, UK Farm, and Johor Art Gallery are among top destinations in Johor. However, have you ever wondered about the local and aesthetic cafes in Johor Bahru that serve different cuisines to satisfy your craving when you are in Johor? Locals are excellent to find great cafes in the town, but it will be a challenging task for you, who are not living in Johor, to spot food havens. Would you like to try authentic Johor food or would you like to taste sweet things? Don’t worry! We have a list of top 6 local aesthetic cafes in Johor Bahru that could help you to satisfy your hungry.

Where is Johor located?

Johor or formerly known as Johore is the southernmost state in Malaysia and very near to Singapore. Originally, the name Johor is derived from the Arabic word ‘’Jauhar’’. ‘’Jauhar’’ means gem or precious stone. Its capital city is Johor Bahru. Johor is surrounded by Pahang to the north, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan to the northwest, and the Straits of Johor to the south which is separated by the international border between Malaysia and the Republic of Singapore.

What are the cultural Attractions in Johor?

Every state has its cultural attractions that represent the uniqueness of society there. In Johor, you will find folk dances such as Kuda Kepang and zapin dance often performed in formal events or cultural events. Kuda Kepang is a dance-cum-game that is performed usually by the Johoreans of Javanese descent. Nine male dancers will ride two-dimensional (2D) legless horse puppets which are made of pleated rattan. The leader of dancers is known as the ‘’danyang’’. The Kuda Kepang dancers dance together with Bujang Ganong (a masked dancer) and Barongan (dancers portraying tiger and snake-like creatures) while accompanied by the sound of traditional musical instruments such as gong, gendang, and kenong.

What are the famous local Cuisines in Johor?

Laksa Johor, and  pepes are among the famous dishes that are served in Johor. Laksa Johor is a creamy dish and rich in spices. Coconut milk or santan in Malay, curry powder, different spices, and fish are used to make broth for laksa. The vegetables such as cucumber, bean sprouts, and kesum leaves are often added as condiments. Besides that, eating laksa with a boiled egg is such a perfect combination!

Pepes is a cooked seafood, fish, or chicken that is wrapped in banana leaves. It is influenced by the cooking method from Indonesia. The pepes meat is mixed and marinated with a lot of spices and can be grilled, steamed, or boiled before eating. Yummy!

Welcome to Johor and let’s discover the aesthetic cafes in the state!

Read this article to discover top 6 local aesthetic cafe Johor Bahru that should be on your bucket list for next cafe-hopping too! 

1) The FOUNDERS Cafe

cafe Johor Bahru
  Source: cafe culture

This cafe deserves to be included on your bucket list before 2022 ends! The FOUNDERS Cafe is a Johor Bahru cafe that should be visited by Johoreans and any Malaysian at least for one time. This cafe is built with spacious space, which is not only suitable for casual and heart-warming meet-ups but also an ideal cafe to organize corporate and business events that help you to establish professional and corporate relationships with colleagues, employees and potential clients! Up to now, The FOUNDERS Cafe has attracted many local and international visitors. The Johor Royal family members and  the famous figure in 21st century Asian pop, Jay Chou, are guests of The FOUNDERS Cafe. 

Let’s look at the menu and price!

The FOUNDERS Cafe offers fresh-baked pastries and food with a combination of Asian, Indian, Jamaican, Spanish and English cuisines under the same roof.

Click here to know more about their menu:

Website | FB | IG

2) Plantherapy

cafe Johor Bahru
 Source: @kooksiang (Instagram)

Plantherapy is a therapeutic cafe Johor Bahru, which is a suitable spot for a casual drop-by and spending time at weekends with your family, friends or partner after going through the hustle and bustle of daily life, especially life in the city. Plantherapy is such an instagrammable cafe in JB with a theme of garden, decorated with mini, cute green plants and hanging dried flowers that will make you feel as if you are a Marienkaufer (ladybug) living in a terrarium! While enjoying your sweet time in their iconic glass seating area,  you can have cake or drink a cup of coffee to supplement the cosy and warm moments with the others. To have a more exclusive moment, you can sip a golden silk bird nest with your partner or drink premium red dates (jujube) that are high in antioxidants.

Plantherapy offers a wide range of food for you, from a light food menu,  à la carte to desserts to fill your stomach and fix your sweet tooth!

Click here to know more about the menu:

Website | FB | IG

3) Space Cafe

cafe Johor Bahru
    Source: Space Cafe

Another best cafe in JB that you should put in your plan for the next cafe hopping is Space Cafe. Space Cafe is not only popular among Johoreans but also among Singaporeans, our neighbours! There are many reasons to visit this cafe! This cafe is such a heaven of coffee and pastry lovers located in Holiday Villa Johor Bahru City Centre. This cafe also serves fresh-baked red bean buns with butter that are familiar to Malaysians during childhood.  Besides that, you should try new things in your life. As a coffee lover too, you should not miss the chance to visit this cafe in JB, Space Cafe, as this cafe has a diverse choice of caffeinated drinks here! You may step out of your comfort zone by drinking Orange Americano to awaken your taste buds! Orange Americano is a strong coffee with a citrusy taste. Other than that, Space Cafe also serves Caramel Biscotti Coffee and French pastries for you. Merci beaucoup, Space Cafe, cafe Johor!

Side note: Space Cafe is not a halal-certified cafe, but uses no pork or lard.

Click here to know more about their menu:

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4) Mrs Who

cafe Johor Bahru
Source: (blog)

Another cafe Johor Bahru is Mrs. Who cafe. Mrs. Who is a local cafe that offers a wide range of food to satisfy your complex craving! For halal cafe hunters, this is the right place for you! Mrs. Who cafe is owned by a Muslim owner and only use halal ingredients in their menu. Apart from delicious food and refreshing drinks,  you may feel relieved and can avoid the syubhah while enjoying food and beverages in Mrs. Who Cafe. For those who are curious, syubhah  is defined as a certain situation that rises which is hard to be categorised whether that thing is clearly halal or haram (forbidden). This cafe serves not only European dishes, but also the halal fried and creamy East Asian and Southeast Asian cuisines. Welcome to Mrs. Who, a cafe in JB.

Click here to know more about this place:

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5) Principle Cafe by T.A.M

cafe Johor Bahru
Source: GO JOHOR 食在好玩 (Facebook)

If you are a fan of ‘’Ada Apa dengan Cinta?’’ especially ‘’Ada Apa dengan Cinta 2?’’, you will remember the scene, in which Cinta and Rangga met in the cafe to have a heart-to-heart conversation.  Principle Cafe by T.A.M almost gives off a nostalgic vibe of this scene! 

A muslim-friendly JB cafe, Principle Cafe by T.A.M  serves Asian and Western cuisines in the Japanese minimalistic architecture style. Besides that, there are tons of vegetarian dishes for your tummy too! On a side note, this Johor cafe Principle Cafe by T.A.M serves food in adequate portions.

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6) Ground Cabin Cafe JDT

cafe Johor Bahru
Source: Ground Cabin Cafe JDT

Before you tick off your bucket list, don’t forget to pay a visit to Ground Cabin Cafe JDT, an industrial chic cafe in Johor. For your information, Ground Cabin Cafe JDT is a halal-certified eatery. This cafe Johor can satisfy your craving for savoury and delicious Malay cuisine and Western food!

Click here to know more about them:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding Top 6 Local Aesthetic Cafe Johor Bahru For You To Visit

What is Johor famous for?

Johor is also famous for its multicultural ethnicity, culture, dialects and even its food! If you would like to eat like the locals, you should try Asam Pedas, Kacang Pool, Laksa Johor and Mee Rebus. You should visit Ground Cabin Cafe JDT and Mrs Who cafe to try out Asam Pedas, made by Johoreans!

What is the purpose of a cafe?

Similar to restaurants or any eatery place, cafe is a suitable place for social gathering with family and friends while enjoying food. In fact, you can see that various type of coffees are predominantly served as featured beverages in a cafe because the cafe is actually a ”house” for coffee.

What is an a la carte menu?

An a la carte is a term of menu. If you choose a la carte menu, that means you choose food or drinks from a separate list and you pay for individual price. In simple words, you buy a single food and you pay price for that single food only.

What is cafe-hopping?

Cafe-hopping is a trend of going from one cafe to another cafe. When a person is doing a cafe-hopping, he or she is spending time in a cafe, then the person will plan to go for another cafe in town.

What payment methods are accepted at those 6 local and aesthetic cafes in Johor Bahru?

You can pay your order by cash. In addition, most of these 6 local and aesthetic cafes accept contactless payment methods to save your time from a long queue and to be more systematic.

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